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Filer's Files #6 2-4-3

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This report includes an: Unidentified object near shuttle Columbia, Massachusetts strange white craft with cloaking device, New York cylinder spotted without wings, Pennsylvania teardrop craft flies a few feet over home, West Virginia missing time, South Carolina orange pursued by an airplane, Georgia V formation and flying wing, Florida floating triangle, Alabama glowing plasma, Mississippi light over Gulf, Illinois beam of lights, Wisconsin witness spots six lights in a row, Arkansas light in the sky, Oklahoma huge orange ball, Texas cigar shaped object in eastern sky, Louisiana starlight object sparkles, Colorado video of UFO, California red orbs sighted with chemtrails, Oregon cylinder spotted, Washington flying triangle, Ireland it appeared to be red in color and emitted two fireballs, England diamond definite sighting by two professional people, Spain flower petal UFO, and Malaysia high speed disk shape.
SANDWICH -- My Parks Department coworker and I were speaking to our supervisor, truck to truck, when our supervisor drew our attention to what appeared to be ice crystals falling from the sky on January 21, 2003, at 10:15 AM. They were unusual as the were large but, obviously light. We dismissed this as wind blown ice and we drove off. My partner and I then noticed an object in the southeast sky that was in front of two jets who were both making contrails. The object appeared to be oval and very white or was reflecting the sun to a high degree. It looked to us as if it was traveling away from us as it was getting smaller with no side to side deviation from its course. We have both seen a lot of aircraft, and this was not a familiar object. We were both watching for several minutes when suddenly it appeared to go out of focus as if it was caught in the shimmer over heat sources. We both said at the same time "did you see that!" The object then began to glow very brightly for 30 seconds then faded again and rapidly dwindled away going up and showing no contrail. My partner said he thought there was a glow around it, but I did not see it except when it was bright. We both watched it till it disappeared in the distance. We spend allot of time outside and there is a military air base very close to us and we are use to seeing various aircraft in our skies, but this was very different.
PORTCHESTER -- I observed one large dark cylinder shaped object heading north on January `16, 2003, flying very slow at 1:34 AM. The cylinder turned west and started going towards that direction. The object the whole time had no lights. It was dark but appeared to give a slight water shine for maybe half a second. Shortly after that happened, I lost it as if it blended itself with the night sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
GLEN MILLS -- The witness woke up at 7 AM, on January 20, 2003, and was sitting on his couch looking out his large window when he witnessed three large teardrop shaped craft floating a few feet over than the top of his house. There was a glare surrounding the outside of the teardrop objects and one was higher than the others. The witness reports, "I could tell they were spinning. All three of them were spinning towards the right of me. I opened my back door and I heard a loud humming sound. I was shocked because this was the second sighting I've seen within two years. The same thing came to my attention perviously. They were also white and had a glow to them. After I gawked for about four minutes they started to fly a little higher and took off at what seemed to be the speed of light up. They left a trail of a reddish white streak of light that faded away within seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
ISLE OF PALMS -- We live a few blocks from the beach on a barrier island outside of Charleston. Around midnight, several nights a week, I spend an hour or so on our third floor deck listening to the ocean, looking for shooting stars and satellites (wondering about UFO's). On January 17, 2003, at 12:30 AM, I saw a very bright (brighter than the brightest star/planet) orange light in the sky moving from the shore, inland WNW. It appeared lower than a plane when it is on approach and holding. Behind it was a jet. We live near an Air Force base and often see airplanes traveling in tandem, so I assumed it were a pair of Air Force jets although an object moving across the sky with nothing visible but a bright orange light looked quite peculiar. Less than a minute passed when I realized I was observing a jet in pursuit of the orange light. The two traveled back and forth and up and down, with the plane clearly following whatever the orange light was doing. It really looked like a rather slow chase. They were both moving at about the same speed of an airplane on approach. After about six minutes, the plane followed the orange light SE and out of my view.
