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200303132008: 13-Mar-03
Location: NSW - Anna Beach
One Mile beach 30k from Newcastle NSW
Time: 8:00pm local time.
At approximately 8.00 respondents report sighting extremely large white illuminations travelling from the west to east about 1000Õ (feet) in altitude and some 1-3km away, in the southern sky. The object suddenly turned directly to the south at 35-45 degrees and speed off to disappear. No sound, seen for about 40 seconds. There are no recorded RAAF activity at that time.
Respondent email from One Mile Beach, Anna bay 
New South Wales Australia.
Sighted an aerial object, my wife and myself witnessed at 20.08 hrs last night 13 03 2003 at One Mile Beach, Anna bay New South Wales.
We were walking along the beach in a westerly direction and were approximately two thirds of the way to the westerly end of the beach when we noticed a "Low Star" appear over the sea west of the land mass known as One Mile Point, a hill of approximately 80 metres in height to the tree tops, from the beach where we were standing. Our position was approximately 300 metres east One Mile Point. I consider the elevation of the object was around 30 degrees, however this is estimated, but the elevation was definitely less that 45 degrees.
We were standing at the waters edge an saw the "Low Star" appear in the west and travel in a horizontal plane to the east directly across our facing path, at what seemed to be an even and regular speed.
I liken the speed similar to that of a military helicopter, in fact I thought the object was a helicopter with its search light on as several of these aircraft have been flying regularly in our vicinity over the past few weeks. The object was not a helicopter.
We watched the object for 40 seconds and I was waiting for the sound of the rotors as the object approached across our path, with a southerly breeze, with a little easterly direction, blowing in our faces at about 10 klm per hour as we looked to sea and watched the object, hearing no sound what soever. I figured the object was no more than 1000 metres from us.
The object travelled west to east in an unchanging direction and horizontal plane at a height of no more that I estimate 300 metres, then it suddenly stopped, then disappeared directly to the south. The object was seen to virtually stop its easterly direction and turn to the south the move toward the south and disappear in less than a second or so.
I checked my directions given against the southern cross, and I also am well aware of my local directional landmarks.
We waited for approximately 5 minutes, watching for the object to re-appear, however it did not.
It was then I realised that the "Low Star" like ball of white light with no other colours present was of a size that would be several times larger than a helicopter let alone a search light.
With the wind blowing directly at us from the sighted "light object", when it was at its most eastern position before heading south and disappearing, the most prominent position to transfer sound to us on the wind, we heard no sound what so ever.
We were not at sufficient an elevation to notice a reflection on the ocean, and the sea was of around 1.5 metres dumping on the sandbar about 75 metres from shore. The seas were dumping in a mild fashion and would not have masked any sound in my mind.
I have no explanation for the sighting, but am very familiar with helicopters, aircraft, flares, meteors etc., and their behaviour and am convinced that this object did not suit any aerial object I am familiar with.
200303130300: St Andrew 30K North east of Melbourne
Respondents have reported strange skyward light array events between the times of 11.00pm, 12.45am and 3.00am this morning. Callers are stating that these illuminations appear to be huge neon styled lights in a solid triangle formation to the north west of Melbourne.
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