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George A. Filer <>
Director - Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #29
VIEGUES - Amidst the mysteries of a U.S. Naval base in Puerto Rico are strange reports of UFO and alien activity. Puerto Rican Ufologist Jorge Martin interviewed Angel Encarnacion, a Vieques fisherman, who said that "One night, while fishing out at sea south of the Navy's shooting range, and east of Vieques, we saw in the distance a really big and shining light. Getting closer, we saw that it a huge round saucer object with lots of lights turning on and off all around the ship." "On the bottom middle there was a really big green light, aimed at the ocean's surface," said Encarnacion. "It wasn't more than 100 feet above the ocean. What shocked me most was seeing the object absorb water from the ocean. You could actually see a big volume of water rising and entering the object. You could not see any fish or anything else in the water going up." Throughout the operation, he said, there was no sound. He and his crew saw strange activity on another night, "a shiny green light rose from the bottom of the ocean," and suddenly disappeared as they heard "the sound of water falling into the ocean nearby," but with no object in sight. They heard--but did not see- something rising in the night sky.
Several teenage marine cadets reported seeing "some very strange little dark men who were very fast and ran speedily from one place to another." The entities were no more than four feet high, skinny, with long arms and large, egg-shaped heads. They spotted them jumping into the lagoon and disappearing under the water. The cadets claimed they have seen blue-white spheres that vary in size, from four to eight inches in diameter entering the lagoon. Thanks to UFO Roundup and Sally Suddock
CARACAS - On Saturday, July 22, 2000, an object of considerable size, nearly transparent (given the volume of light it is emitting) was filmed starting at 18:28 PM for more than thirty minutes. It appears silvery in color, with a wide upper dome and a fin on its lower hull shaped like an inverted cone. A compass reading places it between 300 and 305 degrees, located to the left of Simon Bolivar University but above Fuerte Tiuna. Using the clouds as a screen, whose luminosity is hard to observe without wearing dark glasses. It is hovering with an almost imperceptible balancing motion, but one would say it is completely motionless. More information to come. Thanks to the Institute of Hispanic Ufology and Martha Rosenthal in Venezuela
CHESHIRE -- Philip Mantle reports that Researchers at the Cheshire- based British UFO Studies Centre (BUFOSC), have been shocked by the emergence of a new and remarkable video film of an anomalous object captured by a Northwich man on Sunday afternoon, July 9, 2000. The man saw the strange object in the sky at around 2:00 PM and asked his wife to bring his video camera. He was able to capture what experts at the BUFOSC say is the "best ever UFO film." The witness also recorded traffic using his frequency scanner which clearly indicates the presence of civilian passenger aircraft in the immediate vicinity at that time. There is a suggestion that aircraft may have been diverted away from the area. BUFOSC believes that this raises urgent issues relating incident over nearby Stoke-on-Trent, where witnesses report seeing a UFO being chased by three aircraft and a Chinook helicopter.
There are a number of major military exercises currently underway in the UK. Eric Morris - BUFOSC Director - and Tim Matthews, well- known researcher have both been amazed by the quality of the images, the clarity of the material and the object itself. "The best-known case was the Manchester Near-Miss in January 1995, when two airline pilots made an official report to the Civil Aviation Authority about a wedge- shaped object that shot past their plane while on approach to Manchester International. Morris, Matthews and Pope, are assisting BUFOSC with its inquiries, all believe that UFOs are of Extreme Defense Significance. The UFO is similar to ones captured on film at the Nellis Test Range, home to Area 51 in the Nevada Desert. Checks with Manchester Air Traffic Control, the MOD and other official bodies are continuing. Thanks to Philip Mantle.
