Comeuppance! - Ode to
the Abducted - Part 5
By Alfred Lehmberg <>
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Ode Part V
I felt I had to argue. Why SHOULD they have their way? Their approach so far was disrespect; they'd snatched me here -- without a say! "You guys should learn some people skills," my hands I raised in fists. 'Twas then it was the *probe* came up, "Whoa -- now what the hell is this"!?!
I backed into a railing, behind me all was DOWN. The city glistened gleamingly, the probe was glowing now. Why MUST they play abductor (?) -- when I know it's what WE'D do . . . I'd hope that they're beyond the need to bully me and you . . .
I hear, ". . . to 'bully' is not IT at all," (?) "it's process and it's schedule; you're not the ONLY one, you know? Why ARE you causing trouble"?
"A simple 'would you come aboard' was all it would have taken! But you just up and snatched me; please correct if I'm mistaken"! I wondered if they'd asked me, then remembered I HAD begged . . . for just this thing to happen; then the probe -- it touched my leg!
<Warp, . . . I'm on a table, and I cannot move, or shout! Now I'm getting really scared -- is THIS what they're about? How much TIME has passed, and what will NOW transpire? I feel like a lab rat, and I'm SHAMED -- my cheeks on fire!
"OK you guys, I'm scared now. . ." I think out loud in fright, as all the spunk has left me, and I really COULDN'T fight. The table slips beneath me, and becomes a simple chair (?); I found that I could move at last -- leapt straight up in the air!
"Please, don't ever DO that"! And as I shout that moot command . . . four strange beings, just then, appear -- a weirdly solemn band.
They ARE the strangest group I've seen . . . in DECADES at the cinema! Retreating in a dead heat race? My wounded pride and piqued bravura. They ARE . . . a flower . . . head of cabbage (?), then a lizard with a veil (?), and a grey is in attendance (?) with a mantis (?) . . . tells the tale! There's a clicking and a snapping, and a flapping slurp or two, then the *mantis* rubs its forearms and the music's sweet and true!
I try to match it's lilting tone; I sing a counter point in blue -- throw 'what the hell!' to here and gone; I grope for sense and clue! This is a DREAM, my thought or guess, so I uncork -- be damned or blessed, and join in with the alien song. Somehow I sing; it can't be wrong.
It's not just a dream, or as easy as that -- will they tell me what the deal is, or will they boil me down to fat?
Of course -- there are those out there in that unguessed vastness who *would* eat us. I imagine we'd have to make room for them, too, just as they would have to make room for us..


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