UFO Shoots Object At
Indiana UFO Researcher
Taping 'Huge Disks'
By Lynn Taylor
From Steven L. Wilson Sr <>
From UFO UpDates-Toronto <>
On Sunday, March 12, 2000, at approximately 8:30 PM, John Tosti, a fellow UFO researcher, spotted two illuminated objects outside his home near Smithville*, Indiana. John indicated that the objects were hovering silently just above a nearby tree line. He was in the process of videotaping them when two more objects appeared from out of nowhere, also with no accompanying sound. Less that a quarter of a mile distant, John could make out their outline of the second pair, and described them as, "huge disks." He commented that they had, what looked like, "headlights" shining out from them.
At that point, John turned his attention and his video camera toward the new arrivals. He was still taping when a small yellowish object "shot out" of one of the disks, straight toward him. "That kind of scared me," John said.
Then, as suddenly as the large disks appeared, they "blinked out" and were gone. When he looked around for the first two objects, they were nowhere to be found.
After the sighting, John noted the appearance of helicopters and interceptor jets in the area.
Later, a cursory review of the videotape revealed the smaller object in three frames as it was being expelled from the disk.
John's videotape is currently under analysis, and copies have been made and stored elsewhere for security reasons.
(Note: March is historically been the most active month for UFOs in South-central Indiana.)
* Smithville is located eight miles south of Bloomington, and about sixty-five miles south of Indianapolis, Indiana.


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