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Filer's Files #48 11-28-2

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Virginia asks, "Did we really go to the Moon?" Yes, Virginia I worked at Langley Air Force Base in the late 60s and drove through the NASA facility daily watching the preparations for our flights to the Moon. I stood next to the Moon Lander and watched closely as they practiced Moon landings from a giant steel network. I followed the television broadcasts, read the classified data, stood next to the rockets, and talked to astronauts all of which convinces me the US actually landed on the Moon. The real story is what they found there. 
Researcher Jim Marrs also found transcripts of the technical debriefing following the Apollo 11 mission. Astronauts Niel Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins told of an encounter with a large cylindrical UFO even before reaching the moon. Aldrin said, "The first unusual thing that we saw I guess was one day out or pretty close to the moon. It had a sizable dimension to it." Aldrin said the Apollo crew at first thought the object was the Saturn 4 booster rocket (S-IVB) but added, "We called the ground and were told the S-IVB was 6,000 miles away." Aldrin described the UFO as a cylinder while Armstrong said it was "...really two rings. Two connected rings." Collins also said it appeared to be a hollow cylinder which was tumbling. He added, "It was a hollow cylinder. But then you could change the focus on the sextant and it would be replaced by this open-book shape. It was really weird."
Even more strange was the experience of Aldrin and Armstrong, after they reached the moon. According to an Associated Press story of July 20, 1969 (my file copy is from the San Bernardino Sun-Telegram), the astronauts sighted eerie lights inside a crater near the point on the moon where their lunar lander was due to touch down the next day. On their first sweep around the moon, Armstrong described a mysterious bright light on the inner wall of the crater Aristarchus, located north of their flight path. "It seems to have a slight amount of florescence to it. The area in the crater is quite bright," he reported. "That area is definitely brighter than anything else I can see. There doesn't appear to be any color involved in itIt looks like an eerie sight," confirmed Aldrin. Thanks to Jim Marrs
ALSACE TOWNSHIP -- The witness reports, "My wife and I were driving home at 9:30 PM, on November 7, 2002, after visiting some friends. I admit I had a couple of cocktails before dinner, but my wife hadn't, and she saw the same object, hovering above a house on Alsace Avenue. We saw a cigar shaped, pulsating object, which seemed to change its size and shape, becoming brighter and more elongated as we watched it. This aroused our curiosity, and my wife said "Quick, stop the car!" "So I pulled over and we got out, and though I was scared stiff, I attempted to draw a little closer. But we were overcome by flashes of light that seemed to emanate from the object, and we experienced what seemed like an out of body experience, as though we ourselves were being uplifted into space. Frankly, it was pretty hairy; we were quite excited, though it didn't last long, for it shrank and disappeared as quickly as it came. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
RICHMOND -- On November 4, 2002, the witness was driving home on Route 95 at 3 AM, and reports, "I noticed ahead a flying object with red, green, and white lights "glide" around in a circle about 300 feet above the highway." I thought it was a helicopter except the light pattern suggested a different shape, as the lights were where the wings should have been. It swooped down toward the ground then back up again and didn't act like a plane by its maneuvers. There were no other aircraft in the sky, but it seemed to be searching for something on the ground. I only watched for about two minutes as we drove north and couldn't see it anymore. It just seemed "odd" in its actions and appearance and the lights didn't seem to fit those of an aircraft. The lights didn't blink but were constant. I have no idea what it was; it did not glow, but only had those lights. It just seemed "different" from any aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport. <>NUFORC
HIGHLANDS -- My husband and I had just gone to bed at 11:30 PM, on November 9, 2002, when we saw a flashing light that we thought was lightning, but the flashes were very fast and bright. We got out of bed and looked out the window and saw a light flashing over Queen Mountain. The light was flashing white then red and lighting up the entire the valley. At first we thought maybe a car had hit a power line, because after we saw the flashes the power went off. We went down the road where the lights had been flashing and we found nothing out of the ordinary. Our neighbors had power and we still don't know what could have caused flashing lights. We live on the outskirts of a small town and have never seen anything like these lights ever. 