On 23 January at the same time of night, my boyfriend and I saw the same orange light in the sky moving inland from the ocean. It was a cloudy night and it disappeared behind some clouds in under two minutes. There were no airplanes in pursuit
HEPHZIBAH -- The mother and daughter called NUFORC to report a January 7, 2003, at 8 PM, sighting of six yellow white lights in three sets of two lights each, in a V formation, descending vertically in the western sky. The mother and her daughter said they would telephone the local military base, which also was located to the west of their location at the time of the sighting, to see if any pyrotechnic device had been launched there at the time of the sighting.
TUCKER -- The witness reports that on January 16, 2003, at 7:30 AM, "I received a call from a friend, who excitedly urged me to go outside to see the paths the jet traffic was clearing through a low level cloud bank. It was amazing to see a narrow swath of clear sky showing through the clouds as several jets passed overhead, and burned away a clear path. This alone was a phenomenon that I had never witnessed in 54 years. But, as I was watching is fascination, I saw what looked like a shadow moving south through the cloud bank. The shadow was the shape of a "flying wing" spotted over Atlanta. I desperately tried to get my friend to see what I was seeing, but was unsuccessful. Although the object appeared as if a shadow, it could not have been, in so much as, it was about 5 degrees from the vertical, and the sun was less than 5 degrees from the horizontal.
WELLINGTON -- The witness writes, "My teenage son and I were leaving Wellington High School on January 21, 2003, at 7:30 PM after a JV basketball game when we noticed a floating triangle with three lights on each corner just hovering about 200 meters above the ground." It was north of Forest Hill Boulevard about one mile west of Route 441. I lowered my window and turned off the radio to listen for any sound (to see if it was a helicopter) but I couldn't hear any ascertainable aircraft engine noise. I tried to slow down and study the craft but had to move on as we were in traffic. Previously I've seen a traveling "ball of light" with my wife flying 500 meters above the ground at 70 MPH for two miles in Boca which then hovered over the Boca West development for 30 minutes this past summer. Thanks to Guy in Boca.
WISCONSIN DELLS -- We live in the country where it is very dark, so we had a good view on January 15, 2003, at 7 PM, of objects that were very bright lights that seemed to be round and of numerous beautiful pinks, blues, yellows, purple, greens and white. My husband saw similar objects before, but this was my first sighting, and it was the most remarkable, awe inspiring thing I have ever seen. They were not all lit at once and one would go off and others would come on. After the light went off at each sight, we could see small, dim white lights flowing around that area. Then there would be a break for seven minutes and the round, colored objects would appear again in a different spot in the sky. The most dramatic display was a line of six in a row. They would take turns going on and off and the most lit at one time was three. We could see the shadow of those that were off when the others would light. This went on for maybe 10-20 seconds before they all disappeared. All would be dark and then it would start over with one or two lighting at one time in a different area. We viewed them from about 19:00-20:00 hours. Then there was a half hour before we saw two more. They seemed to dart around, moving very fast from one location to another. We also noticed five airplanes seeming to be following them. The five planes however seemed to try and stay with or near the objects. When all the objects disappeared, so did the planes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
FT SMITH -- My parents and brothers fiancé was fixing to leave to go get some Ice Cream on January 24, 2003, at 6:15 PM, when they left about ten seconds later they rang the door bell many times. I opened the door and it was my Mom saying get out side quick. I ran out and my Mom said look at the light. It was a red circle in the sky that was not too high, but not to low and it was jerking side to side, vertically and horizontally. It was not jerking too fast and it would not move too far when it did jerk. About 50 seconds later it did what was a quick U-turn and took off as if something was moving to get away. It was very fast. My parents drove one way and I drove the other way to see if we couldn't see what it was. Then after that we saw 7 airplanes flying around in the sky. At Ft. Smith airport isn't that busy, and never has that many airplanes around at once. Thanks to Peter Davenport
NATCHITOCHES -- I never thought I'd be reporting ANY UFO sighting. However, I do believe in life beyond our planet. I did not have any alcohol in my system and what I and my fiancée saw was as real as these words I now type. We had extremely cold conditions tonight due to the freeze that has hit much of the south. My fiancée and I were leaving our home at 6:50 PM, to meet a friend for dinner. We are both college professors and live on the east side of the city where there are few street lights. We were walking to my sedan when my fiancée said, "Look up, the stars are so beautiful." I did, and at that moment as I was looking toward the eastern sky, 65 degrees above the horizon we saw a bright star moving. This light (star) moved to the north of the constellation Orion. This star like light moved slowly north and had no trails like a comet, but did not travel quickly, and leave a streak as a meteor or meteorite.
