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TOP UFO SIGHTINGS: Pennsylvania star blinks off, North Carolina flying triangle, Georgia brilliant flash, Florida moving lights, Indiana witness photographs UFO, Wisconsin UFO follows witnesses, Colorado cylinder on video, Arizona row of lights, California sightings, Canada UFO landing, Cuba has numerous sightings, UK crop circle, Italy has 100 sightings, Hong Kong professor wants degrees in Ufology, Japan Research sees huge UFO in space, and Australia sightings. New Kennedy Space Center IMAX movie about the Space Station,. Astrobiology, the origin of life and the death of Darwinism.
Asahi Newspaper reports, "Mr. Isobe, the director of the Japan Spaceguard Association, announced on April 4th, that the scientists of Bisei Spaceguard Center found a large unidentified object in stationary orbit 36,000 kilometers or 22,400 miles above the equator. The object was first observed on December 24, 2001, and is about 50 meters or 164 feet in diameter. Its trajectory is controlled, so it is a possible artifact. It is seen like a ninth-magnitude star, and may be a US intelligence satellite. The Spaceguard official said that the object is still unknown. There are also artificial space objects over Europe that are 10 meters in diameter. Thanks to Toshie Nakagawa Organization of UFO Research Japan And
BEAVER FALLS -- The witness arrived home on April 1, 2002, after spending the Easter weekend with his parents and spotted a star like object 55 degrees above the horizon at 7:45 PM. The witness says, "Out of ALL those stars, I looked right at the one star that suddenly turned off! It was just like a light bulb going out, it was weird. There were other stars around this one, but it was the brightest star in that small cluster. What are the odds of that? There's a small airport nearby, but I heard NO engines. This light DIDN'T move and it seemed to be in space. Two seconds of observation isn't long enough to get detail. Peter Davenport suggest this could have been the flash of an Iridium satellite, or a tumbling rocket booster. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC Director,
CORNELIUS --The witness reports, "I was laying in my hammock on April 2, 2002, and staring up at the sky at 8:55 PM, and I saw two triangles a light amber brown in color flying almost directly over head. They looked about the average size of an airplane but seemed to fly much lower. There was no sound and no lights on the objects. I knew it was nothing I have ever seen before. The sighting lasted a few seconds with several planes flying south and west in the same direction as the triangles about 5 to 10 seconds behind. Thanks to NUFORC
MCDONOUGH - MUFONGA State Director Tom Sheets contacted the witness who had taken his wife to work on April 16, 2002. Around 7:15 AM, 20 miles SE of Atlanta, the witness noticed a very high thin white contrail which covered about 80 degrees in the clear sky and was being deployed to the east toward the rising sun. As he watched, a bright 'flare-up' began at the head of the contrail. This 'flare-up' was like a VERY bright star, about the size of a BB at arm's length, silver to reddish as it seemed to glow or burn and continued moving eastward. Duration was about 1-2 minutes, when it suddenly just disappeared. The contrail seemed to dissolve very quickly. No sound was heard. Nothing solid was observed until the 'flare-up' began. Some possible explanations are a substantially bright meteor burn or returning space junk. While it could have been an aircraft giving off a dramatic reflection of sunlight, the length of the actual 'flare-up' or glow might rule this out. The annual Lyrids meteor shower normally begins about 19 April and ends about 23 April. Similar reports have also been received in Georgia during the return of the space shuttle but most likely explanation is an extreme reflection off of a very high flying aircraft". Thanks to: Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA, ISUR Board
JACKSONVILLE -- The witness was trying to locate Mars in order to find the comet Ikeya-Zhang on March 31, 2002, but a cluster of swiftly moving lights caught his attention. The lights numbered five or six and the intensity of their luminosity was no greater than the fainter visible stars that night. They moved north at a high unchanging rate of speed in a roughly straight line. They didn't strobe but there were too many and the configuration was unusual. The lights reorganized into a rough arc very quickly and the trailing lights increased speed slightly and took positions on the east side of the arc as the others spread out to the west. The pattern was very tight which lead me to discount military aircraft in formation. The lights remained in the arc formation and at roughly the same altitude. I would be content to dismiss this formation as satellites but for two factors: Their high rate of speed and the ability to reconfigure their positions simultaneously. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC
