NIDS: UFO-Helicopters Connection Has National Security Implications
From Colm Kelleher

1975-1977 was a period of frequent reports of UFO sightings around the United States. 1975-1977 also coincided with peak reports of a phenomenon known as animal mutilation (for more details on animal mutilation see/articles/articles2.html). The community around Great Falls, Montana was no exception to this nationwide trend. However, two features about Great Falls are of interest with respect to this NIDS report. The first is that Great Falls was (and is) home to Malmstrom Air Force Base (MAFB). MAFB and its surrounding area was an integral part of the nation s missile launching capability during the cold war with 221 Minuteman III missile silos, and functioned as an important section of the entire Northern Tier early warning system for incoming Soviet missiles. The second atypical feature about Great Falls was an unusually open-minded and energetic sheriff s captain. Captain Keith Wolverton was prepared to go the extra mile in investigating UFOs, animal mutilations and bizarre happenings in the area. Wolverton s energy and dedication were instrumental in alerting the people of Cascade County, and even in nearby Teton County, that if they reported UFOs, animal mutilations or unidentified flying lights, they would not be ridiculed and their reports would not be trivialized.
Captain Wolverton allowed NIDS full access to his original papers and files detailing the investigations that he carried out on behalf of the Cascade County sheriff s department in 1975-1977. NIDS was able to analyze the data in these files and they comprise an interesting picture of a wave of anomalous activity within a 40-mile radius of Great Falls and MAFB. Captain Wolverton s files comprised the original police blotters, original memoranda and original photo negatives detailing the department s investigations into 192 UFO and unknown helicopter sightings, and 67 reports of animal mutilations, the vast majority happening within a forty miles radius of MAFB.
The timing of the UFO wave around MAFB is almost exactly contemporaneous with similar anomalous incidents that happened in October 1975 at Loring AFB Maine, Wurdsmith AFB Michigan, Minot AFB North Dakota and at the Canadian Air Force base at Falconbridge Ontario.
The purpose of this preliminary paper is to examine two separate and unrelated questions: (a) Was there a linkage between the animal mutilations (temporal and geographical) and the unidentified aircraft flying in the area around Cascade County Montana 1975 through 1977 and (b) did the repeated unauthorized incursions of these flying objects over MAFB and missile silo airspace, when examined in the context of simultaneous incursions at other AFBs across the Northern Tier, constitute a national security issue for the United States?
NIDS reports the first statistically significant correlation between mutilations and UFO/helicopter activity in the full report (25 pages) in the What's New section of the NIDS web site at: Further, we propose that the UFO wave in Montana had National Security implications.

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