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From Diane Harrison

UFO sighting Edgeroi NSW 2040hr (CE1)
Source: National UFO Hotline 1800 77 22 88:
1800 Callin Code: 02760 25/11/02 NSW
Date: 25/11/02
Day: Monday
Time: 8.40pm DST
Location: Edgeroi (between Moree and Narrabri)
Classification: CE1 (50 mtrs) approx
Duration of sighting: 3 seconds approx
Light colour: red/green
Apparent size: Two road lanes wide
Shape: Unknown
Noise: None
Objects observed: Single
Activity when object seen: Driving
Other witness's: Girlfriend
Name: Peter G
Peter was driving down the Newell Hwy at 8.40pm DST on the 25th of November just before Edgeroi (just outside of Narribri), with his girlfried in his truck. They had the windows down and were talking, the radio was not on.There was no vehicles in front of him and a car a long way behind. Peter suddenly noticed an object to his left hand side. The object had two red lights at the front, two red lights at the back and two green lights on the edges of the middle, no shape could be determined. The object was approximately 50 mtrs away from the truck at about telegraph pole height. When first noticed by Peter the object was travelling at right angles to the ground, with the lights at a North/South configuration. It appeared to Peter that the object was either taking evasive action to miss the truck or was trying to show him something. When Peter got the attention of his girlfriend (who had not sighted the object due to it's incredible speed) the object had now flattened out to a more conventional East/West configuration and only the rear red lights could be seen, this was viewed through the open driver's side window on the right hand side. The geography of the area in question consists of very flat plains. The object maintained it's very low altitude over the plains to disappear within 1.5 to 2 seconds over the horizon. Peter stated that the object was like "something out of "Star Wars" and was the quickest thing he had ever seen". No noise was heard during the sighting. The object was estimated to be about the size of two road lanes by Peter. Peter rang Coonabarrabran Observatory, Police and various observatories before calling Williamtown Air Base, who referred Peter to the Hotline Number. When Peter got to Edgeroi, he had cold shivers for three hours after the encounter. Previous to this encounter, Peter had not given any thought at all to possible ET visitation, he is now convinced he saw something totally unexplainable. Due to the sincerity of the witness and the facts pertaining to this case I have no doubt Peter saw a genuine UFO. My personal belief is that Peter saw an ET craft. Peter is going to call back in the next few days to the general store in Edgeroi to see if there are any other reports and will phone the Hotline if there is. I did not feel comfortable asking Peter about missing time/abduction scenario's as he was experiencing difficulty dealing with what had just happened to him as it was, perhaps later.
Regards Doug Moffett NSW State Director AUFORN
UFO sighting Bellata NSW 2117hr (CE2)
Source: National UFO Hotline 1800 77 22 88:
1800 Callin Code: 02762 30/11/02 NSW
Date: 30/11/02
Day: Saturday
Time: 9.17am DST
Location: Bellata area (between Moree and Narrabri)
Classification: CE2 (sound during experience was very audible and real)
Duration of sighting: 2 minutes approx
Light colour: orange/white
Apparent size: Lights appeared 6 foot apart at apparent perspective
Shape: Unknown
Noise: Magnified sound of ocean roaring x 25 plus times in quadraphonic
surround sound
Objects observed: Six lights flying in formation
Activity when object seen: On 100,000 acre property opening gate
Other witness's: Wife
Name: John
John is a professional shooter and was opening a gate on the 100,000 acre property he was working on when he noticed six orange/white lights moving in formation heading West/Southwest of his position. The lights formed a rectangular pattern with the bottom three lights slightly in front of the top three. The objects held this formation during the course of the sighting. John has been a professional shooter for 25 years and has spent 70% of nights in paddocks but noticed that these lights seemed out of place in the night sky. John viewed the lights through the scope of his gun at one point, but the lights only appeared bigger, without definition of shape. The lights were of an intermittent nature, with some on and some off as they &quot ripped across the night sky & quot "faster than any plane or jet in John's many observations of same". As the objects approached approximately 12 o'clock high, John noticed a noise he first thought was the wind. As the objects moved from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock, the sound increased to such an extent that John in a somewhat frightened state went into his four wheel drive to put the spot lights on fearing " something &quot "was going to ram him". John described the sound like something coming at you. At this point it became the sound and not the lights that created most consternation for John and his wife. John described the sound as surrounding him and being like the roar of the sea magnified 25 to 40 times. Interestingly, John stated that the sound did not hurt his ears and did not contain the harsh shrill of jets, nor did the windows of his four wheel drive rattle. The noise grew to a frightening crescendo before reducing in volume as the lights moved to 3 o'clock, this noise lasted for 20 to 30 seconds. At the peak of volume, John felt that the noise was terrestrial in nature and it was only after he made the correlation of the lights moving away and the sound decreasing that he made a connection. The noise was so loud at one point you could not hear yourself.
