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Fails Lie Detector Test
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Failed Polygraph Yields Unexpected Benefit
REDWOOD CITY, California -- The recently leaked Top Secret MJ-12 UFO documents from Mr. Timothy Cooper have undergone a series of authentication tests by investigators Dr. Robert M. Wood, Ryan S. Wood and other questioned document examiners. Besides the basic forensic authentication tests of chronology, style, typography, content and authorship the Woods are increasingly focusing on the important issue of provenance. One of five currently disclosed sources of the Majestic documents is Mr. Timothy Cooper of Big Bear Lake, California, who received some Majestic documents in his post office mailbox and through personal contacts between 1992 and 1999. Mr. Cooper's alleged sources are: 1) counterintelligence agent Thomas Cantwheel, 2) Cantwheel's daughter, 3) a Legionnaire, formerly Air Force counterintelligence, and 4) a former CIA employee. Mr. Cooper has sworn out three affidavits related to this matter and to date none of the information supplied in the affidavits has been shown to be false. Recently, however Mr. Cooper took a polygraph examination and did not do well.
Tim Cooper and the Polygraph
On the Mike Jarmus radio show, Robert Durant (an anomaly researcher who regularly and systematically questions the truthfulness of unusual claims) when interviewing Mr. Cooper, unexpectedly challenged him to a polygraph exam. His purpose was to further understand the provenance of the new top secret Majestic documents and try to determine if Cooper had forged the documents and was perpetrating a massive fraud. Mr. Cooper agreed to take a polygraph, and Dr. Wood arranged to have him examined by a highly qualified polygrapher, Mr. William Stanley Lane, Certified Polygraph Examiner, a former president of the California Association of Polygrapher Examiners and highly regarded in his field. The test was narrowed, at the polygrapher examiner's insistence, from a large battery of questions down to the central issue of where did he get the documents.
Tim Cooper has consistently stated that he will protect the identity of his two covert sources, both before and after the polygraph test. When asked the question, "Did you lie when you said that you received the 'Majestic Documents' in your mailbox?" he said, "No." This answer clearly indicated deception, when asked three different times. This deception is to be expected, based on his determination to conceal the identity of the other sources, concealed from the conversation. We have subsequently clarified these sources, and they are now described in the table of document acquisition that follows. Many of the Cooper entries on this table as a direct result of issues raised by the polygraph test.
In addition, when asked the question, "Did you lie when you said that you gave those documents to a Mr. Bob and Ryan Wood?" the "No" answer showed deception. It certainly should have, since he gave most of the documents to Stan Friedman or one or two to Timothy Good, and only two documents to Bob and Ryan (the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Report and the so-called "First Annual Report.")
On ABC's Sunday news program August 8, 1999, it was stated that polygraph exams are not admissible in jury trials and that the Supreme Court recently supported a challenge to that ruling. Criminals such as Aldrich Ames can and do pass lie detector tests. Also, innocent people can be placed under suspicion because the science of lie detectors is still considered unreliable. As worst, studies show a 50/50 chance of truth being shown, and at best, the Defense Department has four studies showing accuracy of 80-95%.
In post-test discussion with Mr. Cooper, asking him why he showed deception, he told us that he always intended to protect the identity of his two other sources besides the mailbox Cantwheel source, and would continue to do so. This is consistent with the deceptive results recorded, and polygraph examiner Lane agrees.
"Accordingly, Tim's polygraph test, although conclusive that his answers very likely showed deception consistent with the context of the questions, is moving us toward a better understanding of the provenance of these fascinating documents, many of which are deemed authentic by other means" said Ryan Wood.
In the process of pinning down Mr. Cooper on exactly which documents he obtained from whom and when, we have developed the following tabular information concerning the sources of the Majestic documents. The documents themselves can be found in our book, "The Majestic Documents" available by calling 1-800-845-2151.