DUNLAP - Brian Vike reports the witness was driving southwest on US 33, February 12, 2002, past the Concord Mall south of Elkhart Indiana at 7:00 PM. He states, "I spotted a greenish light out of my drivers side wing mirror. I saw no other cars and thought this was a train coming out of the Robert Young Rail Yards and heading south towards Goshen." It became apparent that this object was traveling much faster than a train and had crossed the tracks and was approaching the road. I pulled out my camera and snapped two pictures as it crossed over my explorer, headed towards the mall, banking and rose out of sight. These two pictures were taken as fast I as could work the button. My camera was a clever-cam digital camera and I was shooting out of the front window of a Ford Explorer. The object traveled south and passed over me from the left rear to the right front. It was low but climbing fast. I would estimate it's height when it passed over me as about 100 feet high. I heard no noise but had a sense of immense power moving at 400 mph. The object was dark, but seemed to be delta shaped 15 to 20 feet long. See website and photo frame 333. Thanks to Brian Vike
HOLLISTER -- UFOWisconsin witness reports, "My parents came home about 8:15 PM and my Mom told me that my dad spotted something weird in the sky on April 13, 2002. I ran outside and saw this light moving across the sky from NE to SW. It was much larger than the stars that were out. It moved across the sky until it fizzled out just before the tree line. This lasted about 30 seconds to a minute Thanks to from:
MERRICK --Jerry & Debbie C report that my wife and son (he's 12) were getting home late on April 12, 2002, around 8:30 PM from shopping. My other son (he is 9) and I were worried. They just pulled in the driveway and were yelling "look at that," nervously, "it was following us." They where scared. This was no plane or helicopter. It was bright yellow and just above the trees moving very slowly and hovering. It looked like a star but off color yellow. My son ran to get the camcorder but with the lighting in town we couldn't adjust it or see it in the view finder. We all agreed that it was a UFO. It vibrated, pulsed, with little side to side movements. Very weird, scary, We see a lot of weird lights around here. This is where professional equipment would capture awesome video or pictures. Thanks to John Hoppe, Director@ufowisconsin.com _fonddulac.html
SALIDA -- Tim Edward's reports his six year old daughter Brandy saw the object and was persistent in telling Dad there was huge cigar shaped UFO darting, and dancing around just to the west and north of the corona of the sun. During the August 27, 1995, sighting the object was easily seen with the naked eye so Tim grabbed his video camera and started filming the cigar or tubular shaped object. The UFO had a very intense glimmering white light that surrounded the craft in a very light gray mist as viewed against the crystal blue sky. The craft appeared to be at least 2 to 3 times higher than a jet that passed underneath flying east moments before Tim started taping. Massive-Laboratories estimates the craft was a least 700 feet to a half-mile long. Tim personally felt the craft was close to a mile long. The craft made movements-up to 30 degrees and came to a complete stop almost instantaneously. The craft appeared to walk or step across the sky as in a fast frame advance or projection of itself to the next image.
Tim looked through his binoculars and stated. "It had the appearance of being in its own space, it was like looking through fog or mist and looking into another world, very surreal. The craft had a double row of rectangular windows with sequential and revolving very pale red and green lights. The craft somewhat had the appearance of translucency," Twice during sighting duration an inner sphere surrounded by a Saturn like tubular ring was observed. The sighting took one hour and 15 minutes from 9:25 to 10:40 AM. There was no noise but there was the sensation of a dull electrical charge in the air that was extremely spiritual. We can speculate the craft was aware of our presence. There were over 30 people in Colorado who observed the craft that weekend. Tim concluded this technology way in the future with very advanced types of propulsion and travel-dimensional, time etc. My belief is that we are looking at the side of a wheel in a lot of the cigar UFO sightings. Virtually the same craft can be seen at the Monterey Mexico stills at Click on the picture to the left entitled Edward's. Tim filmed the craft for 6 and half minutes and has put together eighty minutes of video coverage of numerous TV shows and newscasts of the event. The video also includes Triangular UFO footage over Salida on September 10, 2001, and a tour of ET's Landing Restaurant. Send $24.95 check or money order to Tim Edward's, 8425 Ct. Rd. 144, Salida, Colorado, for your copy.