The moving light was as bright as the surrounding stars, but moved awkwardly, but mostly in a straight line. This star stayed aglow and traveled north-northeast, the light diminished in intensity, and then faded as if losing power? Switching itself off or climbing higher out of the earth's atmosphere into space. The light flicked out. There were absolutely no clouds in the sky; and we went to dinner shaking our heads. I truly believe what we saw was not an aircraft, meteor, meteorite, or satellite. This object had none of their characteristics. Thanks to Peter Davenport
EL PASO -- On January 20, 2003, at 7:26 AM, I was pulling out of my driveway to take my children to school. As I pulled out I noticed a very bright object in the eastern sky. At first, because of its location directly above the sun, the object appeared to resemble a bright ball of light in the sky. But after a few seconds the object started to move to the northeast revealing its true shape, which resembled a cigar. The object was tilted at a 45 degree angle as it moved through the sky. I can only guess the altitude or distance it was from us, but from what we saw it was a very big object. It continued to move east/northeast and eventually disappeared. I did not literally see it disappear or shoot off towards the eastern sky, I describe it this way because I turned my head to yell at my wife, who was in the garage, to look at the UFO and as I turned back to look at the object it was gone. There was also a plane in eastern sky, but it was far off in the distance. My 12 year old daughter also witnessed the entire event. Thanks to NUFORC
SOUTH PARK -- Tim Edwards reports that his daughter Brandy Edwards, and their cousin Sashay Rauter, first noticed an object in the western sky about 30 degrees above the horizon, that appeared as a very bright tube or cigar of intense white light. Over a dozen vapor trails in the area were also observed and taped entering on November 22, 2002, on Highway 24 and leaving the area and western horizon during the duration of sighting. The UFO was 2 to 3 times brighter then illuminated [setting sun] vapor trails in the area and clearly not diffused or exhausting. Object didn't appear to move during the duration of sighting[ [25 minutes], staying in a fixed horizontal position. Object was filmed in the western sky from 2 locations on Highway 24 in South Park, the first about 40 miles east of Buena Vista Colorado and then about 30 miles east of it. The object was filmed with a Canon CCD-TRV43 NTSC Hi 8 Video [20 optical zoom] camera for about two minutes. It appeared very distant from the camera, about 1/4 inch long holding your hand out. Buffalo Peaks are in the video, just to the north of object. Other objects were observed around the main object but were not real clear with the naked eye and we didn't have binoculars. As close as I could tell the object was 40 to 50 miles away which would have put it over Buena Vista Colorado or west of it. In the video it appears that a plasma field or something was surrounding the object and 2 barbell shaped objects are with it and stationary in conjunction with it. Video did not show the intense white cigar in it but rather a red and tan colored envelope. Object gradually diminished and disappeared before our eyes as a vapor trail approached the location and passed through it and was not visible after that or after dark. Thanks to Tim Edwards
GLENDALE -- Nicholas Jones reports that on Saturday, January 25, 2003, at 4:00 PM, he received a call from a friend in Glendale who was outdoors with 10 witnesses and observing multiple spheres/orbs interacting with each other and newly formed chemtrails. There were at least 3 separate objects -- one a brilliant red, one a white color and the third clear, "Star-like" -- which spontaneously appeared and then disappeared but on several occasions moved closer to each other and then further apart. These objects reversed direction several times but maintained position in the sky more or less at the zenith (directly overhead).
