CNI News Says Farewell
From Michael Lindemann <>
Dear Friend of CNI News,
The upcoming issue of CNI News, which will be sent to you by midday on June 1, will be the last you will receive. Undoubtedly this will come as a surprise to many readers, especially those of you who have only recently subscribed or renewed your subscription. Let me say that I'm surprised as well. Until recently, I was anticipating a very different course of action, keeping CNI News as a central focus of my work.
But just a few weeks ago, something quite extraordinary happened. I was offered an opportunity to join a dynamic new media project that will, I believe, soon reach a far larger audience than CNI News ever could. At the moment, this project is still in development and remains mostly confidential. However, I can tell you that it will focus in a scientific way upon a wide range of important issues relating to the human future, including various kinds of mysterious or anomalous phenomena. I can also tell you that my part in this project will be as a writer and editor, much as I've been with CNI News and my other online journal, Global Situation Report. Much of what I produce will appear on the web.
Within a few weeks, it will be possible to tell you more about this new project, and I look forward to that. For now, it seems best to bring CNI News to an orderly, though somewhat hasty, conclusion and make way for exciting new work ahead.
Because the UFO subject is often associated with secrecy and seems to inspire paranoia in some people, please accept my firm assurance that I welcome this new opportunity and have not been "bought off," intimidated nor in any way coerced into shutting down CNI News. Nor has my interest in the UFO subject diminished, even though UFOs will not be a central focus of this new project. I am convinced that this opportunity will enable me to pursue many issues I care about in a more powerful and productive way than ever before.
Let me also assure you that every paid subscriber will receive a full cash refund for the unused portion of his or her subscription. The refund process will take some time but is already underway, and your patience will be appreciated. Those who are owed the most will be refunded first. More information on this will be sent to you shortly.
Those of you who are long-time subscribers surely realize that CNI News has been for me not just a job but a project of the heart. It has brought me many friends and endless fascination. I do hope my efforts as editor have been worthy of your support and trust.
Please accept my sincere thanks for your interest, your caring and your support. Best wishes to you for a healthy, peaceful, safe and gratifying future.
Michael Lindemann Editor, CNI News
P.S. One more thing. Because this message is going out to a very large number of people, you can actually do me a very big favor by NOT responding, unless
From Royce J. Myers III
It is with great sorrow to learn that Michael Lindemann will no longer be producing CNI News. CNI News has been, by far, a corner stone serving the UFO community with an outstanding and highly professional source for UFO news. If UFOlogy ever had a CNN, CNI News was most definitely it bringing much needed attention and credibility to the subject matter of UFOs.
I remember when Michael first announced his online project, later revamping it into CNI News. It created quite a buzz within the UFO community and Michael worked endlessly devoting over 70 hours a week to getting it going. Many e-mail boxes will not be the same without receiving CNI News and many, many more people will miss Michael's outstanding work. But with an end, there is a beginning. I'm sure Michael is excited about his new project and I anxiously await seeing the finished product.
I wish Michael nothing but the best in whatever he does. He has truly been a credit to UFOlogy and I thank him for his unselfishness, the many issues of CNI News we were blessed with, his endless devotion and his many positive contributions. Thank you, Michael.
Royce J. Myers III
The Watchdog of UFOlogy


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