PHOENIX -- Victoria Liljenquist reports, "It was so exciting to have the UFO fly over my neighborhood during the day at 3:30 p.m. on March 18, 2002. Transmissions indicate that there will be more sightings for all of us to experience. As I was out feeding the birds, suddenly I looked up and saw the craft traveling over the top of the houses. It was about a block away from my house, at approximately 1500 feet. Traveling south from Camelback Road toward Indian School Road. I was able to film it for about 2 minutes. Just before it disappeared, an airplane from Sky Harbor which had just taken off and was gradually ascending, actually flew right past it. I am sure the pilot saw it. She says, "I also filmed a Cigar-Shaped Craft which was studied at Village Labs and proved identical to the Cigar-Shaped Craft of Tim Edward's. I believe Tim's appeared in July 1996, and mine in October 1996. The Brotherhood of Light (which I call them) will indicate to me where/what time, they shall arrive." Victoria Liljenquist also says, "She predicted UFOs over the Winter Olympic games and several witnesses reported seeing an UFO at that time." My film, documentation has been studied by experts, including Village Labs in Phoenix, she said. Victoria has appeared on National TV and International/National Radio shows: Thanks to Victoria Liljenquist
PHOENIX -- Myself, staff, and guests were out on the patio of an upscale North Scottsdale Resort when we saw objects hovering in lower Southwest Phoenix, near Squaw Peak on March 20, 2002. These objects were very bright, and would flicker like a candle from very bright to going completely out at 7:35 PM. The objects would once again appear in another area, in a different pattern. First, there were four objects lined up and evenly spaced in a horizontal pattern. Later, three objects were in a triangle pattern. We have seen these lights for the past couple of weeks. There are at least two, but sometimes more. They seem amber in color, and once they light up, they do not move until they fade out and then they reappear. They are VERY bright in contrast to the air traffic. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
FARMERSVILLE -- The witnesses went outside at 6:45 PM, to stargaze when they observed a bright light traveling northeast on March 29, 2002. The light was about 30 degrees above the horizon and traveling very fast. The light faded in and out similar to an Iridium satellite, but much faster and not as high in elevation. Also, we have never seen an Iridium traveling in this direction. When the light faded, there were no marker lights visible. It was very dim when it faded. I had printed out a list of satellites from the Heavens Above website and looked on the list for satellites of a similar brightness, time and direction. The brightness was matched for ISS, but it was in the south. The next would have been the Shenzhou III, but we saw it several minutes later; the altitude was much higher (59 degrees) compared to the earlier light. The light appeared to be at an elevation similar to a jet, but did not make any sound. We are familiar with the local air traffic, satellites and meteors; this did not appear to be any of those. Weather was clear, temperature 70 degrees and no breeze.
