An Ode To The
Alienated Abducted
By Alfred Lehmberg <>

Ode Part I
Ode Part II
Ode Part III

Ode Part IV
Ode Part V
Let's talk about guts, yes, of misery born: A collection of people ragged, forlorn -- A group labeled kooky, inane, and irrelevant, a group labeled, badly, as a *rare* fringe development. True, some are just lying and working an audience, and some are mistaken by dazzle and dalliance. Some are insane, or afflicted by *curse* . . . but some tell the truth -- for the better or worse.
First, a pox on you liars -- hope you're damned to perdition . . . hope you fry in some hell as a well earned condition . . . hope you're found out, disgraced -- run out on a rail, with bruises on your face, and tar and feathers on your tail!
Those just mistaken? Don't feel like losers! Read some books, take some notes, then eschew your abuser! Look for your proof on each side of the struggle . . . decide for yourself -- It's more fun, and less trouble.
Those of you challenged feel lost and alone? Your torment is real, and it goes to the bone. I don't judge you or hate you, even label you hazy -- enigma may drive you and make you, yes, crazy.
Those speaking truth? You're the bravest of all! Your alien view has compelled the harsh call. At the risk of disgrace, and in spite of the penalty, you stand, take a breath, and engage the anomaly!
Now me, all I see are some lights on the fly . . . inconclusive, but strange, they are IN the night sky! I've studied the footage, and I've read the accounts! The enigma is rampant; It gushes from founts! Conspiracy LIVES! It is not in my mind. The *news* is a joke! If we looked WE WOULD FIND! But, the man holds the purse in his covetous fingers, and the *news* is his stooge, so our ignorance lingers.
So, those of you laughing, you're wasting your time; you've nothing add; your smirking's a crime. Moreover, you're incurious; it's you that's quite mad! I think you lack bravery; your head's in the sand. It's YOU lacking courage; you *won't* understand. You DON'T pay your freight! Show some stone. Take a stand! There's more going on than you care to give credit. This paints you a coward at last. Don't forget it.
Witness their terror and elation, and be, yourself, terrified and elated -- smirking bunkies. When the coffee's perked through, and it's time to throw the grounds on the eventual compost heap, it is just as Michael Lindemann said to me in conversation once, causing my continuous epiphany, "Most of it's fake, " he said. "But some of it -- is not." Smell the coffee. _____
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