Table of Top Secret UFO Majestic Document Sources
Description: Eisenhower Briefing Document (EBD) , 18 Nov. 1952 (7 pages) Date Discovered: December 12, 1984 Source: Jaime Shandera's house mailbox, Los Angeles, CA
Description: Truman to Forrestal (1 page) 24 Sep 1947 Date Discovered: December 12, 1984 Source: Jaime Shandera's house mailbox, Los Angeles, CA
Description: Cutler Twining Memo, 14 July 1954(1 page) Date Discovered: July 1985 Source: Jaime Shandera, RG 341, E-267 National Archives
Description: JFK and Marilyn Monroe (1 page) 3 Aug 1962 Date Discovered: 1992 Cooper from a former CIA source
Description: Humelsine to President Truman (1 page) 25 Sep 1947 Date Discovered: October 7, 1992 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel
Description: Air Accident Report, 8 July 1947 (3 pages) Date Discovered: 1993 Source: Cooper Air Force Counterintelligence Legionnaire
Description: Hillenkoetter Memo to the Joint Intelligence Committee (1 page) 19 Sep 1947 Date Discovered: March 1993 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel
Description: Majestic Twelve First Annual Report - Panel, 1948 (1 pages) Date Discovered: Jan 19, 1994 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel
Description: Special Operations Manual, April 1954 (21 pages) Date Discovered: March 4, 1994 Source: Don Berliner house mailbox, Alexandria VA
Description: Majestic Twelve annual report Table of contents (1 page) Date Discovered: December 30, 1994 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel
Description: 4th Annual Report of Majestic with Annexes 1952 (14 pages) Date Discovered: February 22, 1995 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel
Description: Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Intelligence Assessment, 22 July 1947 (7 pages) Date Discovered: July 16, 1995 Source: Cooper in at personal meeting with Cantwheel
Description: Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Field Order (1 page) 4 July, 1947 Date Discovered: July 16, 1995 Source: Cooper in at personal meeting with Cantwheel
Description: JFK to Director CIA (1 page) 28 June 1961 Date Discovered: July 16, 1995 Source: Cooper Meeting with Cantwheel
Description: Kennedy memo on classification review of UFO files affecting National Security, 12, Nov. 1963 (1 page) Date Discovered: July 16, 1995 Source: Cooper Meeting with Cantwheel
Description: Mission Assessment of Recovered Lenticular Aerodyne Objects (White Hot), 24 Sept. 1947 (19 pages) Date Discovered: June 6, 1996 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel's daughter, Salina
Description: Directive to Twining Via Eisenhower (1 page), 8 July 1947 Date Discovered: June 6, 1996 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel's daughter Salina
Description: Directive to Twining by Truman (1 page), 9 July, 1947 Date Discovered: June 6, 1996 Source: Cooper in PO mailbox from Cantwheel's daughter, Salina
Description: Einstein - Oppenheimer, June 1947 (6 pages) Date Discovered: June 6, 1996 Source: Cooper in PO Mailbox from Cantwheel's daughter, Salina
Description: Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency Memo # 1412, 12 April 1949 (1 Page) Date Discovered: January 1999 Source: Cooper allegedly fromCIA Paperclip FOIA, although received 1994
Both Bob and Ryan have spent a combined 60 hours with Tim Cooper over a course of three years. They have been to his house, read many of his papers, talked with him at length, both about the polygraph and these and other documents. We believe that he did not forge anything, based on our personal evaluation of him, his style, his habits, his demeanor, and his writing despite the "failed" polygraph examination.
Several distinguished researchers have stated that if there were crashes and parts recovered, it would be remarkable if there was not a paper trail. The central question is "Which documents that have been leaked are authentic or hoaxed, and if hoaxed, why, when, by whom and for what purpose?
Truth, Deception or Falsehood - Too Early To Conclude
"We in no way are ruling out the possibility that these documents were donated to Tim Cooper as a likely way to get them onto the world stage. It is important to remember that if it were not for the efforts of Bob and Ryan everything in Tim Cooper's entire collection would still be sitting in the "gray basket" of Stan Friedman or Tim Good's questionable stack and unlikely to have been published at all. Another, very real possibility is that some aspects of the documents are part of a deceptive, disinformation campaign designed for the mid-fifties or later to confuse or re-direct the Soviet or Chinese technological investments. There may be other reasons we also do not perceive.
It is critical however, to look at each document and further analyze each sentence or phrase for truth, deception or falsehood. It is illogical to generalize that if one phrase is somehow wrong that the entire document is wrong, as the cliché goes, "Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater."
Resolution of the currently released set of documents is a huge task that is nearly 50% done although we have disclosed only 10% of the research results about the authentication of the currently released documents. Both truths and deception may both be seen as authentic, because historical documents represent ideas and not facts, troubling issues of a documents authenticity sometimes may never be resolved. "No amount of degree of content analysis, typography nor chronology, without physical testing of original documents, ever completely satisfy professional standards of authenticity", said Dr. Wood. However, during 2000 much more will be released along with more authentication research in the form of our presentations, publications, documentaries and planned our web site", said Ryan Wood.
Meanwhile, Mr. Cooper continues to receive packages with archival contents, some of which are original paper, ink and watermark. These offer significant promise to get to the heart of the history of the Majestic Documents.
Where Can you See The Majestic Documents
The new Majestic documents were first published on web site as part of Joe Firmage's launch of the International Space Sciences Organization, They also can be purchased by calling 1-800-845-2151, including a multimedia CDROM that discusses the authenticity of these documents. Stan Friedman has published a detailed book, Top Secret Majic, which includes some of the Majestic documents. It covers the authenticity of the Eisenhower Briefing Document; Mr. Freidman was the first to publish a preliminary version of the Special Operations Manual - Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal.
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