Orange Spheres Hover And
Fly In Formation Over England
The Newcastle Evening Chronicle - England
From Gerry Lovell <>
UFO watchers are keeping their eyes glued to the skies after a string of strange sightings in the North East.
Bright orange balls, some apparently flying in formation, have been spotted in parts of Co Durham.
Similar objects have been recorded in other parts of the country, but UFO experts believe the major activity has been centred over North Durham.
One woman driving her car on Crookgate Bank, between Newcastle and Consett, watched a large oval-shaped object in the clouds for around 20 seconds.
In a detailed report to a UFO information centre in Leeds, run by co-ordinator Andrew Ellis, she said it was bright orange and yellow.
The woman, who did not want to be named, said the object seemed to hover above trees and then moved behind them.
As she went to get a better view the object began to move.
Mr Ellis said: "She feels that what she was viewing was the bottom of the object and the top was obscured in the clouds. It vanished within seconds up into the clouds."
Another report in the same area recorded two or three orange balls flying in formation. The first sighting was logged on February 18 at 10.30pm.
Mr Ellis said: "From the contacts we have across the country, sightings of these orange balls are coming in thick and fast.
"We have had several reports from the Consett and Stanley areas. One was of four balls coming together in a formation and disappearing."
He is keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed such phenomena in recent weeks.
"I don't know what it could be but there are reports dating back to the Second World War about aircraft and being followed by strange orange balls. We need a photograph or even video footage."
Prof Roger Davies, professor of Astronomy at Durham University and an experienced observer, said: "I have seen some quite remarkable natural phenomena. You would be surprised at the bangs and flashes and fireballs.
"But I have not seen something that would fit a description of an orange ball. It's not out of the question that it's a natural phenomena but if there is some kind of co-ordinated movement that's harder to explain."
Anyone who has seen the orange balls is asked to call Mr Ellis on 01132 482 973.