Due to John's experience with night time skies, low flying jets, meteors, satellites and general familiarity with the night sky, as well as the sounds of the bush, due to his vocation and 25 years of experience, I find this an interesting case. I would estimate 80% of cases report no noise, 15% report low humming or whirring and only 5% where the noise becomes the overwhelming experience of the encounter. Obviously I found John to be sincere and logical in his reasoning, and find no reason to doubt his summation of events. The exact date of this sighting should be confirmed by Wednesday, when John checks his diary.
Doug Moffett NSW State Director UFORNSW - AUFORN
UFO sighting O'Sullivan Beach SA 2230hr (NL)
Source: National UFO Hotline 1800 77 22 88:
Callin Code: 2873 05/03/03 State; SA
Date: 05/03/03
Day: Wednesday
Time: 10.30pm -11.00 pm
Location: O'Sullivan Beach
Duration 15 seconds
Lights colour: Bright intermittent flashes of light
Apparent size: slightly larger than the regular satellite or star.
Shape: Star
Noise: silent
Traveling: Erratic movement along a NNW to SSW
Conditions: Clear, warm night. Very clear view of the
night sky.
Objects observed: 1
Activity when seen: Outside drinking coffee.
Other witnesses: 2
Name: Ann & daughter
Report: Ann and her daughter
Ann had gone outside to sit and have a coffee on the western side of their beach front home when she noticed a bright flash of white light out to sea and above the water on the horizon. This was then followed a few seconds later by another flash and so on until the object disappeared after about 15 seconds. Ann called her 16-year-old daughter who also saw this. It was too fast for a plane and too close for a satellite.
She also brought up an event 20 years earlier on the south coast of SA when she and a friend witnessed a large triangular shaped object, defined by a row of red lights down each "wing" at Cape Jervis. This un-nerved them enough to go straight home.
Debbie Payne A.U.R.A -AUFORN Adelaide
UFO sighting Kings Cross NSW 1630hrs (NL)
Source: National UFO Hotline 1800 77 22 88:
1800 Callin Code; 2854 12/02/03 State; NSW
Date: 09/02/03
Day: Sunday
Time: 4.30pm
Location: Kings Cross
Duration of sighting: 1-2 seconds
Lights colour: no lights
Apparent size: About the size of a car
Shape: Knob or helmet shaped object with one or two occupants
Noise: silent
Objects observed: 1
Activity when seen: painting on rooftop
Other witnesses: none
Name: James
Report; James is an artist who lives in Kings Cross. He was painting on the rooftop of his apartment block when he 'felt' something watching him. Looking up, he saw a metallic 'knob' or 'helmet' shaped object, about the size of a car, hovering directly above him. He could "see" one occupant, a "cloaked" figure, although the object had no windows; this "seeing" was more a feeling, and James was in fact sure there where two such figures in the object although he could only "see" one. The object vanished after about one or two seconds, James thinks in response to his looking up at it. There was no suggestion that it went anywhere, it just instantly disappeared.
James had no active interest in UFOs or the paranormal before the incident. Afterwards he consulted a book he had about UFOs where he found some photos that where similar to the object he saw, and from where he may have found the terms "knob-like" and "helmet-like". He was not disturbed by the incident, and reported it because he felt it should be reported.
He knows of no other witnesses but wonders if people in nearby apartments saw it too.
Report by Ralph Bergmann AUFORN NSW
Thank you to everyone who contributed to these reports
Kind regards
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