NUFORC - Black Triangle Seen
Near USAF Station In San Diego
From Peter B. Davenport
Director, National UFO Reporting Center

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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:07:38 -0700 (PDT)
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100 Date: 07/23/2001
110 Time: 22:08
120 Duration: 1 minute
130 Sighting City: Mt. Laguna
140 Sighting State: ca
160 Sighting County: San Diego County
168 Number of Craft: 1
170 Witnesses: 1
172 Shape: Triangle
180 Description: Black triangluar craft seen near Mt. Laguna Air Force
190 Description:
In a remote forest on the Pacific Coast Trail, about 500 yards south of
Mt. Laguna Air Force Station, a black triangular craft was seen heading
west towards Escondido, CA.
The craft was so black that if it turned off it's blinking strobe
lights, you could not have seen it in the night sky; just its outline.
The craft had three red lights at each tip of the triangle. These red
lights flashed independently of each other. A very deep low rumbling
sound was associated with the sighting. The craft was flying very, very
slowly, as if searching for something.
I cannot give an estimate on the size, however I would say that it was
larger than a normal airplane.
The sky was 100 clear with no clouds and about 2 nights into the new
Also seen the next day in the area were 2 black helicopters with NO
insignia or markings flying to a restricted military area north of where
this sighting took place.


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