The Remarkable UFO Videos
Of Anthony Woods
Part 1


Anthony Woods would like it to be known that regrettably he has decided to distance himself and his family from the UFO subject. He has therefore ended all association with any and all parties who were previously involved in the release & promotion of his material. IF Anthony's footage or images have or are currently being distributed, sold or displayed publicly by ANY parties whatsoever, since the closure/liquidation of UFO Magazine UK as of February 2004, they do so ILLEGALLY! They are not authorized to do so, are in violation of copyright and Anthony's wishes. They do NOT represent Anthony Woods in any way, shape or form.

Anthony has agreed with the Rense site for his articles to remain on their site for posterity, exclusively. He would like to take this opportunity to thank both Jeff Rense & James Neff for the kindness and support they have shown towards him and his case. He would also like to thank the Rense visitors for their interest & support of his case over recent years. "If by showing my material has changed just one persons life or views on the reality of this phenomenon, then it was all worth it"

- Anthony Woods, May 6, 2004

All material ©Copyright Anthony Woods
Reproduction without permission expressly forbidden.

Spanning several years, Anthony Woods of Bedhamption, UK has managed to capture some of the most unique UFO images on video to date, many of such astonishing altitude as to make any suggesting of hoax perfectly ridiculous. But even more shocking are Anthony's clearly defined spheres and morphing craft which one minute resemble fairly traditional UFO shapes and the next... something almost frighteningly organic and alive.

We are most appreciative of Anthony in providing this material to and sharing his findings with the world.
First Sightings

My first significant sighting I managed to capture on film was on the evening of the 6.1.99, I just happened to open the back door to my garden and looked out noticing the sky was completely overcast, suddenly from directly above the roof of my home an object appeared, it really took me back, the first things I noticed was the very bright red pulsating light that appeared to encompass whole object, and that it was completely silent, I was so shocked, I just stood there in disbelief, trying to take in just what I was looking at, the object was No more than a few hundred feet up, and it appeared to be very erratic in its movement, suddenly I decided to make a quick dash in doors to get my camcorder, when I got back the object was hanging in the sky, just behind the back of my garden, I managed to film several minutes of the object hovering in a erratic swaying motion through the tree branches, before it suddenly just disappeared in an instant.
Below is an attempted reconstruction as to the shape & structure of
the above object, (Courtesy from Alain.H, UFOCOM)
I witnessed & filmed several interesting sightings over the following year, but it wasn't until January 2001, that I would film my next significant sighting.
The images below belong to a sighting both my brother-in-law "Tony Clarke" and myself witnessed & filmed on the morning of the 6.1.01, on the slopes of portsdown hill, over looking the city of Portsmouth on the south coast of England, we initially spotted what we believed at first to be a single object approaching us from the south, suddenly the object banked to its right and headed directly straight across our path, now heading east, at this point we noticed that in fact it was not a single object, but rather a group of 3 separate objects that appeared to be continuously rotating or morphing around each other, around 2 minutes after the objects had gone out of view, they reappeared again in the eastern sky, and hovered in a straight line for around a minute, before finally departing.

I managed to film & witness several other sightings over the following months including one on the 16.7.0 I, it was around 7am and I had not long been awake when I again opened the back door to my garden and noticed a single object hovering in the sky, I managed to dash back in to get my camcorder and filmed it as it started to move very slowly behind the branches of a tree, when it came out the other side of the tree it hovered again for several minutes before it finally went in to the distance & out of view, I managed to film around 9 minutes of footage of this sighting,

Amorphous Craft
The above close up frames show the strange black morphing shape object that I filmed on the morning of the 9.8.01 above the home of my parents which is situated on the outskirts of the city of Portsmouth, UK,
I managed to film over 6 minutes of footage of this object, as it slowly & vertically rotated in a controlled tumbling motion, on several occasions it came to a stop and hovered in front of the clouds, this was witnessed by both my wife & me.
Below is a single frame full frame from the above sighting.


Object at great distance. At this point it came to hover still in front of the clouds
The below images are frames from my 10.8.01 sighting in the skies above my home, of a parade of sphere type objects that initially started around 8.50am and eventually ended at around 2pm, the whole performance was witnessed by myself, my wife, daughter & brother-in-law,
The spheres showed clear intelligent movements, the top four images in a row show how 2 spheres performed a clear intelligent maneuver as the bottom object moves slowly upwards in a locked sequence with the other object from being in a horizontal position to a vertical position.
In the weeks from august 2001 to October 2001 I had several other significant sightings, the same can be said for before the 9.8.01, but it wasn't until the 18.10.01 that I managed to film probably my best sighting to date,
It happened just after 1.30pm when I just happened to open the door to my back garden and noticed what I thought was a single object hovering high in the sky, by the time I got my camcorder and located the object through my viewfinder I could never imagined just what I was about to witness, because right above my home hovering motionless was a large fleet of unknown objects, I called to my wife and she observed the sighting with me, this fleet was nothing like I have ever seen or heard about before, there was a large wriggling object that was positioned central to the fleet as the smaller objects surrounded it in a perfect locked formation, after filming for several minutes, more objects came in to view, but these were not hovering but moving towards the fleet, one of the moving objects moved up and directly passed the big wriggling object touching it as it passed, I couldn't believe it, for the first time in my life I had filmed a large fleet of unknown objects, but what was even more amazing was the fact that some were clearly hovering in an organized /intelligent way, well more unknowns were clearly not hovering but moving through the fleet in an intelligent way, I managed to get around 20 minutes footage showing objects moving past other hovering objects, objects locked in formation, at one point a large red disk object appeared on the scene, the footage is stunning because it shows clear intelligence /interaction from unknown objects, to this date this is still one of my best ever sightings!!
18.10.01 images below:

Anthony Woods Video Clips

MPEG FOOTAGE / 16.10.01 / 2 Spheres / Anthony Woods / 1.8 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / 18.10.01 / Anthony Woods / 2.7 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / Red Craft / Anthony Woods / 3.4 Megs



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