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COSMIntel®, a west european non-profit group of committed Remote Viewers predicted on early Tuesday February 24, that at 19:25 that same day a dimension portal would open near the city Almere, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. A disc shaped alien scout craft would fly over the city at a minimum height of 275 meters. When the dimension portal would close was not clear in the 5-min. RV session.
We published the prediction at 15:09 that day on the forum and chat of the dutch UFO portal UFOPlaza (i'm the site admin there).
Many visitors, who read the prediction, were quite impressed when February 26 the following UFO sighting report came in:
At February 26 the following UFO report was submitted by a witness living near Almere (verified), who witnessed 2 disc shaped UFO's flying low over his house, early that morning:
A 49-year old painter from Hilversum (Noord Holland) witnessed Thursday morning around 3:10am 2 disc shaped UFO's, from a suburb with low-rise buildings called the Hilversumse Meent.
It was night and the sky was partly open.
"It's February 26 3.11am at night . I'm reading a book and look through my large rear window in between the houses, and notice a strange yellow somewhat diffuse moving light, that is clearly heading my way. While this object approaches, i notice the outlines of the object and clearly make out a disc shape. This saucer flies as to speak fluent overhead in a straight course, approx. 200 meters above ground. It disappears over my roof. At the same moment i witness to my own amazement a similar saucer, coming from exact the same direction heading my way and also disappearing over the roof. I witnessed both saucers very clearly, the first one was sparsely lighted, the other one entirely unlighted. While these saucers flew over my head, i had the clear sensation of a kind of field or weight passing me, it gave me the goosebumps, also i had this strong impression of an increased perception, for instance i could see the panels in sharp details, like i could even see the welds or something like that, and also something like portholes, at the bottom of the saucers i could cleary see 2 or 3 round holes. The fluent movement of these objects was very remarkable!"
The witness witnessed at an angle of 35 to 85 degrees a couple of disc shaped UFO's, 'with an octagonal or decagonal cockpit, whose panels were clearly distinguishable.' These saucers had a silver-gray metallike color and a diameter of approx. 10 meters. The two objects made an almost inaudible humming sound.
The objects were initially located at a distance of 200 meters and passed the house of the witness at a height of approx. 200 meters. The object moved remarkable fluently with a speed of approx. 200 km/h.
The 2 UFO's followed exactly the same course, from southwest to north-east, heading for Almere. The first one had limited lights turned on according to the witness, and the other one who followed the first, had no lights at all.
The Oz Factor played a part in this sighting. "My 'hair at the nape of the neck raised' and i clearly sensed that something was passing," said the witness.
(also published on the popular dutch news site:
The UFO report was also forwarded to MUFON-NL, who will research the case.
The event occurred about one day after it was predicted, at the exact location predicted, and the overall quality of the information is quite remarkable for a quick 5 minute RV session.
A time variance of plus or minus one day is the desirable tolerance. The location information derived from the session was pretty accurate.
Comparison outcome RV session <> sighting
location: near Almere near Almere (Hilversumse Meent,
15 km near Almere, heading
north-east towards Almere)
time: 24/2 19:25 > 26/2 03:11
shape: disc shaped (1) disc shaped (2)
height: 275 meters approx 200 meters (rough estimation)
You can read the report of this quick, 5-min RV session on our site. We'll soon do a FULL one hour RV session, and see how accurate the outcome will be. We don't claim to have a 100% accuracy rate, it's impossible to claim such thing. We're just new in the RV scene, and will see how much progress we can make in the accuracy of our future predictions.
(english is not my native language, so forgive me for my grammar...)
--- Kind Regards,
Toine Trust
Director COSMIntel® - Advanced Remote Viewing



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