Brazil - Astonishing UFOs
In Pernambuco
From Scott Corrales

There is something strange in the skies of Pernambuco. Unexplained lights, cigar shaped luminous objects, small points crossing space at prodigious speed have been seen along the coast, particularly in the municipality of Brejo da Madre de Deus, locate 219 kilometers from the capital. Make-believe? Meteorological phenomena? Some swear that Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs are involved. In other words, flying saucers. Visitors from space? ETs? Borrowing the slogan from the "X Files" TV series, could it be that the truth is out there?
To Sao Paulo based ufologist Edison Boaventura, the answer is yes. President of the Grupo Ufologico de Guarujá (GUG), Boaventura is also a respected analyst for the Bank of Brazil. He took advantage of a provisional four month transfer to Recife and spent his free hours collecting reports from persons claiming to have seen UFOs flying over the state.
"In the Northeast, Pernambuco and Paraiba stand out for the number of cases. Sightings are particualrly intense in places near the beaches," says Boaventura, showing an album with hundreds of UFO photos from all over the world. Edison avoids making comparisons, and stressing that the navy blue suit he wore during the interviews may have obvious associations wioth the Fox Mulder character from X Files--the ficticious american agent who spends his life proving that "they" exist and are indeed here.
One of the witnesses interviewed by the ufologist was attorney Wilson Andrade Souza, a resident of Boa Viagem, who claims having seen UFOs on repeated occasions and speaks delightedly about his experiences. "My wife and I were standing on the porch to our house when we saw an object in the sky, resembling a cigar, surrounded by 20 smaller disc-shaped objects, flying in disarray. It was a beautiful sight," he states. Souza has also seen UFOs over the Guararapes Airport in the municipality of Cupira, 168 kilometers north of Recife. "Some employees on a ranch belonging to a friend of mine saw one land and disgorge little men who helped themselves to the guava trees."

Edison Boaventura's investigations also encluded a complete sweep of Brejo da Madre de Deus. This location is famous for being one of the most important archaeological sites of the Northeast, and will probably wind up being known as a UFO hotspot nationwide. The oldest residents of the rural area tell tales of fireballs moving over the skies of the city. Showing them his album, the majority of them pointed to an image of a UFO taken in Jalisco (Mexico) as being very similar to the phenomenon being seen in the region.
Dulce de Souza Pinto, director fo the city's museum, lived in the Barriguda sector when she used to see the "torches" -- local name given by some to the fireballs. "At night, people would sit on their porches to see them appear. They were blue and red torches, round, emerging from the top of the mountain range and darting quickly from one side to another. After that, they would come close and plunge suddenly," she recalls. Dulce would rather not state if they were flying saucers. "That's what people say those days, people said they were the spirits of deceased godmothers moving around the skies."

There are those who claim having witnessed UFO landings, such as farmer Jose Antonio dos Santos. He told Dulce and the ufologist that he saw one resembling a plate descend on a boulder in the Serra da Rosa mountains. He saw "some legs" protruding from the thing (Boaventura explains they were landing gear) and afterward saw a porthole open. He fired a shot with his rifle and the "disk" took off. "The guy knew what a flying saucer was," says Dulce.

Merchant Zenaldo Manuel de Souza, who lives in the downtown districts, neither saw nor believes in the torches. "The problem is that people who imagine these things end up believing that they saw them," he claims.
Já o comerciante Zenaldo Manoel de Souza, morador do centro, nem viu e nem acredita nas tochas. "Acho que o pessoal imagina tanto essas coisas que acaba mesmo acreditando que viu", declarou.

Ufology also pays attention to the petroglyphs found on 13 rock walls around the city. The surface of the place known as Pedra da Lua ("moonstone") shows a figure resembling a man with open, slightly curved arms, as though floating. Edison believes that this figures was either rising or descending in the air," explains Dulce. In other words, he believes that a good part of these petroglyphs depict spaceships and aliens who visited our forebears. ____

Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special thanks to Alberto Francisco do Carmo

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