False UFO Reports From Turkey
From Erol Erkmen2

Two UFO sightings, one in Istanbul Beykoz, the other in Antalya, were reported a few days ago. The one which claimed to be seen in Istanbul was shot by an amateur cameraman on 26th of May. Even though it was a new camera, the shot was published in B/W and some of the frames on film were edited, so TUVPO gave start to an investigation.
It is determined that the view of the shot was inverted and that it does not bear the colour density of the sky of the time (Istanbul 6:30 PM). And also it is obtained that the vision of flying object which is extremely enlarged during the edition of the film, is a deformed silhouette, so anyone can suggest their imaginary opinions by watching the video.
During the footage, only Venus could be seen brightly on the stated horizon. It is clearly observed that, after the inversion process (negative - positive) the vision had transformed into the colour and density of the sky of 6:30 PM, and the object is Venus. The special marks on the tape are signs of the falsifications on the original footage for many times, and the published vision is not the original footage.
The second event was reported from Antalya. The event which was sent to media by a group named UFO Avcisi (UFO Hunters) also published on TV. The children told different stories to the TVs and they were laughing at the same time. The chairman of UFO Hunter was shown on the trees with binoculars in his hands. Another UFO group from Istanbul was also interested with the event. The National Observatory (TUG) is located in Antalya. There are also foreign scientists residing in the observatory that has a 150 cm telescope. No evidence was found in the area which UFO report claimed, in the investigation conducted by local police and scientists. The National Observatory explained scientifically it could be a meteor. Also last year a meteor was encountered in the same area and scientists participated the observation. Even the event were reflected as a UFO encounter by unscientific technics and observaions of some people interested in UFOs and UFO fans, the event was concluded as a meteor encounter. A photo of a meteor landing to the Marmara Sea was shot in 26th May 2002. There are not any circumstances that cannot be explained in scientific ways and there are no evidences of other world life in either of these two events.
It is found out that some scientists whose branches are related to space, are preparing to sue such groups which do not have any carrier and substructure. A few days ago, serious arguements occured between the chairman of a UFO group and a scientist on TV. The scientist accused him of deceiving people and of lying. After that, the chairman of UFO group sued the scientist for compensation. The court proceeding is going to start in the following days. It seems impossible to win. Thereupon, the scientist declared that they will counter sue as a whole, in terms of trying to defeat such forgeries.


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