OAKLAND - On Saturday, April 20, 2002, at about 7:00 PM the witness was sitting on his balcony and the sun had already begun to set, and the sky was still blue with intervals of passing clouds. The witness says, "I was looking out towards the north east when my eye caught a silver object just sitting high up in the sky." I ran inside to grab my binoculars. I was looking at this object and my hands began shaking and my heart was pounding, unsure of just what I was actually looking at. I looked at this blurred kind of egg shaped object and I could see the sunlight bouncing off it. Just then a commercial aircraft passed through the foreground of my binocular lens, and I could tell the object was considerably higher and distant compared to the plane. I looked for about 2 minutes before a section of clouds rolled in obscuring my view and I never saw it again. There was no unconventional flying methods displayed. Over the past three years, I have seen hundreds of planes from my balcony and this was not at all recognizable as a plane. This object was literally suspended in one spot, and much higher in altitude than any of the planes I witness. Thanks to theloutz@hotmail.comI
Hutterite Colony -- The Calgary Suns reports George Hoofer returned to his home in Southeast Alberta with a strange tale of a funnel of fire in a farmer's field. The funnel lit up the night for an hour, then faded into sparkles. A month later, farmer Ken Masson found a three-meter-wide circle in his field, with four indentations inside. Word spread quickly that an alien spacecraft had landed. This week, a University of Lethbridge geologist refuted the UFO theory, but replaced it with an explanation nearly as interesting. Pano Karkanis said the crater in Masson's field near Etzikom, 250 km southeast of Calgary, was caused by a meteorite. Karkanis analyzed the soil in the crater and tested it for radioactivity. He found no signs of radioactive material that might suggest exposure to extraterrestrial technology, nor did he find anything else indicating a spacecraft had landed. He dismissed the indentations as marks made by rainfall, saying the meteorite probably buried itself a meter deep in Masson's field. But Karkanis' findings drew criticism. Masson himself didn't buy the rainwater explanation, pointing out the area had been dry as a bone, with farmers such as himself lamenting the absence of rainfall. Others have said a meteorite wouldn't produce the effect Hofer saw, and that it would have left residue in the crater. Also, the crater's perfectly circular shape is not likely the result of a meteorite impact. Thanks to: CNEWS Space Canoe Internet, June 28, 2001.
COURTNEY/COMOX VALLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Investigator Brian Vike reports a lady has contacted him about on going events. This all started many years ago when this lady was a youngster and her Mother watched an object hovering over their field and found a large circle burnt into the crop. From that day on she claims to have seen UFOs and she now is 48 years old with a family of her own, and still has "contact." She has awakened with bruises and different kinds of markings on her body and her son who is now 28 years old, has the same type of markings. Many times they have taken their son to the doctor's only to come away with no answers for the condition his body is in, but it always seems to heel up. She has seen visitors that completely scare her and she keeps her blinds closed completely as night falls. No one knows about what has been taking place other than her family members.
Mike Bird reports, "I've just returned from a week in Cuba. It was a vacation week with my wife, but on Thursday, I made the 3 hour bus ride into Havana, to meet with 5 Cuban UFO Researchers, the oldest of which was a 70 year old retired physics professor, who had his own sighting in 1954. The youngest maybe 30. They have never been in contact with a North American researchers. They gave me a 300 page book, entitled "Signos," and in Spanish about the rich history of UFO activity in Cuba. I watched a 45 minute video entitled "Ovni's in Cuba," by Octavio Cortazar. Thanks to Mike Bird.
The first formation of the year has been reported at Soberton, Hampshire, England, found April 12. A simple 60 foot circle / ring in canola, with two small standing circles in the ring is a humble beginning to another season.
The Italian Center for UFO Studies #351 News-flash reports that at 10:20 PM on April 6, a luminous body reddish in color, followed by a green-bluish trail, was observed and in some cases photographed, for a few seconds by very many people in Northeast Italy, Czechoslovakia, Germany and the Netherlands. Pilots in flight also reported the presence of the strange luminous phenomenon. Later on the same night, there were reported two other similar albeit less sensational phenomena: over Belgium, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. These sightings appear to from a bolide, a spectacular meteorite.
