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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #13-1999
NATO has embarked on attacking Yugoslavia to protect the lives of an ethnic Moslem minority in Kosovo. This is not unlike our entry into the war in Vietnam, where I fought. We are traveling down a very dangerous path that is likely to intensify and again we find ourselves in a possible conflict with Russia. We are attempting to stop Yugoslav President Milosevic, the former Communist leader who is a disastrous despot. He has ordered atrocities and the deportation of thousands of Albanians during ethnic cleansing operations. We should realize that we are unlikely to accomplish much without inserting several hundred thousand ground troops into this easily defended mountainous terrain. Only an extensive ground war with heavy casualties are likely to change Milosevic's intentions. I ask are we prepared to spend extensive national resources and lose the lives of our military over Kosovo? Is this course of action wise, and is it the will of Congress, the American and the European people? I doubt that anyone wants another Vietnam. Be prepared for the entry of our combat troops and the increased sightings of UFOs over the region like there were in Vietnam, Korea and WW II.
Tom McFarland, the Vermont MUFON State Director reports, I received the following two reports concerning March 30, 1999, sightings. The first is from Sandee Black, MUFON Section Director of Coos County, NH. "Last night, between 9 and 9:30 PM, I was in Conway, NH and saw the most beautiful falling star I have ever seen." "At first I thought it was a UFO but then it dropped and changed colors to a blue-green -- just beautiful." The second is from Ned and Carol of Berwick, Maine. "On my way home from work Tuesday night, in the town of Berwick, ME. I saw a comet-like object, bluish-green in color with a long tail that broke off into balls as it flew across the sky." It was much larger than any shooting star that I've ever seen. It didn't appear to be coming through the atmosphere like shooting stars do, but seemed like it might be a few thousand feet up. It also was traveling much much slower than any shooting star I've ever seen! Thanks to Thomas McFarland at
SMETHPORT -- Monday night, March 15, 1999, several glowing UFOs were sighted in northern Pennsylvania near Highway 59 about 123 miles southeast of Erie. "A woman driving home to Bradford, PA looked up to see a blue streak racing across the sky." "Confirmation has come from Doris Ladlee, who was sitting at Gallico Crossing in Smethport and Sandy Bennett. "Doris tells us she was sitting at the crossroads at 11:31 p.m. when, 'the car lit up like broad daylight, and I saw a great big ball of fire.' A dazzling array of sparks followed as the object dropped. She said she was looking eastward at the time, and the object had a head and a tail like a comet. There was no noise. It appeared to be heading (northeast) towards Port Allegany." "I thought that maybe a plane blew up," she added. Her son also saw it a couple of miles to the south. To him, it looked like a blue streak across the sky--not a fireball like she had seen." "'It looked kind of like a big bright firework, only it was too high up in the sky to have been that,' Doris reported. "Mercedes tells us ''I saw the large flash. I thought it might be helicopters but there was no noise.'" "Sandy Bennett said she was driving into Wilcox when she saw 'a big round ball. I think it had a blue fire thing after it, and sparkles. It went up very fast. (See the Bradford, Pa. Era for March 23, 1999.) Thanks to Scott Corrales, and UFO Roundup Vol. 4 #13, 4/28/99 Joe Trainor Editor.
CAMDEN -- On Tuesday, March 23, 1999, at 7:30 p.m., Jared R. driving on Highway 343 saw something strange hurtling across the night sky 165 miles east of Raleigh. "A bright object, traveling left to right across our field of view, at a descending angle, appeared to be glowing from friction like an object reentering Earth's atmosphere," Jared reported. "Had a vapor trail and a fire trail, much like a shooting star."Object moved much slower than a shooting star and although it seemed to be burning from friction with the atmosphere, it never got smaller or burned out." "The color was blue-white. The speed was comparable to a jet aircraft that might have been making a low pass. As it got lower and to our right, the view was blocked by trees. It gave the appearance of being five to ten miles from our position, somewhere over Elizabeth City (NC)." Thanks to Jim Hickman of Skywatch International.
CHARLESTON -- A Professor teaching in a small, private university writes, "I would like to keep my name anonymous." I was standing on the porch of my beach house, at Folly Beach, SC, looking out at the ocean. It was the middle of August just after sunset on a clear night when I happened to notice this cylinder floating from west over my left shoulder. It was moving east out over the ocean. At the time I compared it to an old style car fuse, a tube, and flat at both ends. It had lights (windows?) running the length of the body and no wings. It was flying "point" first like an arrow, but had a weird kind of a "float" to it. I chalked it up as some sort of blimp, but later saw a picture on a web site of a similar object that had been taken in Georgia. That one, however, didn't feature lights along the length of the body. The description above matches mine, and I find it odd that this is at least the third "cigar" type craft that I've read about reported in the southeast over the last year. Anyway, the object finally faded out over the ocean after being in view at least four minutes.