At 4:30 PM, viewing eastward from West Los Angeles, I photographed two (military) jets flying parallel in close noncommercial formation, leaving clear, persistent contrails/chemtrails. These jets appeared from the north horizon and flew southwards, directly overhead, adjusting course slightly westward as they crossed the zenith and proceeded towards the southwest. Immediately following these jets, I spotted a white smaller unmarked commuter jet flying at lower altitude that did not leave a contrail/chemtrail. Slightly to the west, and not far from where this third jet appeared, I noticed a brilliant red light moving gradually toward the east. At this time, I grabbed my Nikon Coolpix 5700, 5 MB digital camera, with setting on "Fine" (JPG with low compression), using standard zoom lens at 8x telephoto, auto setting
and tried to shoot the jet and the red light together but missed. Although, the sequence of photos (Nos. 1 - 6) begin just a minute after the jet left and follow the red object across eastern sky The light moves near the contrails/chemtrails, at about 60 degrees altitude, in a southerly direction. The object remained a brilliant red, like a "fiery chrome" finish, which was too bright to be the reflecting sunlight. It gradually changed color to a dull, dark hue and then finally into a less formed white, amorphous shape, before disappearing altogether. The sequence records about 5 minutes of elapsed time.
The pictures clearly show a circular object with some internal differentiation but no visible, conventional means of propulsion like wings or engine exhaust trail. The object was extremely bright, a very dramatic sight, and hopefully was witnessed by many others. The object was brighter than the brightest star I have seen, and this was broad daylight, and so would have been easily noticed by anyone who happened to look up. Thanks to Nicholas Jones Photos are at views:
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Editor's Note: Nicolas also reports the red orbs only appeared when jets were forming contrails. Unfortunately, a shot to define that unique relationship eluded us. Aircraft as they pass through the sky generate static electricity or plasmas. The sky above Los Angels is likely charged with a tremendous amount of electrical energy that may develop into something like ball lightning. Two Tesla coils can create this electrical plasma in a laboratory. I suggest it might be possible that fast moving jets generating energy and contrails in an electrically charged atmosphere may be able to form red plasma orbs that were imaged by Nicolas.
SALEM -- On January 22, 2003, at 5:05 PM, the initial report of this sighting came KPTV NEWS Fox 12, via a call to investigator Ron Wright. He in turn contacted KPTV Reporter Shauna Parsons for the full story that they ran. "A UFO has been spotted over the skies of Salem." The witness grabbed his camera and took these pictures of an unidentified flying object. He stated, "I was sitting in my house, and I happened to look up into the west sky and I saw something real bright. at first I thought it was just a jet with a contrail, but I started looking at it, and came out side and looked at it. and it was just really strange cause the trail was right on the plane, and just real bright -- it was brighter than anything I ever seen before." If you look at these pictures of ordinary jet planes -- you can see the long trail they leave. This UFO is probably not an alien craft -- but it's not any ordinary plane either.
He says he asked a few of his friends in the Army Reserve if they knew what kind of plane it could be -- and they were just as puzzled as he was. On 25 Jan. 2003, I spoke with the witness via land line to get more details on the sighting that occurred in Salem. He said, "It was traveling south 20 degrees off horizon at an altitude of approximately; 20,000 to 30,000 feet at 5 AM. It was partly cloudywith a temperature of 48 degrees. He videotaped for 45 seconds. The witness description of the object was cylindrical shape, round and long, brightly lit colors of orange/yellow. Object emitted a flame out the rear of the craft unlike any normal commercial a/c would do, to the extent of 6-7 times the length of the object itself. Again witness described the object as rounded cylinder tube shape, dark gray, which was noticed through his Canon Video cam, which had a zoom of 800X power. Witness also claims that object was moving across the horizon faster than a normal commercial a/c would fly, going from the North to the South 20 degrees off the horizon at a very high rate of speed.
Witness called several law enforcement agencies, and some news stations, KPTV Fox News aired the tape 6 AM on the 23rd of Jan. 2003; they still have the original tape, which will be returned to witness soon. I have asked the witness for a copy of the video which will be available soon. Thanks to Peter Davenport Ron Wright, Director, TRIAD RESEARCH Colo. Spurges, CO.
