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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
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Filer's Files #1 2004

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. The Year in Review, Mars Lander Beagle is Silent, while Spirit Lands, Letters About the Bible and UFO at Christmas, Massachusetts cylinder and teardrop UFOs, New Hampshire - Light Glows Blue green, New York - Green Cloud Lightning, Pennsylvania - Scripture Provides Clear-cut Explanation, South Carolina - Police Sergeant Sees Huge Glowing Ball, Florida - Flying Triangle Photographed, Mississippi - Bright Light Orb, Indiana - Gathering Of Six UFO's, Kansas - Steady Red Lights, Texas - A Rectangle Of Lights That Floated Across The Sky, Washington - Appears Like Large Star Changing Colors, Livestock Plagues Could Be Bioterrorist Attack, Canada - Sightings of UFOs, and Animals Sensing Something Strange, UK/England - UFO Flies Over at 250 Meters, UK/Wales - A Disappearing Star In The Night, Russia - Helicopter Hunts UFO, Japan - Photos Continue, Australia - Three Individual Lights Moving in a Triangular Formation.
Massachusetts - Bright Rod Seen By Additional Witnesses
FITCHBURG - A Webmaster and general UFO disclosure activist writes, your Massachusetts Bright Rod shaped craft seen at sunset by an experienced sky watcher on December 13, 2003, at 4:25 PM, was very similar to what I saw. The witness reported a cylinder flew away in the blink of an eye and was likely self-illuminated. The account is very similar to what I saw, except that the object I saw was more like a ratio of 4:1, rather than 10:1. It was perfectly rectangular and moving very slowly horizontally, and it was very large, much larger than anything man-made. Thanks to Paul Nahay, Merry Xmas.
BEVERLY - The witness was on a break at work when he and a bunch of his co-workers saw the three teardrop shapes in the sky on December 16, 2003, at 3:15 PM. They were still for a minute, and then took off at high speed.
STRATHAM -- The object was stationed outside the observer's house, on December 19, 2003, at 2:30 PM, and glowed brightly in a blue/green mix for about five seconds, and then vanished just as fast. He states, "It was early in the morning and my wife and I were getting ready for bed when outside, there was a huge flash of green/blue light." It got brighter for a few seconds, had this weird almost humming noise along with it, and then was gone just as fast as it started. I like to consider myself a rational person, but I have absolutely no explanation for that bright glowing light and sound outside our window Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
New York - Green Cloud Lightning
COBLESKILL - Jerry and a friend were traveling west from Schenectady, NY on I-88 around December 5, 2003, at about 9:45 PM, when green cloud lightning was spotted. Most cloud lightning that I've seen has it's concentration of light in the middle with more diffused light on the sides. What I saw was very widely spread and the light seemed evenly distributed in a very wide yet narrow area which flashed several pulses, then stopped. I saw something I couldn't explain. I was traveling at night and saw a large flash in the clouds like cloud lightning, yet the color I saw was green. This was the first time I ever saw cloud lightning in color, if that's what it was. Thanks to Jerry
South Carolina - Police Sergeant Sees Huge Glowing Ball
NORTHERN SPARTANBURG COUNTY -- My name is Charles Monroe. I am writing to you from South Carolina in reference to a sighting in1993/1994. I am a former law enforcement officer from that county and at the time was a sergeant in the uniform patrol division. During my tour of duty (3:00 PM-12:00 AM) I was dispatched to the town of Cowpens in reference to a UFO call..(code 66). I must admit I laughed when the call came over the radio. I quickly stopped laughing when I got to the center of town and saw a huge glowing (orange) ball in the sky over town. It was very cloudy and had been misting rain throughout the afternoon and evening. The ball stayed over the center of town for about thirty minutes and then faded away. There were several calls to the 911 Center in reference to the object/glow. Later info from the dispatch office stated that Greenville/Spartanburg jetport reported it had been a military aircraft that had dropped a large flare. I really find that explanation hard to accept. I found your web site yesterday and thought that I might contact you in reference to this. Thanks to Charles Monroe..Travelers Rest South Carolina <>
Editor' Note: Flares are dropped with parachutes and take a few minutes to descend, not thirty minutes.