William I. McNeff Assistant State Director of Minnesota MUFON writes regarding the Georgia March 13, 1999, sighting reported in Files #11 that states. "--three greenish-blue rectangles "sitting" in front of a ridge line only a half-a-mile away. Looking at 220 degrees, the identical rectangles had an apparent length equal to the moon." In this northern portion of Troup County, on at least one occasion, steady, glowing green lights have been found in and on top of the soil. It can be speculated that biological or Piezoelectric activity may be creating strange lighting patterns." Mc Neff writes, "I have a BSEE degree and a long-standing interest in science and physics, and I know of no natural aerial phenomenon that can produce a near-perfect rectangle." Biological activity can produce near perfect spheres (oranges, grapes, swarms of insects, etc.), as can piezoelectric activity (earth strains may produce balls of electricity like ball lightning). These natural forms typically depart from the spherical shape by either flattening at the poles, to the point that the object becomes cookie-shaped, or stretching at the poles, to the point that it becomes a cigar shape. In my opinion, the rectangle shape indicates manufacture by intelligent beings, as does the sudden switching off the three lights. Thanks to William McNeff
LA VERNE -- Neal reports: I just have to get this into someone's hands, because I'm clueless, myself. The story may sound a bit outlandish, but I can't help it. It's the truth. Yesterday morning (Monday 29 March 1999) at 04:00 AM, I awoke with a start. My room was rattling as if there were an earthquake. I looked out my window and saw something I'd never seen before. There was a bright orange sphere way up in the eastern sky. It was moving westward. As it seemed extremely high from my vantage point, it's speed across the sky startled me. I was more startled when it stopped and hovered. After a moment, it began to soar southbound. Eventually, it stopped again, hovering silently way up in the sky. I was shocked. All my life I've been fascinated with UFO's and the paranormal. This was the first time any of it entered my reality. So, I woke my family up. My mother, father, and two brothers all saw the same thing: the sphere hovering in the sky. Then it started doing something particularly interesting. It let loose several projectiles that each went a different direction and then it simply vanished. Winked out, so to speak. I searched for it in the sky with binoculars but didn't find it. I spotted something totally different. It was odd, Grey cube-like object, but had rounded corners. It was truly immense! My naked eye could see it against the dark sky but only barely. And it rotated as it floated to the horizon. I didn't know what to make of all this. I called NASA in the morning. They directed me to the US Space Command, where I was told that it wasn't "space debris. They directed me to you and to the National UFO Network. I would simply like to know what it was, and whether or not there are others out there who have seen something similar. Thanks to
ANTIOCH -- In northern California, a UFO flap took place on Highway 4 about 45 miles east of San Francisco on March 11, 1999, around 9:00 PM. "Joan Garter and a score of other East County residents stopped dead in their tracks to observe some mysterious glowing lights hovering over Delta in the northeast skies." 'They were very bright white color, 'I think they were like airline towers. There was nothing attached to them. They were like something floating.' She reported the sighting to the Times newsroom. Kyle Bennett, rejected the explanation that it was an airplane or a helicopter. The only thing I might buy is that it was a hot-air balloon. It was all lit up. Bennett, who pulled over on Highway 4 with other drivers to observe the sight, said there were five lights. 'They were perfectly separated, almost in an upside-down U-shape, and the one in the middle was the brightest,' Bennett said." "Over ten minutes, the lights dimmed and went out one at a time after they appeared to drop flares." (See the Contra Costa Times for March 12, 1999) "Strange lights seen hovering over Delta," by Charles Levin. Thanks to Gerry Lovell.
PITTSBURG -- In the last several weeks strange contrails have been reported over many parts of the US. Stan Gordon writes "When this activity began, the skies were blue and clear, but as multiple contrails began to fill the sky, they did not appear to quickly dissipate, and the sky in some areas seemed to hold the contrail matter for an extended time. The jets seemed to be doing some maneuvers and several X patterns were observed. I received a report that similar activity was noticed over the Oakland suburb of Pittsburgh just after noontime." PHILADELPHIA -- Charlie Quinn March 30, 1999, I live in the scenic town of Chadds Ford only 5 minutes flight time from Philadelphia International Airport. For over a month now I have witnessed the grid like contrails being formed on a REGULAR basis. At first I thought it was vapor trails from the jets themselves but their crossing patterns defied that explanation. Jets do not cross one another in flight" not if they practice safety. These contrails develop the characteristic haze after they spread out. Thanks to NEW JERSEY -- Chuck and Cathie Warren saw the contrails over New Jersey not far from the Philadelphia Airport and became concerned. Chuck took numerous photographs on Wednesday, March 17, 1999, at 9:00 AM that appear unusual. Some of the contrails are in a crisscross pattern with others in parallel lines. These may be viewed at the Website at Thanks to (CewnCew)
FOOTAGE FROM STS-61 (Hubble Telescope Repair Mission)
Paul Anderson Director and founder of the Millennium Project states. "Considering recent new interest in incredible UFO video footage from the Space Shuttle STS-48 and 80, I have decided to re-release some related compelling footage on the STS-61 the Hubble Telescope Repair Mission of December 1993." There are at least 13 "significant events" showing possible UFO activity. Event #1: Bright, fast moving object crossing view of Earth in night shot over Gulf of Mexico. Event #2: Bright "flashes" below shuttle, over Houston area that was probably lightning. Event #3: Two fast moving "projectiles" move diagonally across screen, one following the other, in similar trajectory and direction and at (apparently) similar speed. Event #4: One bright object moving horizontally across screen, another light "flashing" in distance, out beyond the telescope that was released from the shuttle. Event #5: Slow moving light "flashing" out past shuttle with a view of open cargo bay. Second object "flashing" brightly. Third (non flashing) object slowly approaches the second flashing object. Limb of earth now in clear view. Event #6: Bright, slow moving object approaches limb of earth. Night time shot with a low light camera. Background stars appear to move "away" from limb of earth; object moves in opposite direction. Event #7: Dim "flashing" light in space behind astronauts working on telescope. Event #8: Three or four "strobing" lights out beyond telescope. Another bright object on other side of screen. Event #9: Couple of objects moving behind astronauts as they work on telescope. Event #10: Two objects "strobing," in an alternating manner and maintaining position; third dimmer object moving away from them. Telescope in full view. Event #11: Bright object moves slowly behind astronauts. Event #12: Bright object near limb of earth, slowly moving downward. Event #13: "Disk" with dark center seen as camera zooms in on region of space near earth. These events were sometimes filmed during periods of little or no shuttle activity and often the camera will pan off when events are occurring. Thanks to Paul Anderson editor Millennium Report 3/1/99.
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