MORROW -- The witness says, "While unloading supplies at my office 9:45 AM, I saw a strange looking craft on November 13, 2002, that had three blinking red lights." It appeared to hover then zig zag around the sky and eventually diving behind a group of trees. In a few seconds it appeared again off in the distance at an even lower altitude. At the same time another craft with a very bright light and two red flashing lights appeared behind the same group of trees and just seemed to hover there! These lights were not blinking and were rather large lights. My family and I have observed a passenger type aircraft for 8 or 9 months with a extremely bright double headlight that can hover in one place for any amount of time, and turn on a dime! It doesn't have to make a large turn like a regular plane. We watched twenty to thirty minutes. It could be some new type of craft that the military is testing? We do have an Army base nearby. I don't think it is really an UFO. But it is something new we have never seen in the skies over middle Georgia! <>NUFORC
CHATTANOOGA -- I saw the largest canard wing craft I have ever seen traveling ESE on November 11, 2002, in East Ridge. The canard with its wings in front, appeared to have at least a 60 foot wingspan, traveling quietly at 3.30 PM. Several other cars stopped to see it go over as I did. It wasn't alien but I believe it may be secret. After spending two hours searching the net for a similar craft, I can't find one. It was white and may have had wing tips on the main wings. Biggest Canard I have ever seen. Chattanooga Airport said they didn't know what it was. "LearStar" aircraft, which has a canard wing is a turboprop driven aircraft, which therefore should have been audible. Thanks to Peter Davenport
FLINT -- The witnesses, a mother and daughter saw a saucer type craft hovering above their home on November 13, 2002, as they pulled onto their driveway at 10:35 PM. They state, "They saw a structured saucer type craft fifty feet in diameter with many white and red lights on it. They observed the craft traveling slowly west for two minutes, and neither could believe what they were witnessing. The craft was just above the tree lines, making a weird humming noise. "The craft was not an airplane or something manmade." <>NUFORC
ADAMS -- The witnesses claim they saw a UFO as they drove home, that had two strobe lights on each side. Other cars were pulling over and stopping to look as the object was just sitting there at 5:50 PM. They stopped and took images with their digital camera. The witness reports, "When we shot the first picture, it was about 350 feet away with a red blinking light in the middle of the strobe lights." We kept taking pictures and it started to move slowly towards us and stopped overhead for 40 seconds, before we decided to get in the car and leave. We drove off and it tries to follow us home, but we lost it. We were almost home when, we blanked out and turned onto the wrong street, and had to turn around and go back two streets, that we know we never passed. We finally got home and looked at the pictures, but they were pitch black. We have sighted this object two times. There silverish lights blink right in front of us about 200 feet high.
SPARTA -- A bright object was first seen above reddish morning clouds on November 13, 2002. It was a bright light around the perimeter of an egg shaped object with a blinking light in the center. The object descended slowly downward into a cloud and slowly dropped beneath the cloud and then disappeared. When looked at through binoculars, the light way too bright to make out object." The object then disappeared like magic and was gone at 6:45 AM. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
ARKANSAS CITY -- On November 9, 2002, I walked outside to help my daughter and her son to their car. She said she had seen a brilliant green shooting star earlier in the evening. So, we looked up, and we both said, "Oh my God, what is that?" We both were looking at an immense gray flying boomerang with no lights, that was flying north at approximately 9:30 PM, without a sound. It was so big that the only way to see its shape was by the fact that it was blocking out the stars behind it. The event passed and my daughter and grandson left. I returned to the house to try to continue watching a movie with my neighbor. Later, at 1:00 AM, I asked my neighbor to walk outside with me; I wanted to look again. My neighbor yelled and pointed up, and there was the craft again! This time, the object was moving to the southeast and was directly above our house. It seemed to be in orbit, with the object near the Little Dipper. The neighborhood dogs were all barking frantically, when both events occurred. During both sightings, I also witnessed shooting stars near it. I live close to McConnell Air Force Base and frequently see standard aircraft, but this thing was really scary, it was so huge..
