Another UFO Sighted
Over Pakistan
From Stig Agermose <>
Source: DPA (German Press Agency) via The Times Of India,
ISLAMABAD - An unidentified flying object (UFO) was sighted over Pakistan's Dera Ghazi Khan frontier area Sunday night, reports said Monday. It was the second UFO sighting reported from the uranium-rich area in two weeks, according to the newspaper Dawn.
It came from a westerly direction and after flying over the towns of Fort Munro and Rakhi Ganj it hit the ground between Baghalchor and Roughin. "It was nose-diving and after a few moments the sky was lit up,'' border military police sources told the newspaper, quoting local tribesmen.
Authorities in Islamabad denied reports that the objects were test missiles, saying they could be meteorites. Uranium is excavated in Baghalchor and unauthorised visitors are not allowed into the area. On August 15, a UFO was sighted near an air force base in Rajanpur district, Dawn reported.
Several UFO sightings have followed the widely observed phenomenon of six fire-emitting objects that crossed the Western Baluchistan province in a row on that date. (DPA)
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