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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #15
Astronaut's Ed White and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft in June 1965, when they saw a weird-looking metallic object. The UFO had long arms sticking out of it. McDivitt took pictures with a cine-camera. Those pictures have never been released. In December 1965, Gemini astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman also saw a UFO during their second orbit of their record-breaking 14 day flight. Borman reported that he saw an unidentified spacecraft some distance from their capsule. Gemini Control, at Cape Kennedy told him that he was seeing the final stage of their Titan booster rocket. Borman confirmed that he could see the booster rocket all right, but that he could also see something completely different. During James Lovell's flight on Gemini 7: Lovell: "BOGEY AT 10 O'CLOCK HIGH." Capcom: This is Houston, "Say again 7." Lovell: "SAID WE HAVE A BOGEY AT 10 O'CLOCK HIGH." Capcom: Gemini 7, "Is that the booster or is that an actual sighting?" Lovell: "WE HAVE SEVERAL...ACTUAL SIGHTING." Capcom: ..."Estimated distance or size?" Lovell: "WE ALSO HAVE THE BOOSTER IN SIGHT !" Thanks to (Steve Wingate)
CAPE COD -- On April 7, 1999, Stacy S. "was looking through the second-story window of my home at 10:58 PM," in East Falmouth when "I watched through the sheers strange double white lights resembling car headlights, across the sky through the maple trees." "The craft came from the west, approximately at a 35 degree angle. Unfortunately, I had it in view only five seconds." "As it approached my house, I could see that this aircraft was not making a sound. It was only slightly above the maple trees in my front yard, moving with absolutely no noise. It had a triangular shape with a large spotlight thing on each end of it with pulsating red lights underneath it." "My mind was thinking that it's just an airplane, but its silence and fluid motion told me this was not so. As it rose above the treeline, it shifted slightly to the right and flew over our house until I could see it no longer." "I am now convinced there are UFOs in the sky!" Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 4 #14, 4/11/99, Joe Trainor editor.
HARTFORD -- Dean Burgess writes that on April 8, 1999, while driving north on Route 91 at 5:30 AM, I saw a round flying object about the size of a large car. The object was intensely bright and made no sound. At first I thought it was a news chopper, but as I got under it I could see the craft very clearly. I took the Jennings Road exit and got out of my car. There was a very low cloud cover, and the sun was just rising. The object had no blinking lights, there was just one intense light. It hovered for a few minutes and went up and down in and out of the ground cover as if hiding. When it flew higher the light from the object reflected on the clouds, and I was able to see that it was more a ball shape than a disk. Thanks to Dean Burgess, and Larry Clark,,
WEST HAMPTON -- CAUS reports that Shirley stated, "I live near West Hampton Air Force Base on Long Island. On April 8, 1999, there were three triangular aircraft that flew over my home. I got a few pictures of the third object. This was low and I hope the pictures come out since, I have never taken pictures at night before. This was a true triangular shaped aircraft. My daughter and her boyfriend also saw one of these on the way home from picking up my son at work also at about 9:30 PM, last night. He said it was no stealth fighter. We have seen them before. The craft had lights all around the outside edge and a red light in the bottom center. It made a great deal of noise. I went through all Air Force pictures on the computer and found nothing that even looks like it. Thanks to James A. Peters ( and Peter A. Gersten Director of CAUS.
