The Hunt For The
Chupacabras Is On
Allegations Of NASA Offering A Reward
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

The Miami UFO Center has learned that there have been reports of several armed searches in various parts of Chile and Argentina in order to find a humanoid creature believed to be the blood predator known as "the chupacabras." Due to the severity of the financial losses of farmers in light of recent animal mutilations, the search parties not only consist of law enforcement personnel, but angry civilian farmers are taking part as well. A group of farmers in Do'ihue, Chile, have begun a well-organized search since last Wednesday, after numerous reports of dead farm animals began to horrify the entire town. According to some villagers, the attacks have been so severe that they have suffered great financial losses. The animal mutilations believed to be caused by the alleged creature have been over two hundred, including chickens and bovines.
Cristina SaldÌa and Carmen CortÈs, two of the property owners affected by the financial losses due to the animal mutilations described the scene. According to them, their dead chickens were completely dry. "The carcasses appeared to be without a drop of blood in them," they said. Many villagers believe the "bloody creature" might be hiding in the local vineyards. Some skeptics, including Veterinarian Jorge Troncoso, say the animal deaths might actually be caused by an epidemic. Others attribute the deaths to the usual "wild dogs" or mountain lions. However, when these wild animals attack, they normally consume their prey and not just suck their blood.
There was a particular group of farmers that were found setting up traps for the alleged humanoid creature, and conducting night search operations. These farmers and hunters say that they were told by some individuals claiming to be "NASA personnel" in the area that they would receive a million dollars if they capture a chupacabras, dead or alive.
Another similar search operation has been taking place in the neighboring country of Argentina, in the city of Rosario. Last month, Judge Mario Dilascio from the Southern Judicial District of Rosario ordered an intensive police search throughout the city.
The search began in light of several police reports filed by many of the local residents, many of them claiming of being attacked by a humanoid creature in the wooded areas of the city. However, this particular creature appeared to be significantly larger than the one described as the "chupacabras." The alleged beast appears to be the Argentine version of the Yeti, according to many eyewitness descriptions. All the eyewitness testimonies corroborate. They all mention a strange large creature, about two meters tall, with long ears, shiny reddish eyes, strong and powerful arms, and hands with long curved fingernails, apparently as sharp as blades.
"We have gathered a great deal of eyewitness testimonies and interviews with people that claim to have seen a large hairy human-like creature, apparently very ferocious, and capable of attacking human beings," said Police Chief Roque FarÌas. "The Province Magistrate has taken charge of the case. He has issued us instructions to conduct two operational phases. Phase one will basically consist in verifying the truthfulness and validity of these eyewitness claims, as well as the actual existence of the alleged creature.
Phase two will involve the actual search and capture of the animal. We are going to try to capture it alive."
The chief provided additional details of the search operation. "The search operation would consist of 14 officers from the mounted police. They will search the Rosario River Area, heading north. Six additional officers will search the neighboring areas surrounding the city dump, where a family of nearby residents reported seeing the creature as close as ten meters from their residence. A third patrol car, with four officers will search the vicinity of Salado Brook, where in mid February a couple was attacked by the alleged beast. Each team will include members of the Crime Scene Investigative Unit 3, in case any physical evidence, such as tracks, hairs, or fingerprints would require to be analyzed," said Police Chief FarÌas. Miami UFO Center has not received any recent updates about this search; therefore it is not known if the search is still ongoing.
In Cachi, Argentina, several investigators interested in animal mutilations cases have arrived. Some of them, including a few journalists, are interested in the reports of humanoid sightings. One particular French journalist by the name of Jean Jacques Mandel is interested in the chupacabras phenomenon. Heís an editor for Geo Magazine. Mandel is in the area conducting interviews and investigations to determine if the reports about humanoid creatures are real, or if they are just the product of mass hysteria. Mandel has also traveled to India to investigate the sightings of another humanoid creature known as "the monkey man." More UFOs Seen In Chile Source: The wave of UFO sightings in Chile continues to be ongoing since it began on mid February. On March 21, several flying objects were observed at around noon in the area of Providencia, in Santiago. According to many eyewitnesses and television footage, the object appeared along with a group of lights in the northeast part of the city.
A television camera crew interviewed several eyewitnesses. According to them, the object was very big, circular in shape, very bright, and it seemed to be accompanied by other smaller objects. Some eyewitness reported seeing up to seven objects around it. The smaller objects appeared to be spheres.
Roberto Rasse was one of the eyewitnesses. "At first, I didn't know what to make of it. It was strange because it happened right when the war with Iraq started. I called a friend of mine that knows about UFOs and told him to bring his binoculars. When he saw it using the binoculars, he said that there were many smaller objects around it, around 50 of them. Then, it flew away very rapidly," he said. After taking a better look with the binoculars, Cristian Aguirre, said that the main object did not appear to be solid. It appeared to change shape. According to some reports, the air force said that the objects were not seen on radar.
On the day before, another UFO was seen in the city of Calama. An eyewitness by the name of Rodrigo Castillo reported seeing the flying object when he was driving from Calama to the neighboring city of Antofagasta, in northern Chile. According to him, the object followed his truck for about two minutes.
"It was about nine oíclock at night. As I was driving, I noticed a very bright object in the sky. It suddenly began to get closer to my truck. It had an intense brightness. It continued following me for about two minutes.
I stopped the truck, and the object kept on moving in the direction I was traveling. It did not emit any sound. It was not an airplane because it was very quiet. After I stopped, it was gone within seconds," said Castillo.
Translation by Mario Andrade Reports gathered by Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center



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