Cincinnati Enquirer On Norwood
'Searchlight UFO' Of 1949
By William Croyle
Cincinnati Enquirer Contributor
Did You Witness Norwood UFO?
Florence Resident Seeks Peoiple Who Saw Object In '49
FLORENCE - Kenny Young is searching for people who may have seen a UFO in Norwood many moons ago.
Young, a Florence resident, says he's trying to find proof of 10 UFO sightings in Norwood from August 1949 to March 1950. "If we're going to get critical information on it, we'll have to get it fast because it's such an old story," said Young.
Young is studying reports of an unidentified flying object that he says was first seen and logged by searchlight operator Donald Berger Aug. 19, 1949. Berger, now dead, was operating the light for the festival at SS. Peter and Paul Church (now Holy Trinity Church) at Drex Avenue and Montgomery Road that evening.
The object, according to newspaper accounts, was also observed by the late Dr. Paul Herget, then director of the Cincinnati Observatory. Historian John Ventre is tracing the history of the observatory and said information on what Herget saw will be included in that research.
After Berger's UFO sighting, clergy members, scientists, astronomers and military personnel went to the church in the next seven months and saw the object, Young said he has learned through news accounts and interviews.
Art Veser, 77, lived next door to Berger. Veser went with Berger to the church in October that year to see it for himself.
"He turned on the searchlight and there was something up there, but I wasn't too impressed," said Veser. "It could have been a cloud."
Berger told Veser there had been flashes of light shooting from the object on past nights, but it didn't happen while Veser was there.
Photos of the object can be seen at If you have information, contact Young at (513) 588-4548 or
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