Florida - Flying Triangle Photographed
LAKE BUENA VISTA - An unknown object in the sky was emitting or reflecting lights in the area of EPCOT, on December 16, 2003, at 5:17 PM, and was photographed. The object was not noticed at the scene, but was found upon viewing the photo on my computer. Photo was taken on a Sony DSC-P92 digital camera. I did make the flash go off to get the shot of Spaceship Earth, as I did not want the aperture to stay open too long, so it is a fairly quick exposure.Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Mississippi - Bright Light Orb
MORTON -- When driving to work on I-20 east bound, the witness saw a bright orb-like object to the north of an east bound high flying jet on December 18, 2003, at 7 PM. The jet was 150 feet in length with a 600 foot contrail while the UFO had no trail and seemed to fade away and not return. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Indiana - Gathering Of Six UFO's
INDIANAPOLIS - Mark Andrews writes, "On December 26, 2003, at 8:42 PM, I had just stepped out on to a second story apartment balcony to smoke a cigarette with two friends and my attention was drawn to a brilliant, pulsating "constellation" of red and white objects. Each of the six had the exact formation of two outer red lights with a white light at the center. All lights visible on each of the objects flashed on and off in a consistent rhythm. The objects seemed to be coordinated with each other, and were moving in what struck me as a "dispersal" pattern. The group of six broke in to 2 groups of 3, one group moving to the west and the other group to the southeast - towards us. I estimate they were 17 miles northwest of us at 7,500 feet, much higher than local helicopters but much lower than highflying airliners. Two of the three gained altitude. I was able to point out to my friend the difference in appearance between the light formation of a high flying airliner against the light emissions from the UFO's. Thanks to Mark Andrews <>UFOcenter
Kansas - Steady Red Lights
CANEY - Driving home, going North, on a clear night on December 17, 2003, at 6:25 PM, I saw a bright red light appear in the Northern sky. It was a steady light that only lasted for maybe 2 seconds and then vanished. It re-appeared just as quickly, only now there were 2 of them close together. They vanished and then re-appeared west of the first location, but at the same height. After 1 or 2 seconds it vanished. I did not observe them after that, but there were as many as 10 military jets flying over the area for up to 1 hour afterwards, just flying back and forth. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Texas - A Rectangle Of Lights That Floated Across The Sky.
JONESTOWN -- I recieved a call from my daughter-in-law as she was driving home from work on December 17, 2003, at 6:40 PM, and she directed my attention towards the eastern sky. As we were speaking on the phone, I spotted the lights she was telling me about. There were two white lights with a smaller red one in the middle. The white lights remained on during the entire sighting but the red one would strobe occasionally at a fairly fast rate. It hovered behind the trees at a distance for a couple minutes, then rose to a greater height and flew off.
At 7:35 PM, I went outside to say goodbye to my dauther-in-law and as I was coming back inside the house on December 17, 2003, I looked up and saw a really strange object. There was no sound, and I could acutally see a structure. There were 2 or 3 lights off to the right of the object that looked as if they were part of the thing, but what held my attention was that the largest part of the object was shaped like a rectangle and was covered with white lights in 4 rows of 5 or 6 lights. This thing seemed to float rather than fly as it slowly crossed the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport
GLEN ROSE -- Jason Greywolf Leigh writes that on December 17, 2003, at 5:45 PM, the observer was going to work on the night shift and off in the distance was a very low flying craft near the TXU Nuclear Power Plant about five miles away. 'David Finfrock' IS the weatherman, not the tech who switched on the 'live' rooftop camera at KXAS TV. "The weatherman was doing the weather and ordered David Finfrock to switch to the rooftop camera live to show the delightful sunset." we have an NBC affiliate TV station 'actually' providing us with the 'proof' of the unknown by taping it onto their 'daily log tapes' of the show (Having worked in TV news for many years, and having a First Class F.C.C. ticket; I know that these tapes must, by Federal law, be made daily). There was a report the day before (12/17/03) in this same report out of Glen Rose, Texas, which is about 18 miles west from where I am: Cleburne. This is not the first time that there have been 'sightings' coming out of Glen Rose, either the day before, or on the same day as a sighting, which I had seen. Thanks to Jason Greywolf Leigh
California -- Star Lights That Move Super Fast and Zig Zag
SAN FRANCISCO BAY -- It was 10:00 AM on December 15, 2003, and the witness was getting out of his car on a crystal clear day at Oakland Hills. He noticed a daytime half moon and three stars very close to the moon, that he though were Mars, Venus, Jupiter, or Saturn. The stars were moving away from each other. This seemed strange, so he kept watching and saw the light (look like star at night time) moving away while three more were flying close to the two. They were too high up to be birds or balloons and there was a glow around the objects. The witness states, "They would move real fast and slow down to a halt, and disappear behind some clouds." Then one took a 90 degree turn and flew so fast that no airplane could match its speed. The way it flew in the sky was unbelievable. No country or NASA has this flying capability. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Washington - Appears Like Large Star Changing Colors
LAKE STEVENS - A father was driving home with his sons on December 17, 2003, at 11 PM, when they noticed a star that kept flashing red/blue/gold/white. At first, they thought it was a jet but as the colors flashed, it changed shape to a diamond or triangle. The "star" started darting about, going up several degrees at one time, then holding, then zig-zagging to left or right. We started calling out these directional changes to one another, as well as colors, to verify we all were seeing it right. This was in the southeastern sky, but well above horizon. After about 15 minutes, the "star" became stationary, and we went inside. I just checked, and it's still outside in more northern position, but it did not move much while we observed it this time. The color changes have died down. There was too much movement and light color changes to be a regular star. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
TACOMA - The witness was driving on SR-16 eastbound in the Nalley Valley on December 14, 2003, at 12:26 AM, when a green streak of light raced across the sky going southeast on a 45 degree angle. It was a clear cold night. There was one spherical shaped bright white/yellow light traveling horizontally at a short range with no apparent noise. After my line of sight was broken by a house I saw what looked like a shooting star traveling vertically and away from me, but it looked too small to be the same object, even though it occurred about 5 seconds after losing a visual contact. Never saw it again after this. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Canada - Sightings of UFOs, and Animals Sensing Something Strange
VALLEYFIELD, QUEBEC - The witness reports seeing several planes fly by his 3rd floor apartment on December 21, 2003. The two objects were not close to each other, but the speed was so fast that they couldn't be airplanes. Two white balls followed each other for 15 seconds in the cloudy sky.
