Air Force Officially Takes
Over Area 51 Land
In Nevada
From Norio Hayakawa <>

The Las Vegas Review Journal on Thursday, December 16, 1999 reported that the 38,400-acre rectangle surrounding Groom Lake area (a.k.a. Area 51) is being relinquished by the Department of Energy and is being officially handed over to the Air Force for total control, ownership and jurisdiction. The full article can be found at: link
Here is an excerpt (posted on Dec. 16, 1999 by Glenn Campbell of Las Vegas and webmaster of world-renowned UFOMIND.COM) from the article by Keith Rogers of Las Vegas Review Journal:
The Department of Energy made it official Wednesday: the Nevada Test Site has grown by nearly 200 square miles thanks to some surface contamination from a 1968 nuclear test and President Clinton's signature on a law this year.
The new law, according to an Energy Department statement, also serves to "correct several land use and jurisdiction misalignments throughout the complex". That means the Air Force takes control over DOE's rectangle around Groom Lake, along the northeastern corner of the test site, which had been controlled by the Air Force under a secret agreement.
The location, also known as Area 51 - the site of at least one classified airstrip - has been shown on government maps as a 38,400-acre rectangle primarily in Lincoln County that belonged to the Department of Energy but was controlled by the Air Force and had not been shown by DOE as part of the Nevada Test Site.
The "misalignments", according to the Energy Department's statement, "had become outdated and inefficient because of evolving mission needs among the Department of Energy and Department of Defense.
---End Excerpt --
COMMENTS by Norio Hayakawa:
What does this all mean? This basically means that the DOE gained 200 additional square miles in Nevada in partial exchange for relinquishing "ownership" of land around Groom Lake to the Air Force, which was exactly what the latter had wanted all along!
It means that the Air Force finally got what it always wanted from the very beginning, i.e., total control and "ownership" of the 38,400-acre rectangle that surrounds Groom Lake (a.k.a. AREA 51, which has always been a strictly DOE designated terminology, not an Air Force's designated name).
This was the final result of a series of Public Hearings which were held during 1998 in Nevada to correct "misalignments" and "confusing jurisdictions" of the past that would have hindered any modifications to future land use of the entire Nevada Test Site.
This means that there will be no more "secret agreements" with DOE necessary. Now the Air Force will be free to name this base in Air Force's terms, for example, "Groom Lake Air Base", etc. and expand its multi-faceted programs at the base, which they are already doing anyway.
This would be perfectly all right with us, as long as they address once and for all the yet unresolved issue of former workers' compensatory rights and abide by environmental statutes.
This also means that the Air Force will be able to provide its own Air Force's Guard Shack and Air Force's own Security Personnel, without having to rely on "anonymous", semi-private security contracted through DOE's Special Response Team (SRT) or even other entities such as Wackenhut Special Security personnel.
The Air Force will also technically be empowered to erect a definite, clearly-marked security fence (for safety to the public) all along the borderlines of Groom Lake base.
What new changes will actually be made at the restricted boundary line on Groom Lake Road, as a result of this new "change of hands", remains to be seen.


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