Recent BC & Yukon
UFO Sightings
From Bill Oliver <>
Early-Nov-99, Vancouver (11:15 pm)
While walking her dog in Norquay Park, the witness saw an object suddenly illuminate itself in the clear night sky. It seemed to possess inner illumination and shone like chrome for about 3 seconds before switching off. "It looked like an oval hoola-hoop with 1/8 missing at the rear." It also seemed to have a vertical tower attached to one side. At arm,s length it was about 3 fingers wide. No noise was detected and the dog was not disturbed.
27-Dec-99, Aldergrove (2:00 am)
A woman looked out her window and saw a stationary object in the sky. It had blue and red flashing lights. She watched it for several minutes before returning to bed. The sky was clear and she heard no sound.
2-Jan-2000, Steveston (early am)
A woman was returning to her bedroom after going to the bathroom when she saw a "craft" through her north-facing window. It had rotating perimeter lights and was approaching fast! Suddenly the craft reversed direction and receded from her. She then saw a spiraling cone-shaped light. Total viewing time was only a few seconds. She initially thought it might be a helicopter, but realized there had been no sound.
2-Jan-2000, Mission (1:15 am)
While travelling from an outside shed back to his trailer home, the witness was amazed to see a silver, saucer-shaped object hovering outside his bedroom window! It was 1 times the length of a panel van and 1 times the height. The craft was stationary with no sound. It had dull white lights circling its perimeter. Through a large vertical window in the craft, the witness could see a man in coveralls looking back at him. The man had a slight grin on his face but did not look in any way unusual. The interior of the craft was pinkish. There was a sudden flash of light and the craft was gone! While returning home from work, the son of the witness said he saw a flash in the sky around 1:30 am.
4-Jan-2000, Mission (2:30 - 7:30 am)
Four people witnessed "hundreds" of lights moving around in the sky over Ruskin Dam (looking north), including some large red ones that appeared to expand, then split into three.
4-Jan-2000, Mission (6:30 - 7:15 am) (neighbours of 4 witnesses above
A man and his cousin watched lights moving around the sky over Ruskin Dam. The cousin was a confirmed skeptic until he saw these lights.
5-Jan-2000, Mission (6:30 pm)
Three ladies watched several anomalous lights performing erratic movements over the Ruskin Dam. They watched the lights for an extended period of time. Later that evening, around 8:00 pm, one of the women briefly saw a "ball of light" over the distant trees.
7-Jan-2000, Mission (7:30 pm)
A woman watched a large red ball in the northern sky for about 30 seconds.
13-Jan-2000, Gibsons (2:00 pm)
A man was driving from Gibsons to Roberts Creek when he spotted a black circular object below the clouds that seemed to be moving at the same speed and direction as he was. The "craft" appeared to be twirling as it proceeded through the sky. He had it in view for about two minutes before it was lost to sight.
15-Jan-2000, Kelowna (1:53 pm)
Three adults were travelling in their car when they spotted a metallic, reddish disc in the southwestern sky. They stopped the car and watched the object for about two minutes as it travelled northward. There was no noise and no contrail. They estimated that it was about 1 kilometre away and about twice the size of a 747 aircraft.
17-Jan-2000, Burnaby (11:15 pm)
The witness was outside his basement apartment when he noticed a cigar-shaped object with rotating, flashing red, green, blue and white lights on its perimeter. The object was stationary and a distant throbbing noise (like a stationary diesel train) could be heard. The object was southwest of the witness and possibly located over Deer Lake. He estimated that it was only 5 feet in length. The man gathered another 4 witnesses and they continued to watch the object for another twenty minutes. At the end of that time it "vanished" as if a light switch had been turned off.
20-Jan-2000, Kelowna (9:50 pm)
Three witnesses watched an orange/yellow object travelling south to north below the clouds. Because it seemed to be "throwing off sparks", they thought it was a plane on fire and phoned 911. They watched for another 5 minutes as the object faded from bright to dim. No noise could be heard.
30-Jan-2000, Mission (early am)
A man and a woman drove up to Springvale, an elevated position near Rowley Lake, with the intention of video taping strange lights that they had seen on previous nights. For a period of 2 hours they filmed a variety of anomalous lights that varied in size, shape and luminousity. Although the witnesses described vivid reds ("fireballs") and metallic sheens with accompanying brilliant blues, the camcorder recording was much less spectacular. UFO*BC reviewed the tape, and although it did show unusual lights, there was nothing conclusive.
19-Feb-2000, Surrey (10:15 am)
The witness was a passenger in a car travelling south on Highway 99 to Crescent Beach when he spotted a highly reflective, round object moving at a steady speed in a southeast to northwest direction. The object was at a considerable altitude, but easily seen in the clear blue sky. After 2 minutes of observation, the object suddenly disappeared. The witness assumes that if it had been an aircraft that had turned, thereby eliminating its reflective state, he should at least have been able to see a dark outline in the sky. He could not.
19-Feb-2000, Mission (11:45 pm)
A man and his wife were travelling east on the Lougheed Highway when the man suddenly spotted a bright "greenish" object moving in a downward motion over Stave Lake(?). He yelled, "Wow! Look at that!". His wife had time to look up and also see it. They reckoned that the viewing time was 2 to 3 seconds. The sky was covered with low cloud. This was probably a meteorite.


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