NIDS Becomes Sole Reciever
Of FAA UFO Reports -
Controversy Ensues
National Institute for Discovery Science

NIDS Becomes Only Official Organization to Receive UFO Reports from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
NIDS is pleased to announce that the newly printed Federation Aviation Administration (FAA) manuals indicate the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) as the sole contact point in the United States to which the FAA reports UFOs.
The following four FAA Manuals contain the changes: FAA Order 7110.65, Air Traffic Control FAA Order 7210.3, Facility Operation and Administration Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)
The FAA wording of the order mandating the changes is as follows: "In calendar year 1999, representatives from the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS) contacted the FAA Administrator to offer their research institution as the single point of contact recognized by the FAA in regard to UFO information. On April 14, 2000, after being referred by the FAA Administrator, NIDS representatives met with ATP-200 to finalize a course of action. This document change proposal is a result of that meeting and is official FAA recognition that NIDS is the single point of contact for UFO research."
The official date for all FAA offices to receive the new manuals is July 12, 2001, but NIDS has confirmed that many FAA offices have already received the manuals. ___
Comment From Jerry Glass
First the sale of Carpenter's abduction tapes to NIDS. Then Schuessler joins NIDS' Board. Next Art Bell fires the National UFO Reporting Center in favor of NIDS. Schuessler censors Richard Hall's MUFON Journal article - and now this!
Are NIDS and MUFON International higher-ups now using Field Investigators as unwitting dupes to collect information?
From Richard Boylan, PhD 6-25-1
My comments in full on the NIDS news release would be unprintable.
You may have read my recent article on NIDS (reprinted below). The fact that NIDS gets a foot in the door with FAA under the Bush-Cheney Administration is prima-facie evidence that Dubya is a patsy, whether "witting" or unwitting, of Cabal assets.
Bush has taken Republican "privatization" initiativesto new heights (or depths) by trying to "privatize" the UFO/ET contact phenomenon! Of course, he is only doing in a more public fashion what the Cabal has been doing for five decades -- treating UFO/ET information, captured ET vehicles and individuals, and technology as private corporate property (sic).
It looks like George W. will take us from the UFO Cover-Up to UFO-Privatization without ever going through the step of UFO Public Disclosure. Thus goes participatory democracy under President Bush II.
Boylan on NIDS -
NIDS, the so-called "National Institute For Discovery Science", is made to sound like some public-purpose academic organization. In actuality, it is the private holding of shadowy billionaire Robert Bigelow, a Las Vegas casino operator who is closely allied with rogue military-intelligence psy/psi-warfare officers suspected of being part of the renegade UFO Cover-Up Cabal.
Bigelow uses his billions to buy certain scientists who have worked in classified ET-tech projects. Then he gets them to work for him, ferreting out data about things like ET craft technology and dimensional portals.
Most of what his stable of scientists learn is kept private by Bigelow. He orders a few crumbs of information to be thrown out to the public from time to time to keep up the illusion that NIDS is a public-service enterprise. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
The Cabal wants ET technology, and the wealth and power which come from possessing it, all to themselves.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
From Charlette Lefevre To: National Institute for Discovery Science < Cc: Peter Davenport < 6-24-1
National UFO Reporting Center Top Organization To Receive UFO Reports from FAA
Dear NIDS,
It has been my impression that the National UFO Reporting (NUFORC) here in Seattle with Director Peter Davenport which has been in operation for the last 27 years has been the nation's central organization for UFO sighting reports.
It is also my understanding that NUFORC is on the top of the list of at least fifteen UFO reporting organizations the FAA lists and this can be confirmed by calling any of their offices.
Your announcement seems to indicate that only NIDS offered its services.
Please let me know if my information is incorrect.
Sincerely, Charlette LeFevre Seattle Chat Club
Comment From World UFO Intelligence
From Jimmie Holman
I suspect many would say this may be a bit like having the fox guard the chicken coop. Is this a step in the right dirsction??? Or, 2 steps backward? The key words "sole contact" are ones that invite problems. Is it not also true that because of the structure of NIDS there is absolutely NO means of "forced disclosure" (i.e. FOIA) of the information acquired? I suspect the new FAA wording will also make disclosure OUTSIDE these newly authorized channels impossible, if not actionable. Are we not witnessing here the same organization and problems as BlueBook revealed?
Comment From World UFO Intelligence
From Jan Aldrich Project 1947
Geez, this kind of talk is why there will never be any progress in Ufology. Someone, NIDS, takes the initiative to do something and once done, deep dark motives are read into it. CUFOS used to get FAA reports at one time decades ago. Now, FAA reports only surface, if the local controlers - at their own initiative - call Peter Davenport or someone else.
Comment From World UFO Intelligence
From Jimmie Holman
Au contraire - The demize of UFOlogy and lack of progress is due to its own merits (NOT anything that I or others might address as an opinion). While I think it is GREAT that there is a "clearing house" now for such FAA information, I was very explicit in my wording of what I was addressing and that was that was the use of the implications of "SOLE CONTACT."
I personally have NO problems with NIDS or the Bigelow Foundation, however, I'm aware many people do (and possibly for justifiable reasons). To attack or imply that "this kind of talk" is some sort of excuse for the lack of progress of Ufology in my opinion is irresponsible. To NOT think things clearly through, Jan, and to respond as you have, IS probably the more the reason.
If we think back over the last 50 years, and consider the problems we've encountered obtaining documents and information, it has been because they have been maintained and controlled within closed environments. Much, if not MOST of what we would call crucial information is probably lost or hidden forever.
In my opinion, it is because there were too narrow of channels for the information to be disbursed otherwise (most likely by intent). As Mr Friedman clearly pointed out in his following post "Most scientists don't publish until they have something to say. An excellent practice." I definitely agree with that comment. But, if you stop to think for a moment, the "SOLE CONTACT" scenerio has provide an avenue where it might not be possible that we EVER see the data if NIDS chooses for whatever reason to not disclose it. We may only see one side of things and that is their "approved perspective." Even "hobbyists" come from ALL ranks and backgrounds and may have very qualified offerings.
If there were MULTIPLE places (even agencies) where this FAA data was available, I would probably have done nothing but to applaud.
So, in defense and explaination of my original statement, I would definitly say "NO, Mr. Aldrich! It is EXACTLY this kind of talk, thinking, and exchange (isn't that what these forums are for?) that will help AND hopefully bring progress to UFOlogy in coming years. It is the assumptions some make regarding the comments of others that may be the real hinderance.


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