Italy has 100 sightings in three months. There are 44 cases gathered for March (following the 16 for February and the 41 of January). Half of the month's reports resulted from the passage of a bolide on March 19th. There were 13 daytime sightings, 5 close encounters, 1 case involving humanoids, 2 photos and 2 films, and 5 cases involving effects on the physical surroundings. Thanks to CISU. Giorgio Abraini and Sebastiano Ridolfi,. Italian Center for UFO Studies
WODONGA -- Two witnesses observed three round bright lights in formation on ''April 8, 2002, at 10:00 PM, that seemed to be very low. They seemed very smooth but there was no sound at all. At this point I called my husband, and a third light appeared. Then the first two appeared to slow so the third one could catch up so it seemed. They seemed to fly in formation. My husband went inside and got the video camera and proceeded to film as he turned south. One light went out, the second fell and the last one just faded out. A police spokesman said two bright discs were seen hovering over Clontarf - later moving on to Beachmere on March 30. Thanks to FarShores UFO News
Joseph Whan is manager of a laboratory at the Hong Kong City University. He checks the structural performance of buildings, but his real interest is in UFOs. He says, "If something flies over there is a good reason to study what they are doing." He and many members of his UFO Club regularly meet to study UFOs. They meet at the UFO Station cafe where there is a library and regular discussions. Professor Albert Sow (sp) desires to have a Ufology degree awarded at the university level for major knowledge of the UFO phenomena. He explained, "The Chinese culture and the East is more open to easily believe in something supernatural. He showed drawings and documents that claimed a Chinese emperor met a flying boat shaped UFO a thousand years ago. Thanks to Bill Hamilton. See the CNN video. .low.asx
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER -- Yesterday, my wife and I visited the new Space Station now being built. Tom Cruise narrated the new IMAX in 3-D show that makes you feel like you are in space and captures the everyday life of astronauts as they work, swim, eat, and sleep in microgravity. We enjoyed the new show that even has an alien in it. The alien is a plastic representation of a gray being floating inside the Space Station. I was surprised to see how large and developed the station is and the camaraderie between Russian and US astronauts. There were virtually no night shots and no anomalies in space, although they showed a clear shot of ice. The 3-D effect was interesting, and many shots brought the astronauts or part of the craft right up to you, so you felt you could reach out and touch it. One astronaut threw an orange right at the audience, that seemed to bounce off my shoulder. Frankly, I like the standard IMAX presentations best, since nothing seemed very clear to me. We also took the grand tour of Cape Kennedy, which is well worth seeing. The flights of Apollo to the moon were spectacular, but there was almost no photos or video of the moon. I touched a moon rock, talked to an astronaut, but I wonder why close ups of the moon were shown on 20 inch TV screens. That part was very disappointing, I wanted to see the moon on a big screen.
What surprised me was the gigantic size of the NASA complex and buildings, but even more amazing off to the north you could view the Air Force facilities that are even larger. The size of the facilities makes me wonder what advanced systems are being developed? The Air Force recently announced they plan on building a maneuverable space plane. General Ed Eberhart, head of US Space Command says, "The military is looking into building a spacecraft that could drop bombs from space, fix orbiting satellites and give better pictures of the battlefield. The Pentagon has military satellites that provide navigation, communication, weather, reconnaissance and missile warning information, all considered key to US interests, but none of them has weapons. Back during the Eisenhower Administration the X-15 flew into lower space some fifty miles high. It seems reasonable to assume we have something flying in space now. I should also mention the B-52 Bomber first flew fifty years ago this month.
Bill Hamilton writes that we should read Joseph Rhawn's book, "Astrobiology, the Origin of Life and the Death of Darwinism. His thesis in this new book should become the new paradigm, the prepackaged programmed DNA from cosmic ancestors. It explains why humanoids are common in the universe as well as other forms of life. Like Fred Hoyle, the father of modern panspermic theory, there is every indication that we live in a designer universe, an intelligent universe and that this is far more encompassing in its explanatory power than blind watchmaker, random event theories (or even quantum fluctuations). Thanks to Bill Hamilton and "karen lyster"
Editor's Note: I'm in touch with scientists involved in advanced DNA research who have informed us that human DNA has been altered, and created in the past. The story of creation as told us in Genesis is finally being understood and science and religion may be moving closer together. Lloyd Pye, develops the concept in his paper called, THE LITERAL CREATION OF MANKIND AT THE HANDS OF YOU-KNOW-WHAT :
On May 11, 2002, George Filer will be speaking at the Roswell Museum about his experience in chasing UFOs while in the Air Force and about the crash at Fort Dix/McGuire AFB on January 18, 1978, the so called Roswell of the East. This little known case is very similar to the story at Roswell, NM. Don't miss this evening presentation.
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