Huge Triangle UFOs
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George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #32


Numerous reports of Flying Triangles are becoming common place. This infers that either they belong to our government or possibly alien forces. The following Flying Triangle reports may help provide significant evidence in our search for answers.
Former Chief of Police Tom Sheets, the Georgia MUFON State Director writes that he has information regarding the 'booms' heard in West Georgia and Eastern Alabama on August 2, 1999. This event has been heavily covered in all of the Atlanta and Georgia news. John Thompson of La Grange, a founding Board Member for ISUR and former MUFON State Director, advised that Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) had assigned a team to investigate this event. GEMA has also located a witness that observed something coming down, with speculation about it being a 'shooting star.' GEMA has also stated that these circumstances indicate a security or safety threat, hence the investigative team. Three witnesses from Chambers County Alabama have come forward. At 9:58 PM on Monday, August 2, 1999, there was a loud boom heard throughout the area around Troup County and into Eastern Alabama. There was a concurrent interruption of satellite TV and some cable broadcasts, as well as some power disruptions. Dogs went wild, howling and seeking cover, then everything became completely quiet.
About a minute after the boom, the three witnesses went outside to look and listen and saw two huge 'V' shaped objects fly directly over their home. The craft were moving completely silent at about 30 mph at an estimated 250 to 300 feet altitude. They calculated the size of craft to be about 160 feet wide. They saw 7 or 8 very bright, very big, (like blue-white halogen) lights aligned along the surface. The observation was about 5 minutes in duration, or until 5 jet fighters arrived on the scene as if in pursuit. At that point, a witness stated that the two 'V' shaped craft split and went straight up, arching apart at an incredible speed. They left a bright streak as they departed. The streak estimated apparent size was about 3 feet long if held at arm's length. Local authorities have vouched for the reliability of the primary witness in this case. Furthermore, a spokesperson for the Troup County Georgia Sheriff's Department has stated that they received a report from another witness of seeing an unusual bright white light on nearby West Point Lake. This lake seems to be 'center point' for anomalous events in the Troup area. Thanks to John Thompson and Tom Sheets, ISUR Board Editor's Note: These Flying Triangles may represent an advanced antigravity propulsion system that affects electrical power and television transmission. Did they penetrate from space causing the sonic booms? Remember the F-117 Stealth fighter represents 20 year old technology and the Black Budget spends billions on dollars annually, more than is spent on health and education. We can speculate these craft were Senior Citizen (Program Element 041316F) a tactical lift aircraft. A vertical lift aircraft could operate from Eglin Air Force Base and use low level training routes over Heard County to train for troop insertion and covert activity. The craft deliberately operate at low altitude in order to avoid radar detection. The possible intercept by jet aircraft infers that an exercise was taking place or the jets were actually chasing alien UFOs away.
WORCHESTER On August 3, 1999, Brian Hennessy writes, "I saw several objects in the night sky that were cigar shaped, silver and with a metallic like substance to them." Over the past few weeks, I observed about seven of these objects in the evening sky from 7:00 to 8:45 PM. They always appear in the east and head towards the north. They are about 30 to 50 feet in length. I'm attempting to use my camcorder and film them. Thanks to Brian Hennessy
SEWELL -- I have believed in UFO's for some time, but have never seen one. On Saturday, July 17th, 1999, I think I may have seen one. It was about 10:00 PM, and clear night. I was throwing something into the trash out at the curb, when I turned and saw something that looked like an airplane, but the lights were formatted backwards. There were three white lights, two in the front, leading it, and one in the back as it flew from west to east. There was also a steady red light in the center, which was not blinking, but glowing faintly. There was a low humming sound. It was a common triangle shaped UFO. Thanks to: Chris Augustin,, Dave Ledger KYW Channel 3, Eye Witness News in Philadelphia announced the landing of a UFO in New Jersey. It turned out to be a two small meteorites that fit nicely in your hand.
GERMANTOWN -- Dave age 19, an Assistant Laboratory Technician writes that on August 5, 1999, "My girlfriend, my uncle and I spotted an extremely bright light. It gyrated and moved at infrequent intervals, mostly left and right, but occasionally up and down dramatically between 12:45 to 3:00 AM. The object seemed to alter its shape and tip from a flat position (longitudinally) to its side (latitudinally). The object also altered its output of light at infrequent intervals. It was difficult to keep within the sights of our binoculars. The weather was clear and calm. The UFO was sighted for three hours and 45 minutes. I heard a slight odd high pitched sound that sounded as if something was rotating extremely quickly. I heard this once when the light came closer around 2:00 and stayed until 3:00 AM. The UFO hovered, maneuvered erratically around the sky. The height the UFO was about the altitude of other planes. There was no loss of time. Thanks to Ben Field and BUFOD.
