British UFO Bureau Shuts Down -
Claims Lack Of Sightings

LONDON (AFP) - The British Flying Saucer Bureau which has been hunting for extra-terrestrial activity for half a century, has closed its doors due to a dearth of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).
The bureau, which at one time boasted 1,500 members worldwide, has over the years received weekly reports listing up to thirty UFO "sightings". These days there are very rarely any such reports, according to an article in The Times newspaper on Monday.
The bureau's monthly meetings have now been scrapped due to a lack of participants.
Denis Plunkett, a 70-year-old retiree from Bristol in western England, founded the bureau in 1953 along with his father Edgar.
"I am just as enthusiastic about flying saucers as I always was but the problem is that we are in the middle of a long, long trough," he told The Times.
There just are not enough sightings to warrant continuing, he added.
Plunkett beleives that the end of the Cold War was the catalyst for the current dearth of UFO sightings.
"The number of sightings always rises at times of international tension and declines in times of peace," he explained.
Also the extraterrestrials themselves have probably finished their study of the Earth, Plunkett said. These studies apparently began following the explosion of the two atomic bombs during World War II.
"The first atomic explosions all took place on the right side of the Earth to be visible from Mars."

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