Heavy UFO Activity Reported
Over Cuba

From Scott Corrales

Source: Terra.Cl 5-2-2
*Havana-based researchers have a great deal of eyewitness and film evidence*
An intense wave of unidentified flying object (UFO) activity has been taken place in the island of Cuba in recent years. Havana-based researchers have made a series of documentaries and books in which eyewitness accounts and filmed evidence are made known.
In late April 2002, Canadian. researcher Mike Bird, following a visit to the island, was able to verify that UFO activity in Cuba is much more intense than is currently known. During his latest visit, he was able to interview five UFO researchers in Havana, who disclosed information on the intense wave of activity over the Caribbean island.
Bird relates that he was able to see a video entitled :"UFOs over Cuba" by researcher Octavo Cortazar, which shows clear and broad evidence of this presence on Cuban territory. Likewise, researchers gave him a 300 page book entitled "Signs" which discusses the rich history of UFO sightings in Cuba throughout the ages. This information was disclosed by Mexican researcher Daniel Munoz.
Perhaps one of the most spectacular cuban cases involved peasant Adolfo Zarate, who witnessed the appearance of a UFO and its subsequent landing 60 meters away. "The device landed and someone who looked like a christian (i.e., human being), wearing something like a gas mask and dessed in cammo, came out. The ship was also camouflaged, grass-colored. It was raining heavily. He got down and inspected the craft. He then leaned against a door and spoke to someone in the cockpit. I think he was collecting some rice shoots or ripping out a "malanga" (coco-yam) plant. After climbing up a ladder, the thing let out a gout of blue fire. The only thing I felt was the pressure of the air expelled through its exhaust." "It was the size of a touring machine. I don't know if it was made of wood or iron, or if it was made of air (sic). But it lacked wings and propellers and was noisless. It looked like a flattened egg. A turtle that landed on two legs, like shock absorbers. To me, the device had skates, because it left its wheels well marked. The christian's (i.e., human being) face could not be seen, but he resembled a normal man. I didn't notice him bearing arms," he told the sunday newspaper Juventud Rebelde de Cuba.
Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Yohanan Diaz

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