First International UFO
Museum Opened In Istanbul

From Haktan Akdogan
Founder & Chairman

Dear Colleagues and Friends
We are proud to announce "The First International UFO Museum of Middle and Eastern Europe, Balkans and Middle-East" opened in Istanbul on January 18, 2002. The news of this grand opening has been broadcast in many national TV channels including CNN Turk, NTV, Kanal D, Star, ATV, BRT, TV8..etc and publicised by many leading national newspapers such as Hurriyet, Milliyet, Star, etc...Even the Russian television has mentioned about the opening in evening news.
Being also the first UFO Museum founded in Middle and Eastern Europe, Balkans and Middle East , THE MUSEUM is located right at the center of the 10 million populated city of Istanbul which connects the two continents, Asia and Europe.
The aim of this project is to inform not only the Turkish citizens but also millions of tourists coming to Istanbul from all over the world, about the UFO phenomenon. Our main goal is to serve people coming from every country and aging from 7 to 70 by presenting them the proof of the UFO & E.T phenomenon through various data both in English and in Turkish. The project has been supported by the data and archives of hundreds of associations and institutions worldwide, which are conducting scientific research on this subject.
The International UFO Museum includes :
*Museum and Exhibition Sections
* Library
* Video-VCD-DVD Viewing Room and Meeting Room
In this section, hundreds of UFO incidents and a wide range of information about the UFO's and E.T's are exhibited in separate divisions, by means of photographs, pictures, illustrations and written documents-texts both in Turkish and English. These include:
The UFO Chronicle of the world and worldwide sighting map, information and animations on the archaeological ruins and traces and epigraphs/inscriptions/ tablets, ancient cultures and their connections to E.T's, Crop Circles, Area 51 and other secret bases, Abductions, Animal Mutulations, top secret official documents, NASA cover-ups, MARS, research and analysis reports of important institutions and universities, types of aliens and UFO's, Roswell, Aztec,Varginha ..etc incidents, national and international newspaper-magazine articles and periodical archieves, worldwide UFO reports and related issues.....etc.
Moreover, there are six separate divisions in the Museum, in which various UFO incidents are represented by models and statues and explained both in Turkish and in English. These representations include:
* The models of archaelogical ruins / traces / marks which reveal the UFO phenomenon
* Representation of Roswell incident by models, replicas and statues.
* Representation of autopsy done on Roswell aliens
* Representation of an experiment done by aliens on an abductee
* Statues of various types of Aliens, based on the information of observation reports
* Models of various types of UFOs based on the information of observation reports.
People willing to get information and do research about UFOs, Extraterrestrial Life and the Universe, have the opportunity to benefit from our library, in which there are over 1,000 books and magazines, both in English and Turkish. Reading tables are also available.
Visitors have the opportunity to watch various related documentaries and films both in English and Turkish ...
Moreover, there will be periodical conferences and seminars about UFO's and related issues, given by our national and international guest speakers..
Our International UFO Museum is seeking evidence, literature, proof of alien visitations of Earth, photos, videos, DVD's, books, texts, any kind of related materials that are written, audio and visual formats for our permanent public exhibits..
So, we kindly ask your cooperation and support and are expecting to receive your donations to this highly important International Project. If you have anything related to UFOs, ETs, Area 51, Abductions, Crop Circles, Animal Mutulations,....etc and wish to donate them, please send them to our address below.. Any contributions of information or research materials and artifacts that can be made available to our Museum are greatly appreciated by all especially the public we serve.
People who are going to make donations will be honoured by an "Appreciation Certificate" and their names will be announced on the "Appreciation Board " in the entrance of the Museum.
Through this important Project ,which will be the first of its kind in Eastern- Europe, Balkans and Midle-East, the UFO & E.T phenomenon will become widely known by not only the Turkish citizens and the citizens of this broad region, as well as by millions of people coming to Istanbul from all over the world.
By taking your stance as a citizen of this Planet and by standing together, the whole Truth will be known!
May Truth and Peace Prevail on Earth!
Haktan Akdogan Founder & Chairman
Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center INTERNATIONAL U F O MUSEUM Sirius Publishing House
Address: Buyuk Parmak Kapi Sk: No: 14 Kat: 1-2 Beyoglu - Istanbul / TURKEY
Tel : 90- 212- 252 86 46 or 90-212- 252 86 82
Fax: 90- 212- 252 87 07
E-mail or
Web-site: (will be online by the end of March 2002)

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