The Remarkable UFO Videos
Of Anthony Woods
Part 3

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Spanning several years, Anthony Woods of Bedhamption, UK has managed to capture some of the most unique UFO images on video to date, many of such astonishing altitude as to make any suggesting of hoax perfectly ridiculous. But even more shocking are Anthony's clearly defined spheres and morphing craft which one minute resemble fairly traditional UFO shapes and the next... something almost frighteningly organic and alive.

We are most appreciative of Anthony in providing this material to and sharing his findings with the world.

2002 Sightings Continued...
The weather had been quite appalling through the bulk of march 2002, but on the day of the 22 march 2002, I could of never imagined just what I was about to film & witness, it was around midday and I noticed outside the sun was just coming through, as the clouds were slowly dispersing from the morning downpour, I glanced out the back door to my garden and couldn't believe my eyes, there were hundreds of sphere like objects in the sky, I quickly rushed in to get my camcorder and started to film, shouting to my wife to come and see this!!
The first thing we noticed was the strange & clearly defined patterns many of the objects were performing, at the head of the fleet there were what appeared a cross or diamond formation of spheres that did not deviate from this pattern for several minutes.
The patterns & movements these objects performed was absolutely amazing, there was clear intelligent movement & interaction between the objects, some were pulsing & moving about interacting with other objects, others were clearly moving in opposite direction to others!!

Below is a triangular formation, first, as it approached my position, and then secondly, as it was going away over the roof of my home
At one point there was a perfect line of 5 spheres crossing the sky, they did not deviate once from this pattern as they crossed the sky, in the frame below I managed to film three of them in shot.

Below is the 2 strange objects that appeared at the finale of the sighting, the white object on the left was also witnessed by my wife at the very start of the sighting, she viewed it through binoculars hovering in the distance, she described the object as looking self-luminous from within, but the body having a crystal like structure, she also commented that there appeared to be a square box structure underneath the main body, which appeared to have the same crystal like quality.

For around the last hour my brother-in-law also witnessed with us the steady stream of singular & group objects moving across the sky,
What ever these objects are? Or where ever they come from? The evidence I have on film proves that they are definitely real, and even more importantly, they are definitely intelligent & self aware in nature.
Anthony Woods Video Clips

MPEG FOOTAGE / 16.10.01 / 2 Spheres / Anthony Woods / 1.8 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / 18.10.01 / Anthony Woods / 2.7 Megs

MPEG FOOTAGE / Red Craft / Anthony Woods / 3.4 Megs



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