WICHITA -- Matthew A. Hitt phoned to tell me, "On November 21, 2002, he left work and went outside in the parking lot and looked up and saw three pinkish white UFOs in the sky. He watched for a few minutes as normal commercial aircraft flew over. He went back to his place of work and asked other employees to come out and look. He pointed the objects out to fifteen other witnesses, who agreed these were not a normal flying objects. He grabbed a pair of binoculars and watched for ten minutes around 5:45 PM, as the sun set. The three UFOs hovered in the sky about a thousand meters away. The UFOs were larger than commercial aircraft and there was no sound like a normal plane would make. No one knew what it was. Mathew says, "I live close to McConnell Air Force Base and they were nothing like anything flying from the base. The objects disappeared after ten minutes as the sun was going down. They were bigger than an aircraft. Thanks to Webmaster Mathew Hitt (,
COMANCHE -- My girlfriend and I were leaving my church at 8:45 PM, on November 13, 2002, in Hasse, about seven miles away from Comanche. She saw an orangish yellowish light in the sky to the west that got brighter on and off and then dimmed out after a few seconds. Later, we were at a traffic light in Comanche and she pointed it out to me. It got bright then dimmed out again. As we headed toward the west side of town, we saw it again in a different part of the sky, so I'm not sure whether there was more than one. The second time I saw it, I observed a small dark speck in the middle. It was definitely hundreds if not thousands of feet up. It remained stationary during each of the sightings. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
PHOENIX -- Michael reports, "In the cooler evening in the desert myself and three friends often escaped the big city to get some fresh air, back in the summer 1974." Then there were no homes built in the deserts north of Phoenix. We were just idling along northbound on Happy Valley Road just talking, laughing, and listing to rock and roll music. "We heard a sound in the sky and all four of us leaned out the windows of the 72 yellow Dodge Duster, gazing skyward, when we saw this perfectly round craft with orange glowing lights around it." The sound emanated in every direction of the craft, which must be why we heard it approaching. It flew right over us whoosh, from horizon to horizon in about 15 seconds. It seemed to glide or just skim the sky very smoothly in a straight line until it was out of sight. I asked, "Did you see that? Still silence, then the driver said, "Yaw, but I'm not telling anybody." I have never forgotten. I was 15 now 44, a native. Thanks to Michael
TEMPE -- The witness saw an object with a blue/white center with a bright blue outer ring traveling west at 9:33 PM on November 9, 2002. This was brighter and larger than any object I have seen at night in the sky. It was huge. I was facing north and saw it fly past in about five seconds at 60 degrees above the horizon. NUFORC Note: Please see report from Arkansas City, Kansas, for same date. PD
BURBANK -- On Sunday morning at 12:30 AM, on November 10, 2002, I saw a circular object heading east over the Santa Monica mountains roughly around Sherman Oaks/ Studio City. The circular object had four pairs of lights positioned at, 2, 4, 8, and 10 o'clock, (if the object were the face of a clock). I walked out onto my back lawn as the pairs of lights went off, and the object seemed to change shape. It sort of undulated as it morphed shape. As it morphed it took the shape of a boomerang for a second, and then back to an undulating shape and then took a 45-degree right hand turn and headed south. There was a white light flashing in the middle of the changing shape, as it moved away from me. It was very bizarre!
LOS ANGELES AREA -- On November 11, 2002, the witnesses were driving to Ventura at 7:30 PM, when motorists from another car told them to look at the UFO. The witness said, "We saw a green oval shaped object floating in the sky and a minute later we saw at least ten helicopters, I'm not kidding." We even saw a huge Army/Navy helicopter, with letters on the side, and it was a goverment helicopter.
SAN JOSE -- My friend and I were just leaving the post office on November 11, 2002, in my pickup when I saw an orange star like object moving slowly beneath the moon. I asked my friend, "Do you see that?" He replied, "Yes!" I stopped the truck in the parking lot at 8:08 PM, and we both quickly got out for a better look. It was an orange, flame colored, star like object that was moving slowly east, much slower than a plane. Then it just seemed to disappear or perhaps flew into the nighttime clouds or haze behind. I briefly saw it dimly flare again, and then it seemed to be totally gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
TORONTO, ONTARIO -- The witness reports, "I saw the strange object at 1:00 AM, on or about November 10, 2002. My co-worker also saw the same object, last week around 10:30 PM, at the same place. I am not saying what it was in the sky but it didn't look like a plane to me. My coworker thought the same. The altitude of the object was higher than planes normally fly and it was heading toward Toronto. 