LYNNWOOD -- My brother and I witnessed a slow steady white light on January 20, 2003, at 6:20 PM, turning of then on many times, he thought it was a radio tower, but after about 30 seconds the light stopped the (SOS) type flashes and steadily moved to the right and out of view. I figured It was probably a news helicopter because of rush hour traffic, but I have never seen a plane or helicopter do a steady SLOW beat, like a large search light going off and on. I got to my house and saw two close yellow lights just over the trees behind our house, that looked like a 747 when they fly towards you. This was not too odd to see because of our location near the airports, but the craft never crested over those trees, it actually went down dropping in altitude. I was about to get into my car with my brother when I saw the same two yellowish white lights coming from the right of the trees. This time I watched it for about ten seconds then noticed no sound and told my brother to get out of the car and look at this, he did and by the time he got out of the car it was over head with three yellowish white lights in a perfect triangle. As it went over head I couldn't hear anything, but as it was past us, we started to hear what sounded like a low frequency jet type sound but very quiet and very low. I was ecstatic because I have witnessed a triangle craft that to me was a UFO. After we calmed down we started to drive the two miles to our friends house. About halfway, we both witnessed another strobe search like craft. I was a lot closer this time. After I started thinking about it, the first strobe object we saw might have been a craft to clear the way for this huge triangle craft and the last strobe craft was to follow up. What we saw was probably human craft. But a lot newer then the old stealth bombers! At the time the triangle craft was over our heads my cat jumped into my car and refused to come out. I had to drag him from the back and hold him, he was shaking and appeared scared? Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
DUN LAOGHAIRE, COUNTY DUBLIN -- I looked out of my bedroom window on January 26, 2003, at 7:07 PM, and heading east was a Fireball that was going slightly faster that a normal aeroplane. It then accelerated to possibly 400 mph plus, and I noticed that it dropped two other fireballs from it that disintegrated. It was a very reddish color (about the color of Mars), and then it made a turn much sharper that an aero plane or any other craft could. From my eyesight, the thing looked about half a centimeter in diameter and it then disappeared. The duration was thirty seconds.
DOVER -- On a clear starry evening on January 24, 2003, at 6:35 PM, we at first thought it was a shooting star because of the speed. It was a definitely structured craft with four faint lights in a square. That flew from N.E. to S.W. across the sky in about 30 seconds. It was very high and could have been in Earth's atmosphere or in space
BENSHEIM -- My mother-in-law, my wife, my two kids, and I were driving home on January 25, 2003, at 2:03 PM, when we came to a stop at a traffic light in the middle of town. I saw a white spot in the blue sky. At first I thought it was a plane, but then I noticed it wasn't moving. Further in the distance to the right of the object I saw an airplane flying leaving a white trail behind it. This kind of helped me notice it was not moving, and looked too big for a star. Plus the plane and this were the only two things in the sky that I could see. Looking closely, I noticed there was a sort of white, cloudy smoke around it. The object looked like someone took a pencil, dipped the eraser in some paint, and taped it on the sky. I looked away for only 1 or 2 seconds to make sure my wife was looking in the right direction. The car hadn't started moving yet, and the airplane was still in site. It happened very quick. But it was bigger than the airplane for sure. It disappeared after about 15 seconds.
MARCELLA -- On January 16, 2003, at 4:25 AM, a witness with considerable education and responsibility in his place of employment saw a flying object that was round with three flower like petals around the center. The object was silver, with black circles and silver frames visible in the center. It was at a 40 degree angle over the sea and 250 meters from my bedroom window. The object was stationary.
SKUDAI -- On January 17, 2003, at 9:30 PM, my dad and I saw an orange colored flying object move from east to west above my Dad's house. This object moved fast and was stable when it was moving. It was going up and not going down. I'm sure this is a disk shaped flying object. The UFO slowed a bit as it hovered above us, and seems like it noticed us as we looked at them. After few minute it continued with a fast and stable speed and disappeared behind the crown. This is fifth time I've seen UFOs in the last two years. The last time it was closer, bigger, and we even saw the "windows" of the UFO.
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