<>AIRDRIE ECHO Newspaper reports, "Even the animals seem to be sensing something strange. Brian Vike, one of Canada's most experienced UFO sighting investigators, said the most recent reports of unusual activity in Airdrie and area have come from both humans and, vicariously, via humans through their canine companions. "There are many reports of animals responding funny to an unusual object. Their senses are far superior ours," Vike said. "So it is a possibility that the pets around this one certain area were aware and frightened of something that was truly an unknown to them." The following are the most recent witness sighting reports emanating from Airdrie to Vike's UBCC UFO Research facility.
AIRDRIE, ALBERTA - On December 13, 2003, at 11:10 PM, the witness saw a bright tunnel of light come down from the sky. It lit up all of Airdrie and then it went back up again.
AIRDRIE - The eye-witness reports using a street lamp for a reference point and using binoculars and his naked eye to clearly observe an object which sat stationary in the sky on December 14, 2003, at 5:53 PM. The object had five rows of lights moving counter clockwise around it. The object sat one and a half miles away for 45 minutes and was larger than a basketball. As the planes approached the object would start to move up and then move back down to it's original position. It has been seen a number of times over the last 5 months and has returned more frequently lately. A slight hum was noted and light reflected off it from the setting sun. So it sounds like what ever it was had a solid body to it besides the five rows of lights which ran around the object. The color of the lights in the ring were from red, blue, white and a yellow to amber.
A recent flurry of witness reports of strange lights and objects in the skies in and around Airdrie may be thought provoking and food for extraterrestrial thought. But one of Canada's leading UFO researchers and investigators said that when he receives a report, his first course of duty is to attempt to establish a logical explanation for what has been witnessed. And according to Brian Vike, if that can't be done, the sighting is then - and only then - classified as an unidentified flying object.
Brian Vike reports, I am being flooded with sighting reports. Four yesterday and three more today. They are coming from all over Canada, so something is up. I will try to get these to you really quick. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research <>CANADA HBCC Research
UK/England - UFO Flies Over at 250 Meters
COVENTRY - The witnesses saw one traveling with no noise at close proximity of about 250 meters away on December 15, 2003, at 11:50 PM. The bright light then disappearing after a few seconds.
UK/Wales - A Disappearing Star In The Night
NEWPORT -- I had been outside in the back garden, on December 14, 2003, at 11 PM,and glanced up at the sky and noticed an enlarged star in the sky. For approximate size, if you place your little finger up in the air and look through one eye, it was the size of the your little fingernail. I watched it recede very fast, too fast for any type of aircraft we possess, until it disappeared, definitely moving away from the earth. I have thought of the possibility of a star dying, but have checked the net for sightings or confirmation of this and found nothing. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
Russia - Helicopter Hunts UFO
MOSCOW -- ANSA News Agency reports on Dec. 29, - Russian Civil Defense authorities sent a helicopter to the Russian Siberian region of Kemerovo, whose inhabitants claimed having seen an unidentified flying object which gave the impression of having "landed". Regional authorities quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency explained that in early hours of December 26th, residents of the city of Gurievsk followed the maneuvers of a UFO for over half an hour. The object, which had the appearance of a fireball, eventually fell to earth. According to eyewitness accounts, no explosions were heard, nor were any reports of fires or toppled trees received, as seems to occur whenever a meteorite is involved. (ANSA). Thanks for the Translation Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.
Japan - Photos Continue
I just received copies of The UFO Report Japan and two hour video filled with various UFO events. Our-J Video Magazine Vol.5. UFO over Tokoyo Bay in May. There are some exciting UFO videos being videotaped.
Australia - Three Individual Lights Moving in a Triangular Formation
MOREE -- we were out watching a large lightning storm to the west of us on December 16, 2003, at 10:30 PM, when we noticed 3 lights moving in a triangular formation across the sky (southwest-northeast) Northern Australia. The two front lights were brighter than the last as the formation was a reverse triangle (.:). We watched as the formation moved across the sky, they never stayed in perfect fomation as the last was falling back and catching up. They were north of our location when they dissapeared, there was no cloud obstructing our view of these lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>UFOcenter
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