The Remarkable UFO Videos
Of Anthony Woods
Part 2

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Spanning several years, Anthony Woods of Bedhamption, UK has managed to capture some of the most unique UFO images on video to date, many of such astonishing altitude as to make any suggesting of hoax perfectly ridiculous. But even more shocking are Anthony's clearly defined spheres and morphing craft which one minute resemble fairly traditional UFO shapes and the next... something almost frighteningly organic and alive.

We are most appreciative of Anthony in providing this material to and sharing his findings with the world.

The 2002 Sightings
I was lucky to film several very good sightings from October 2001 up until the start of 2002, but it was a particular sighting I filmed on the 24.1.02 that was particularly important to me,
It happened around 1pm in the afternoon whilst in my garden, we had been experiencing constant bad weather for several days, and the wind had been virtually storm force throughout this period, but to my surprise whilst glancing up at the sky on this windy afternoon, I spotted a stationary object sitting high in the sky right above my head, I quickly rushed in to get my camcorder, and when I got back, the object hadn't moved its position at all, I managed to film over 2 minutes of footage as this object sat completely motionless in the sky, the clouds were rushing fast & furious past & behind the object, it really amazed me how this object seemed completely unaffected by the extreme conditions of weather, anyway finally a lower blanket of cloud came rolling in that completely obscured the object, this was another very important piece of evidence for me, what ever these objects were? They were definitely under some sort of intelligent control.
On the 14th February whilst me, my wife & daughter were driving back a long the top of portsdown hill from visiting my parents we observed & I filmed over 10 minutes of footage of 4 unknown objects in the sky, this would be the first time on film I had managed to capture multiple unknown objects together at night, one particular object at this sighting was very similar to a previous object I managed to capture on film whilst on a visit to Dymchurch in Kent in October 2001, "see below for comparison", also an article concerning the Kent sighting was written in march 2002 issue of UFO magazine (UK)

On the 15th February I was lucky enough to film 3 individual sightings in one day, but it was two of them that particularly stood out for me, the first was a group / cluster of objects that were witnessed by my brother-in-law and myself, I filmed several minutes of footage as these strange objects moved slowly across the sky, after viewing them through his binoculars my brother-in-law commented they reminded him of a bunch of grapes, the objects remained completely in a upright position throughout the sighting,
The second sighting was around midday and yet again both my brother-in-law and myself witnessed a single object that was initially motionless in the sky, until it slowly started to move behind a tree adjacent to my garden, it was at this point, with the tree branches as good reference, that we noticed the strange movement of the object, the movement was clearly bizarre & clearly intelligent, just like a fish swimming in water!!

After the excitement from witnessing the multiple objects on portsdown hill back on the 14th Feb, several days later I thought I would take another trip up to the hill around the same time, to see if there was a possibility of a return visit by the unknown visitors, this time I was accompanied by my brother-in-law, anyway we weren't disappointed because within 20 minutes we observed a stationary object that was hovering low in the northern sky, I started filming the object as my brother-in-law viewed through his binoculars, after a short time the object started moving slowly, but in a erratic manner, the over hanging power cables gave us a good reference as to the erratic behavior, eventually the object appeared to either blink out or shoot away at tremendous speed to the north.

Anthony Woods Video Clips

MPEG FOOTAGE / 16.10.01 / 2 Spheres / Anthony Woods / 1.8 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / 18.10.01 / Anthony Woods / 2.7 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / Red Craft / Anthony Woods / 3.4 Megs



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