FORT MEYERS On July 31, 1999, at 11:30 PM a young man and his friend went out by the pool and noticed 3 blinking lights very low on the horizon in a symmetrical line. The objects changed color from white to red to orange and back to white. After getting binoculars they saw the lights stop blinking and then start again. Sometimes two lights would blink in unison and then stop. The observers saw the bottom light come up to the middle one and stay by it. At one point they saw a fourth light come up quickly from below and disappear back down again. After midnight at 12:25 the three lights formed a triangle, sometimes blinking in unison with a fourth and fifth light coming from the east. It seemed to move east slightly, just above the trees. DEERFIELD BEACH - On July 20, 1999, at 8:10 P.M. a woman driving home from work saw a "large silver rod-shaped craft" at Military Trail and S.W. 10th Street. Thanks to Mary Margaret Zimmer Miami MUFON
COSHOCTON - Jenny Herritt reports, "I just got back from Ohio where I was investigating some strange occurrences. Hawk and Karen who live on the infamous Township Road 6, where there are frequent strange sightings saw a triangle shaped UFO last April. The craft hovered and slowly moved around the area for 15 to 20 minutes. Then it seemed to descend below the tree line. The UFO was dark in color and had rapidly flashing bright lights. The sighting lasted about five minutes. Angular elevation was 45 degrees and object was seen to the west. The region is fairly remote and heavily forested. Witness did not attempt to follow the UFO to the apparent landing site. Due to the heavy cover they were not able to determine location of where the UFO descended of if it did land. The UFO sighting was followed by sightings of a large animal described as resembling a large bear walking upright. Numerous huge tracks and reported sightings of this creature have been observed. Thanks to Jenny Herritt at LJenSilver, Hawk & Karen.
WICHITA FALLS A witness who wishes to keep his name confidential writes that on August 6, 1999, at 11:30 PM near or at Sheppard Air Force Base a light shaped like a snake shot from the ground up. The snake was white in color, not real bright but bright enough to see. It rose to a few hundred feet, then vanished. This was not fireworks or lightning or for that matter anything I've ever seen! I was traveling south on the freeway. I was not yet in city lights. It appeared in my opinion to be some sort of man made laser, but lasers travel in a straight line. It wasn't as bright as a laser would appear on this dark road. It looked like a weapons test of some sort. Thanks to: Editors Note: The 82nd Training wing conducts courses in munitions, communications and electronics at Sheppard AFB. Some sort of training exercise may have been conducted as the witness drove by the base.
OAKVILLE -- Sunny Barclift writes, "I appeared on the 'Unsolved Mysteries' program in 1997 regarding the gelatinous goo that fell over my mother's farm and surrounding area. Around 8:00 PM, on the third day following the first fallout I witnessed a very large dark charcoal gray triangular craft "floating" over our neighbors house. I say floating because it appeared to be flying slower than the stall speed of a conventional aircraft. It made absolutely no sound. The most anomalous feature of the craft was that it glowed all around the periphery a yellowish, green neon-like glow. There were contoured areas present and small rectangular "windows" from which emanated a soft diffused yellow light. The undercarriage appeared as though it had been molded. This sighting occurred on August 10, 1994. The craft was approximately 80 ft by 100 ft. It was at an altitude of about 500 feet. It traveled in the direction of it's point due east and parallel to State Route 12 west. Thanks to Peter A. Gersten CAUS and Sunny Barclift (
Cliff Capers reports that Joyce Murphy from 'Beyond Boundaries' is currently in the Wiltshire, England investigating crop circles. The expedition is led by Ruben Uriarte, director of Northern California MUFON. Their helicopter flew over ten recent formations on August 4, 1999. Joyce says, "We went into the East Kennet Long Barrow formation which was discovered yesterday morning, our overflight being among the very first to observe this new formation." 'West Kennet Long Barrow is one of the largest Neolithic burial tombs in Britain, constructed in 3700 BC, and in continual use for well over 1000 years." The area is very close to the oldest mound in Europe, called Silbury Hill, that has overlooked many fantastic formations in the past. The next formation visited at ground level was Devil's Den which appeared the 3rd week of July near another ancient site of standing stones. A very positive article appeared this morning in the Gazette and Herald telling the story of Jane Ross's vision of a soon to happen formation, which occurred a couple of days later - The Circle of Life as she named it. Thanks to: Joyce Murphy and Cliff Capers ccapers@swbell.
EDINBURGH - On July 27, 1999, the witness reports seeing a strange fast moving bright white, blue and green light at 1:00 AM. The light was in the west at an elevation of 45 degrees moving left to right and then right to left. The duration of the sighting was one minute. Dave Ledger
RUSSEL ISLAND -- Barbara Griffin said: "I was fishing with my daughter-in- law Margie on the boat jetty at 7:30 PM when I noticed these very bright "brilliant" red balls of lights coming towards us from Redland Bay. I know planes and this was not normal it was a triangle with 7 brilliant red pulsating lights. This object moved very slowly "nothing like a plane" so slow and there was no sound. Margie saw it and stated, "My god Barb, it's huge no! no! Babs it couldn't be? could it? is it a bloody UFO?" Lets get out of here!" I just sat there watching it while Margie started running around collecting the fishing gear. "I then shouted its okay its gone, Mags where did it go? "Babs that's really weird where did it go something that big can't just vanish? We took our fishing tackle and went home with a real fishing tail to tell. ALICE SPRINGS, OUTBACK -- Desmond Nelson aged 64 years states, " I was camping and I was doing some star gazing at around 5.00 AM when I observed a dark oval shaped shadow in the sky. It was the size of a truck. What brought my attention to it was it blocked out the stars and when it moved away you could see the stars again. The object had no sound it moved at a medium speed it was 60 degrees to the horizon. There was also a brighter star like object flashing on and off and moving around in a limited area in the sky, then both objects just vanished. Thanks to Diane Harrison Co. Director AUFORN Australian Skywatch
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