Mussolini Said To Have
Formed Secret UFO Study
Group In 1933
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(Note - This is a message to physicist Jack Sarfatti forwarded to us by Ed Komarek
Hello dear UFO researchers,
A few weeks ago, I received this report from the member of my AGETI mailing list. It sounds very interesting and I would like to definetly hear more about it, because it seems this is some kind of new ufology data with documents that were recently released in Italy.
Can anyone check this? Anyway, I am sending you the translation of the report in English. The name of the the person who has sent this report is Dario Bernobicc < and he is located in city Rijeka, Croatia.
From Phaeton < Short review of the UFO show broadcasted on RAI DUE (Italy)
One week ago about noon on italian national TV station RAI DUE the show 'I fatti voostri' was broadcast...a show where many different people are guests and speak about different subjects. That day I accidentaly switched to that station and heard that they are speaking about UFOs. Immediately, I started to record, and now I have found some free time to write this short review for the list :)))
On the show, the guests were 2 Italian ufologists, the editors of magazine "UFO notizziario" (UFO messenger). The first subject of their chat was the connections between Fascist leader Benito Mussolini and UFO's.
Back in 1933, Mussolini had gathered together the greater part of scientists headed by G. Marconi and maybe formed the first worldwide secret organization for exploration of the UFO phenomena. The organization was active from 1933 to 1940 and they gathered many documents and pictures.
Ufologists have brought to the show 2 teletype telegrams from 1933 where Mussolini is ordering the censorship of releasing of any information about possible appearance of crafts of unknown origin or unknown phenomena.
Especially, he (Mussolini) forbids the spreading of information about some kind of UFO landing near Milano (??).
Also during the show, Mussolini's speech from 1941was mentioned. This speech was made before USA became inolved in the war (WWII), in the era of tension between USA and Axis forces.
In that speech, Mussolini said the USA should care more about attack from extra-terrestrial civilization which could land on Earth in the crafts that people have never seen, than about the Axis forces. In that time, that speech hadn't been understood as a serious one.
In the show, the pictures, films and other documents were shown from the archives of project Blue Book. From the 12,000 analysed cases, there were 701 unexplained cases. There were also some comments about triangular UFO which was recorded in the beginning of 1990s, above Belgium, and it couldn't be explained as something from this Earth.
After that, there was analysis of amateur photo of flying saucer in the form of hat from the 60s, also from the project Blue Book archives. The attention in the show was especially about photos where the UFO was clearly visible.
In the end, ufologists mentioned that in the Italy, a government organisation for the study UFO's exists, but that organization never makes any conclusion for the public, they only put cases in archives.
All in one, there was 20 interesting minutes about UFO's in the clear daylight time and in the show which many people watched. Not bad!
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TRANSLATED BY: Giuliano Marinkovicc (AGETI_MASTER) Analytical Group for Extra-Terrestrial Information
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Paola Harris wrote to Jack Sarfatti:
Dear Jack
This was the report of CUN on the ITALIAN X- FILES FASCITI under Centro Ufologico Nationale under the president Roberto Pinotti
Look at their Website for details: CUNITALIA- org
I have been good friends with Dr Pinotti ever since Allen Hyneck asked me to bring him to America in 1981 because he actually had slides of UFOs from the Italian Air Force. Let me know what else you wish to know. Best regards ,
Paola Harris Rome


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