LATROBE On April 10, 1999, the witness who is a law enforcement officer for a state agency, had taken a walk outside and at about 7:40 P.M. He noticed a brilliant star-like object very high up in the sky that looked similar to Venus. He is used to seeing Venus later in the evening, but towards the west. The sun had just set, and the witness thought that it was still too early to see many stars. He lined up the bright object with the corner of a building, and confirmed that the object was indeed moving very slowly. He ran inside and got his 10 x 50 binoculars. The object was moving slowly and steadily from northwest to southeast. In the binoculars the actual shape of the object itself couldn't be determined, since the sun was reflecting off the body and it was extremely bright. What was most interesting, was that hanging from the bottom of the brilliant object was a long appendage that "looked like a very long poll?" The pole must been very large to see so clearly. This straight device gave the impression of a silver pendulum rotating under the object counter clockwise. At times the pole would remain straight down and stop. There may have been some bumps or irregularities along the appendage. The object was observed for about 20 minutes. Thanks to Stan Gordon researcher PA UFO Hotline (724-838-7768) Website:
CLYDE -- The Fremont News-Messenger article stated: "A month after several unidentified flying object sightings near Clyde, two 18 year old teens reported seeing a strange object in the sky on April 11, 1999. Timothy R. Twice and Shawn Robinson, told Freemont police they were driving at 9:42 PM, Sunday in the area of Atkinson Elementary School and saw a UFO in the sky. They described it as saucer shaped, bright white with green lights in the front and back. Twiss said as they were watching, it suddenly "took off like a bolt of lightning!" Thanks to News-Messenger 4/13/99. Ken Young comments: "This is yet another mysterious sightings reported from Sandusky County in the last few weeks. For details see the detailed reports at: Thanks to Ken Young at UFO Research
HOPEWELL -- Frank writes, "Recently I took part in a MUFON investigation of members of a Hopewell, family whose close encounter resulted in numerous physical affects including wounds to at least two family members. I also talked with others who also saw unidentified craft in the same area, between Colonial Heights and Hopewell in early February 1999. The Central Virginia area is a very active UFO area where "MUM" has been the word about strange craft for a long time. Are there any WEB pages that keep current and historic data bases on sightings and unusual events? Editors Note: I have not received any sighting reports from Virginia in recent months. Congratulations, it looks like your finding out what is going on in your area, which is the most important job of a field investigator. You are in effect the expert detective in your area. There is a mistaken idea that headquarters knows the movements of UFOs in a local area and will report them to you. When UFOs are reported to me, I put them in Filer's Files. I feel that in any location an investigator starts a search for UFO sightings, he can find them. Witnesses seldom come to you. The National Reporting Center at has many reports. A search engine index to my files is at:
ALBUQUERQUE -- IamLeona writes that on April 2, 1999, my wife and I observed a very bright luminous object traveling east just south of our home 10:03 PM. We are located at 8,000 feet up in a mountainous area 20 miles SE of Albuquerque. The object was a bright luminous amber sphere slightly smaller than the moon would appear and traveled just above tree top level. The distance from us was difficult to judge because the size is unknown but we both estimated it to be between 50 and 300 yards away. The object was definitely not anything like the air traffic we normally see and made no sound. We observed the object for 15 - 20 seconds until it disappeared behind trees. Thanks to IamLeona
MOUNT ST. HELENS On February 25th, fourteen witnesses observed an elk was being abducted by a UFO. Robert A. Fairfax WA MUFON Director of Investigation reports an official at the Washington Department of Game told him that more than 100 dead elk were reported in the St. Helen's region. Because of the long winter and dearth of new spring growth and nutrient providing new growth in general, many animals have used up their energy reserves. The elk have migrated to lower elevations in search of food; many animals have met new energy depleting situations such as being run by dog packs or avoiding people on horseback outings. The deer in the area are suffering from a nutritional hair loss disease. What this all boils down to, is that the elk we found without any obvious mutilation markings is not likely to have been actually abducted by a UFO. Apparently, some of these elk can appear to be well fed because they are eating large quantities of bulk food, but the problem is with the nutrient value of that forage. With so many carcasses around, the carrion feeders may feel no need to descend on any one particular body shortly after it succumbs. That may be the reason the elk we examined was not scavenged for 3 weeks after it was discovered. I suggested to Bob that these craft may not be manned and are sent to pick up food and elks for experimentation. The meat, blood and other fluids in a large animals body could be used as food. Fairfax said: "Certainly one would like to think that animals were at least not being wasted, however, as in all the animal abductions that I am aware, the meat is not harvested. Perhaps the blood is used for substance but there would be better methods of procurement -- (like the vampire bat), there would be seemingly little problem of the high tech draining of some blood from several critters such that no permanent damage ensued. If they are using the animals for nutritional needs, they are not very high-minded in their concern for animal welfare. Add to that the taking of pets such as dogs and cats and horses, along with many other species and you have to wonder about this scenario." Thanks to Bob Fairfax.
