Triangle Ground
Landing/Hovering Trace In Croatia?
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National TV Journal (Croatian Television Program 1) 09th of May 1999. - Sunday (report broadcast around 19:55)
Reporter: Radomir Papo Camera man: Dinko Denona
This is a transcript from the television program:
From Pag Island (Pag Island is located in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, Europe).
The trace, in the shape of a triangle, is located on 190m high hill, Komarovac, in a very remote area, kilometers away from the town.
The stone mass inside the triangular trace is stamped for 25cm (from the perspective of the surrounding untouched area). The length of the sides of the triangle are 37m*49cm (all 3 sides of the triangle have the same length). This discovery was made by "measure man" Zdenko Grbavac for surveying purposes.
TV Interview:
Radomir Papo: And you are 30 year in this business?
Zdenko Grbavac: Yes.
Radomir Papo: And you have never found something like this?
Zdenko Grbavac: I haven't found anything similar in my surveyor practice , although I have been at lot at those trigonometry points and that was all connected with my job. This is the first time I have seen this.
Zdenko was also suprised by the following:
Zdenko Grbavac: During my tour of this area and triangle, the difference was, that in the surrounding area you can find grass, snails, spiders and I have noticed that (in the sense that inside trace in the shape of triangle you can't find grass, snails and spiders).
There are also other strange and interesting paragraphs. The stones inside triangle aren't crushed as what would be the effect from a roller during the contruction of roads. The stones are stamped as if something has hovered above and with strange forces then affected the ground.
The structure and composition of the stone hasn't changed, which means that there haven't been high temperatures. The stones at the edges have also been effected by the forces. A few holes in the stones have found at the edges of the triangle sides.
What kind of formation and with what strength and technology caused this to happen is the question for many scientists and ufologists. Zdenko and his son Kruno have an answer.
Zdenko Grbavac: I asked Kruno what do you think about that, and he says "it looks like a space ship".
COMMENTS OF THE AGETI_MASTER: The area of Pag Island has been long known to ufologists. During 1967, a triangular UFO was sighted above Pag Island and also it has been monitored by local police.
There was a second famous sighting during December 1997. It was also monitored by police.
The POLARIS team (Polaris is national UFO group) and I were on the ground during the investigation of the 1997 case. A few official explenations have been offered (weather ballon, planet venus, aurora, reflection from the Moon, ice particals in the atmosphere etc)... We didn't find those explanations valid.
The investigation continues...
The POLARIS team and I will go to the site this week. I will let you know about further data....
Best regards