MILTON KEYNES -- A Mr. (name on file) observed a white- coloured round object at high altitude on the of July 17, 2000, at around 2.45 pm. The witness in watched the object speed across the sky, leaving no vapour trail, in just 5 seconds. His father observed the object as well which was lost from view when it went behind some clouds. Mr. NB (name on file) watched 15 light colored objects in formation on Sunday June 18, from his home near Kettering in Northamptonshire. He was having a barbecue with several family member between 6 and 7 PM when the sighting took place. All those present also observed the objects. Mr. NB is an experienced glider pilot. Philip Mantle, ,
The UFO Research of Finland gathered about 100 sighting reports in 1999. It was an average year (1998 was quiet with 34 reports). As usual there were a couple of hundred UFO related articles in newspapers and magazines. Of the 100 cases about 20 came from central Finland around November 13,and 14, 1999. Multiple witnesses reported 6 balls of light that flew in formation over central Finland. On the internet there were stories about an encounter between a UFO and a Finnish air force jet. But that story has never been confirmed and is likely false information. Have a nice summer! Thanks to Ilkka Serra, MUFON- Finland.
The witness was on his roof when he noticed a star moving very fast at 8:15 PM on June 5, 2000. Moving north a light was switching on and off. When it changed the direction of travel, it would switch off after it started in the new direction and come back on when it was about to change course. The stops were at approximately the same distance from one another. It changed direction about every five degrees. I am sure it was not a satellite as the path was not smooth but changed very abruptly each time and it was switching on and off. Nine years ago, at about 11:00 local time (UTC+1hour) I happened to glance up and saw a cigar shaped object which was about 1500-2000 meters up, traveling in a north direction. The object was grayish, had no wings, fins or stabilizers like rockets, but simply looked like a cigar traveling without any visible sign of any propulsion system or noise and with no fire, fumes or vapor trails Its hard to estimate its size, but it appeared to be very big and I would say it was more than 80 meters long and 18 meters in diameter. The island of Malta is about 95 km south of Sicily. Thanks to Giuliano Marinkovicc - Jimmy (AGETI_ Croatia,
MARMARA SEA -- Oz Seydali writes, "On the night of July 8, 2000, my family and I encountered a UFO 15 kilometers from Ezen while driving to Vakifkoy in Northwestern Turkey. We were on vacation on the Marmara Sea when we saw a UFO hovering over farm land about five kilometers from our car. We approached the UFO that was about the same size of the full moon and enveloped by its own light from the bottom up. Suddenly, it flashed a bright blue burst of light emanating from the bottom portion that extended to the top and disappeared. After this happened the stars were not visible for about three seconds. Ten minutes after the event a residue of some kind completely covered our car and I was forced to bring the vehicle to a complete emergency stop. The windows were rolled down but, there was no smell just a strange residue that evaporated without a trace in a few seconds as if it were never there. After arriving to our destination. I asked a local neighbor if she had seen anything odd in the sky? She said, "She had indeed and asked if I knew what it was?" There was a lot of confusion as to what had transpired since most of the people did have a clear view. They had seen the bright illumination which baffled them. The area was experiencing extreme dry heat and the craft left moisture on the dry grass and dirt. In the car with me were my mother and six family members saw the craft. Thanks to Oz Seydali .
N.S.W - Australia, the National Reporting Center and Eastern MUFON have been receiving reports of fireballs in recent weeks. According to Barry Taylor a spectacular fireball was seen over Australia on July 16, 2000. Peter Davenport reports that NUFORC received a report Monday morning of an orange fireball, which was seen over Northern California at about 10:00 PM on Sunday night, July 16, 2000. Peter writes, "I have no way of knowing whether there is any relationship between the US and Australian events but. NUFORC has been receiving a significantly large volume of reports than is normal for us." Underscoring the apparently real nature of some of the reports is the fact that two seasoned UFO investigators in Glendale, Arizona, succeeded in videotaping on both July 12 and 13 a very strange, strobing red light in the vicinity of Phoenix. They were able to photograph it from two vantage points simultaneously, and preliminary estimates suggest that the object was on the order of 40-50 statute miles from their location, even though it could be seen plainly with the naked eye. Yesterday, we received a report from a woman in Texas, who asserts that she and other witnesses observed 6 or 7 red lights streaking to the west over Texas on July 12, just a few minutes before the sighting over Phoenix. Cordially, Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center, Hotline: 206-722-3000 Thanks to Peter and Barry for their great work.

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