GRANISLE, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike reports I was contacted by a gentleman, who is an authority from Granisle a town of 400 residents. The witness was with another fellow driving on October 22, 2002, when they observed a large glowing orange/gold almost saucer shaped object hovering right over the top of the old Bell Copper Mine on an island in Babine Lake at 10:25 PM. They pulled over and watched the object hover low to the ground, then rise up very slowly and come to a complete stop, move sideways then stop and drop down again. The light intensity grew as they watched and the object moved out over the lake and stopped for a few seconds, then went back over the top the mine once again. They estimated it was about the size of the Moon. They said the ground area around the object, was lit up for some distance and the brightness of the craft cast it's reflection on the lake. The men watched for about seven minutes before it rose up and left slowly heading north, still at a low altitude until out of their sight.
(HBCC UFO Note: I find this a very interesting case since the craft was sitting over the closed Granisle Bell Copper Mine where numerous fossils are found, including Mammoth. Bones. Thanks to Brian Vike Editor: UFO Canadian Communicator
SANTIAGO -- Retired Carabineros Major Raul Gajardo Leopold reports a circular imprint measuring 30 meters in diameter was found by military personnel from the "La Concepción" Regiment based in Lonquimay on November 15, 2002. The forces isolated an area in Chile's Ninth Region consisting of pasture fields and trees in a radius of 1200 meters like a soccer field,. The reason for the show of force was the discovery of a burned patch of grass. The phenomenon extended over a diameter of 30 meters and burned tree trunks and a substance similar to whitewash was found. "At equidistant points of the circle there were also 4 circles measuring 15 cm, which were not scorched. They are like four legs at the center of the circle. What is strange is that the snow never got to cover the circle. The exact location of this site is confidential. A Geiger Counter recorded a high level of radiation in the area. Another interesting fact is that local authorities were barred entry to the site, while a member of the Army's upper echelon visited the area by helicopter.
SAN VICENTE DE TAGUA TAGUA -- Guillermo Aguilera reports that on November 21, 2002, the witness, Luis Sepulveda Castro, a security guard at a corporate warehouse-- went outside the building to look at the sky and was able to see a strange object moving in a NW to SW direction at 11:00 PM. Using binoculars, he was able to make out the object was spherical in shape with a red-colored base, giving off intermittent green flashes from its upper section. The object moved slowly; and the observation lasted for 45 minutes. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the Translation (C) 2002, and Liliana Nuñez O and Terra.Cl's Ufology Channel.
WOLVERHAMPTON -- Two craft were seen flying in formation one over the other at very low speed on November 11, 2002. After 2-3 minutes the craft split up. One disappeared for a about a minute and then was visable again. It may be its lights went off. The craft then flew in east at 6:40 PM. The other craft traveled away in the same direction slowly. One craft left its lights on all of the time, the other turned them off, or just disappeared. See some great video at
ASKER-- Kelly Peterborough reports that on November 19, 2002, comet-like flying object was videotaped for three minutes by Helene Solberg at 2:15 PM, who lives in a village west of Oslo. Helene saw a that soared through the afternoon sky, Solberg noticed an object with a long, bright tail when dusk started settling over Southern Norway. She excitedly called her husband Stig, who reminded her that their video camera was in the living room where they left it after video taping the Leonid meteor shower. Swedish researcher Clas Svahn claims the UFO was short-duration humidity condensation contrail coming from a jet aircraft that was illuminated by the low-lying sun. The sun was only six degrees high in the south and was shining on the unusually short contrail giving the appearance of a shiny disc. The contrail lasted for only a few seconds because of the local high-altitude conditions. Thanks to Kelly Peterborough and Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos SeeSat and Clas Svahn.
SIMFEROPOL -- Anton A. Anfalov reports, that on Monday, November 18, 2002, about 6 AM, a bright object was noticed hovering stationary over the Eastern Crimean Autonomous Republic southeast of Simferopol. The object was several times brighter than the planet Venus, and 30 degrees above the horizon. After ten minutes it suddenly vanished, like an electrical lamp switched off. The last detail indicates that it was a UFO, not Venus just covered by cloud. The object died out very sharply, not gradually. Anton as witnessed several similar observations of strange moving and hovering bright stars that are definitely not satellites, Venus or Jupiter.