TEPOZTLAN -- Seattle Times by Ricardo Sandoval. When Carlos Diaz came down from his first mountainside encounter with a UFO 20 years ago, he was worried people in this popular resort town would shun him as a nut case. But what stunned Diaz was his inability to get anyone here excited. To residents of Tepoztlan - and many of its countless weekend visitors -- his account of getting close to a glowing object pulsing with yellow, orange and red streaks was no big deal. In this sun-drenched haven for residents of nearby Mexico City, believers are as common as the healing crystals and Indian sweathouses that help make Tepoztlan a popular getaway in a country steeped in superstition. The commonplace nature of UFO sightings here, against a surreal backdrop of jagged peaks and an Aztec pyramid halfway up a 1,000 foot cliff, also make Tepoztlan ideal for the UFO information center Diaz plans to open this month. "I found people in their 90s who have had so many sightings that they now take them for granted," said Diaz, who says he has witnessed dozens of visits here by spacecraft. "They simply refer to them now as sunspots in the night sky." Diaz says he wants to help others find the truth through a nonprofit clearinghouse about extraterrestrials and their love of visiting Mexico and Tepoztlan. In the past decade alone, hundreds of sightings throughout Mexico have been reported to UFO experts, often above Mexico City and it's surrounding volcanic mountains. Video recorders have captured odd shapes over the capital's upscale neighborhoods. During Pope John Paul II's recent visit, many people -- including radio and TV reporters -- talked quite earnestly of seeing strange lights in the sky during one of his Masses. That pales beside Tepoztlan's record for ethereal sightings. Some longtime residents report soberly that 60 percent of the people here have seen UFOs. Many say it's because the copper-laden mountains, which bedevil cell phones, televisions and radios, also act as beacons for extraterrestrials. Others say it's the "seven bands of energy" -- electromagnetic waves -- streaming through the valley around Tepoztlan. It's probably mass hysteria and a desire to be part of the hip crowd in very hip Tepoztlan, countered Mario Torres Lujan, a physicist who edits the magazine Contacto OVNI. OVNI is the equivalent acronym in Spanish to "UFO." Torres Lujan says he believes visitors come calling from elsewhere in the universe, but insists he tries to bring science into his investigations. He says he gets as excited about uncovering hoaxes as by establishing legitimate claims. He says many of the Tepoztlan sightings are real and even predate the Spanish conquest in the 1520s. Copyright © 1999 Seattle Times Company April 9, 1999
CUERNAVACA -- While repairing the roof of my house March 15, around a 11:00 AM, I spotted a large shiny object in the western sky upon taking a closer look through binoculars I managed to spot several smaller objects surrounding the large object. I managed to count at least forty smaller objects. I invited my sister to witness the event as a backup eyewitness. As we passed the binoculars back and forth to each other we suddenly realized that the smaller objects were entering the large object one by one very slowly. It took about half an hour for the smaller objects to enter the large one. Another large object of the same size joined the first object side by side and they both proceeded to move south slowly at first and then disappeared outwards into space. Thanks to Dave Ledger
Bill Rose writes, EMG weapons have been a reality for some time and are designed to disable electronic systems. A new device was recently introduced for the Tomahawk cruise missile which is called the Explosive Magnetocumulative Generator Warhead. It consists of a coil surrounded by explosives, which are configured to implode. A fraction of a second before detonation, a current is passed through the coil which generates a small magnetic field. When the implosion occurs, the coil is squeezed to generate a massive electromagnetic pulse which equals that produced by a tactical nuke. Developed at Los Alamos, this particular device adds to the many warheads now available for cruise missiles which include nuclear/non nuclear, submunition dispensing, carbon fiber strand (to take out power lines) and probably chemical agent delivery. There have been calls to use these "non lethal" warheads against Serbian radar and installations reliant on electronics. Many other types of EMG weapons are already in NATO and Russian service from aircraft delivered devices to some the size of small demolition charges, designed for special forces use. Thanks to Bill Rose.
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