Two New UFO Reports
From Wisconisn
From Peter B. Davenport
Director National UFO Reporting Center

I have received two more cases, both from Wisconsin, that are mildly
reminiscent of the Carteret, NJ, case a week ago. I have copied below
reports from one of the incidents, and I expect to be able to talk to
the witnesses from the other sometime tomorrow.
At least two of the witnesses from Dundee, WI, are willing to make an
appearance on radio, if you would be interested in doing that sometime
this week. I copy their reports below, plus the report of one of the
other approximately 50 witnesses. The objects they witnessed Saturday
night streaked through 160 degrees of arc across the sky in
approximately 3-5 seconds, they report.
The other case, also from Wisconsin, involves an estimated 9 yellow
lights over Clover, WI. I will forward the report.
050 Investigator Request: Yes
055 Called Hotline: Yes
100 Date: 07/21/01
110 Time: 2150
120 Duration: 1 hour plus
130 Sighting City: Dundee
140 Sighting State: WI
150 Sighting Zip: 53081
160 Sighting County: Fond Du Lac
168 Number of Craft: 4
170 Witnesses: 50+
172 Shape: Sphere
180 Description: four craft seen at Dundee, WI
190 Description:
At 2150 cdt the first of four craft appeared. the come from the south
and traveled north. the first three craft were similar in nature. they
were red balls of light that travel very quickly thru the night sky.
each craft seem to follow the same flight path. each craft as they
passed they emitted a high intense white flashing light.these flashes
were at varing intervuals.the last read craft was seen at 2209 cdt. the
fourth craft appeared at about 2214. it seem to orginate from the seem
area of the sky and travel east to west in a more slower fashion. from
our view point it stopped in the south/western sky and hovered there.
the fourth craft was a combination of three light. one red/orange the
other two a blue/green. the blue/green lights seem to rotate arounf the
red/orange light. at times the craft appeared to trianglar. the lights
seem to dance around the red/orange light light they were chasing each
other. The fourth craft then split into three distinct objects. one
blue/green ligh stayed stationary inthe south/west sky. the red/orange
light drop straight to the ground. the other blue/green light shot of
the north at high spped.the stationary light was still visible in the
sky when we left at about 2315-2330
050 Investigator Request: Yes
100 Date: 7/21/01
110 Time: 22:05
120 Duration: 1 hour
130 Sighting City: Dundee
140 Sighting State: WI
160 Sighting County: USA
168 Number of Craft: 6
170 Witnesses: 20+
172 Shape: Circle
180 Description: Multiple colored objects seen in Dundee, Wisconsin
190 Description:
I was at Benson's Hideaway in Dundee, WI and at around 10:05PM a very bright, large circular object was seen coming over the hill across the lake. The object moved across the sky and at several different points it lit up even brighter. Then it dropped something orange several times. I saw 3 of these types of objects at approximately 5 minute intervals. After they got a certain distance they seemed to fade and disappear. None of these 3 objects made any noise.
At approximately 10:20PM at the same location I saw a smaller orange object and two blue objects coming from the side of the lake I was on. The two blue objects were circling around the orange object. They looked like they were dancing in the sky. They moved across the sky for a short distance,then seemed to hover and circle around each other. This happened for Approximately 5-10 minutes. Then one of the blue lights shot across the sky at an amazing speed, and at the same time the orange light fell straight down. The one blue light that was left hovered in it's position by itself for over a half hour. There were atleast 20 other people who saw these objects. They definately were not airplanes, hot air balloons, or kites.
100 Date: 07/21/01
110 Time: 22:05
120 Duration: 2 hours +
130 Sighting City: Dundee
140 Sighting State: WI
160 Sighting County: Fond du Lac
168 Number of Craft: 4
170 Witnesses: approx 50
172 Shape: Light
180 Description:
Dundee, WI: 4 amber lights, briefly flashing bright white, small dark
red lights falling, small blue-green lights
190 Description:
OBJECT 1: Bright circular amber light - approximatley a quarter the size of a pencil tip eraser held at arm's length - appeared in south-southeast and tracked northward across our eastern field of view, about 45 degrees elevation, then disappeared in north-northeast. There were no other lights surrounding the object; there were CLEARLY no standard regulation aircraft beacons, strobes, or wingtip red/green lights, and the object made no discernable sound. If an aircraft, it was certainly not an ordinary one.
OBJECT 2: Approx 1 minute after disappearance of object 1, same type amber light appeared in same location and began same northward track. Approximately thirty seconds after appearing, object flashed very brightly white -- looking similar to a very bright set of aircraft landing ligts -- approximately a half dozen times in rapid succession -- then continued on same original course. When object was to our east-northeast, a tiny deep red point of light appeared below the object and proceeded downward to disappear in the treetops below. Some comments were that it looked like someone dropping a flare.
OBJECT 3: After object 2 had "dropped its flare" and was tracking off to the northeast, another amber light of the same type appeared in the north. It too performed the same flashing of bright white lights. And, it also "dropped flares" -- three times -- before disappearing in the southeast.
OBJECT 4: Four to five minutes after the disappearance of object 3, as the crowd was abuzz with discussion of that we had seen, one more amber light -- this one somewhat dimmer that the first three -- appeared in the south-southwest. This one had an additional feature the others had lacked; two blue-green pinpoint lights which appeared to be circling the amber light. The entire complex slowly tracked westward toward the tree line, while seeming to bounce and weave in an unpredictable manner. The complex eventually disappeared into the trees, then reappeared on other side of trees several minutes later, still bouncing and weaving. This persisted for several more minutes until a muffled "popping" sound was heard, the amber light disappeared, another deep red point light dropped toward the ground, and one of the blue-green point lights rapidly accelerated off to the northwest and disappeared. The remaining blue-green point light remained in the same general location, bouncing and weaving back and forth within the space of a few degrees of arc, for another 90 minutes or so, at which time the reporter departed the scene for the evening.
notes: This was reporter's first ever personal sighting of a UFO. Report is based on naked eye observation only -- had no binoculars or camera.



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