Anfalov writes, "For some reason the Crimean Peninsula is the subject of peculiar interest for UFOs." Alien activity may be present here using something like "portals" that were detected above the Lograf mountainous ridge north of Yalta. Some kind of "alien navigation beacons," very likely serve to indicate approaches to those portals on Mt. Ayju-Dag (The Bear Mountain), Mt. Northern Demerdzhi, and some few other points here. Thee strange dots of light during daytime were observed on the eastern sharp slope of Mt. Ayju-Dag in 2001. There are absolutely no houses, frontier guard posts, etc., absolutely no people that could cause the lights. Thanks to, Research Specialist for MUFON in Ukraine, UKUFAS (Ukrainian UFO Research Association)
AFYON and YALOVA -- John Alexander writes concerning the November 1, 2002, sighting of UFOs by six aircrews. The objects the aircrews saw were
most likely the Russian Soyuz debris entering the atmosphere near Turkey at the time of this sighting. The time, location and trajectory were all predicted before the event happened. Further, in checking with those who observe asteroids it was determined that none were in the area at that time. Thanks to John Alexander.
The Turkish UFO Research Group Sirius responds, "One of the claims that has been put forward is that the object was the 2002-050b decay that broke up from Soyuz rocket launched on October 30, at 03:11 heading for International Space Station. The empty rocket body weighs 2350 kg, is 2.7 meters in diameter and 6.7 meters long. (We are confident that examination of the footage and the related reports will help them change their minds) A rocket fragment 2.7 in diameter and 6.7 meters long would have burned up and scattered the in the mesosphere between 70 and 100 kilometers altitude.
Let's we suppose that it had kept its original size (by a miracle) until it reached to 40.000 feet. How can we explain its splitting into 15-20 pieces, each 30-40 meters in size and they were still so bright? And how did this piece fly horizontally violating the laws of gravity?
The rocket debris was traveling 256,000 feet from southeast to northwest, and the UFO was traveling between 20,000 to 40,000 feet from west to east. Simulations of the UFO's flight in front of the airliner clearly show that the UFO and the rocket debris were different objects, traveling in different directions and heights. Rocket debris was traveling southeast to northwest, the same general direction as the airliner, thus it could not have flown across (intersected) the airliner's path. The rocket debris was at least 229,000 feet above and traveling in the same direction as the airliner. Harro Zimmer, reports the "satellite" (debris) was at 78+ km, and 78 km converts to 255,905 feet. - And finally how come another luminous and flashing (in a regular way) object appeared behind it? Sirius UFO Space Sciences says, "A meteor entered into the atmosphere that would possibly wreak havoc on Earth was broken into pieces and rendered ineffective by a UFO before it hit."
The photos are excellent. See <>
Editors Note: It is my experience that space debris or meteors breaking apart can easily be confused for UFOs. However, both meteors or space debris last for seconds, perhaps at most a minute. The pilots testimony seems to indicate they had the objects in sight between 5:30 and 5:45 PM and at least for several minutes flying horizontally across the nose of the airliner. There is also some evidence that UFOs use events such as debris or meteoroids to conceal their own entry. However, it seems unlikely that the debris was a meteor broken apart by a UFO. 
Yi-NING -- Creeders news reports that on November 1, 2002, from 2:30 AM to 6:00 AM, a UFO was hanging over the eastern sky of Yi-NING city, XinJiang Province in Western China. Four journalists observed and photographed the UFO from different angels and locations. One caller called the hotline of a newspaper at 2:30 AM and said "Come out, there is a flying saucer in the eastern sky!" One journalist said, "He saw a bright rice sized object with yellow, blue, and pink lights. Around 4:20 AM, the ball like object became 1/4 size of the moon and the color changed to deep red. The surface of the object has different cycles. Later, the object moved to the south, a few seconds later, it became a rice size again. Around 6:05 AM, the object became big again and disappeared. A professor at Nanjing Chinese Science Academy studied 27 pictures and believes the object came from somewhere other than Earth. He also estimated this object was turning and emitting some small objects, the height of this object was about 10000 meters above the earth. The images:>
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