Oklahoma's Amazing
UFO Sightings
by Jim Hickman

Everyone has heard of famous Area 51, right? And most of us have heard about strange aerial vehicles that lurk there. Now, I propose a new area, "Oklahoma's Area 51". It actually covers a vast area of western Oklahoma. The center of UFO activity is near the old Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base located in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. This area has been host to some of the strangest cases in UFO history, mostly unreported till recently, and NASA says it's a major player in future Space business.
This is from the Ardmoreite Newspaper July 20, 1998.
"BURNS FLAT (AP) -- Oklahomans pressing for a link to outer space expect to have an idea by this fall whether the old Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base is a serious contender as a launch site for the next generation of space shuttles. Lockheed Martin is looking for a permanent launch site for VentureStar, a reusable launch vehicle expected to take off in 2004. Oklahoma is one of 16 states in the running for the launch site. A delegation from the state recently visited Lockheed Martin officials in California. State Sen. Gilmer Capps, D-Snyder, said a proposal will be submitted for VentureStar.
''We meet the criteria every which way you turn,'' Capps said. The runway at the base closed in 1970 is 13,550 feet long and 18 inches thick, described as ideal for VentureStar. The rural location and the state's relatively moderate weather are also positives Construction on the launch site is expected to begin as soon as January 2001."
As many of you know, I'm "into" UFO history. I always try to use historical facts and documented cases to make my points whenever possible. This is I feel a great way to relearn old cases that have relevance today. I have included in this article as many of the UFO reports as I could find on this new "Area 51". I live in Oklahoma and I know it can get quite strange here at times. I have had more personal sightings here than I could relate in one report.
From the book UFO's in the USA
"Oklahoma is known for many things-cowboys, horses, winds that come sweeping down the plains- and now quite possibly, if you drive along I-40 near Elk City to mile marker 126 west of El Reno, UFO's" according to the book "UFO's in the USA", by The Society for the Preservation of Alien Contact Evidence and Geographic Exploration (SPACEAGE) (Hyperion Press 1999).
On page 135 it states that "According to Cliff Capers, state director and newsletter editor for Skywatch International, this area around the Clinton-Sherman AFB may be Oklahoma's own Area 51 and there is a "flap area west of Clinton, Ok. On Interstate 40 this stretch is stated to be about 19 miles long. Both green fireballs and quick-moving bright lights have been seen in the area. According to Cliff Capers, Elk City is still a very active spot for UFO sightings.
Cliff had his own sighting a few years ago, this report is from Skywatch InternationalÖ
"I spotted what appeared to be a black triangle while I was in the Oklahoma panhandle (Elmwood, Oklahoma) helping my father-in-law bring in his wheat harvest. On Sunday June 21, 1998 at approximately 11:30 p.m., I, along with my father-in-law and brother-in-law, had just finished working for the day. We were headed for the house and my father-in-law went ahead of us and entered the house. Since there were no clouds in the sky (keep in mind that this is way out in the country with no light pollution and viewing is excellent), I decided to stay out a few minutes and do a little star gazing.
Since my brother-in-law had never seen a satellite pass overhead he decided to stay out with me and star gaze as well. We began talking about satellites and just then he spotted a moving star and I congratulated him for finding his first satellite in the night sky. He was very impressed one could actually see a satellite pass overhead. About 11:45 p.m. he asked me to turn and take a look at something he had spotted in the southern sky. I immediately turned and saw what looked like a small black rectangle above the horizon. I would estimate that it's size at that time was 2 degrees wide. The object was quickly heading toward us moving directly from south to north. It looked so odd and was moving so fast that my brother-in-law went in and brought Dad out so he could see it too. At first we thought it might be a cloud but there were no clouds in the sky that night.
The stars would immediately wink out as this object covered them. I've seen many clouds occult a star and the star will generally gradually disappear, and may even be visible through the cloud, and then gradually reappear on the other side. This object was not a cloud, it was solid and very black. So black that it stood out very well among the stars and the black of the night sky. The black "rectangle" continued it's course straight at us at a pace that seemed to be about 90 mph until it was within 2 miles when it appeared to slow to 40 - 50 mph. As it came closer it grew larger and wider. Once it was a couple of miles away from us I noticed that the object was not rectangular but was, in fact, triangular with one tip facing us. Also at this point we noticed the wind pick up at about 30 mph and it appeared to be coming from the south, the direction from which the triangle was approaching.
As the triangle approached one mile from our location I estimated it's dimensions as best I could with it being night. In this area of OK the roads are laid out in one mile sections both north to south and east to west. Using these roads as a guide I was able to estimate that at one mile distant, the triangle was one and a half miles wide from tip to tip, its altitude was around 1,000 to 1,500 feet, the height 200-300 feet and 400-500 feet in length. There were no lights of any kind on the object and no surface detail was visible. Throughout the sighting the object made no sound. The only sound in the area was that of the trees moving from the wind that seemed to come from the object. Once the object reached one mile from our location it immediately started moving west of us without slowing or turning. It never did pass directly overhead. This right angle change in direction was amazing as it was instantaneous. The triangle continued west one to two miles and then returned to a north north north-west course. We noticed that the wind direction changed as the triangle moved west and then back to the north, so I assume the wind originated from it. After the triangle moved several miles past our location the wind stopped.
Once the triangle was many miles away from us my father-in-law and brother-in-law decided to head into the house. I continued watching the triangle until I couldn't see it anymore. This didn't take long as it was moving away at about 50 mph. I kept seeing what appeared to be faint meteors flashing above the triangle. The strange thing was that they would make a faint "J" shape above the left and right edges of the triangle and then fade. I only saw this about 3 times and they were so faint that it was be easy to miss them. That about covers my report of this sighting."
Oklahoma's Area 51, what a placeÖ As you can see we have had quite a few sightings that occur in this area. I want to share with you some of the sightings that are less famous but just as interesting, from my research. Below is my own triangular UFO sighting report.
On Saturday, October 4, 1997, at 7:15 p.m., Jim Hickman "observed an unusual object in the sky over Elk City, Oklahoma (population 9,579)." Elk City is located on Highway 40 approximately 109 miles (174 kilometers) west of Oklahoma City. The UFO was also observed by Elk City police, Hickman reported, "I went outside with my 10X50 binoculars and my camera. I saw to my southwest a large bright object that appeared to be roughly triangular in shape with what I took to be a hole in the center. The object was three fingers (10 degrees) above the horizon at arm's length. The object was at least twice as bright as the moon. I took several 35mm pictures at this time."
Another UFO appeared at 7:35 p.m. above the original triangular object. "The original object did not move at all during this...Both 'triangles' went slowly west and disappeared over the horizon."
Note: I took several photos of the object, when the film was developed it came back blank. Another Oklahoma mystery.
A Mystery Boom?
Several reports from last night, 2/2/99, at about 7:30p.m. the town of Elk City, Oklahoma, (100 miles w. of Oklahoma City) was rocked by a "Mystery Boom" similar to what has been reported in other locations recently. I contacted the local police and they reported multiple phone calls from concerned citizens, all reporting windows being shaken and a loud booming sound. I was monitoring the area military aircraft bands at the time and I noted no unusual activities. This report comes on the heals of last week's report of a sound described as being similar to a "rocket taking off" heard over a large area of western Oklahoma. By coincidence, Elk City is 15 miles w. of the old SAC Air Force base, which is under consideration as a possible launching facility for NASA's new X-33 Space planeÖ (SI report)
Note: a friend at work who had heard it several times in the past and wanted someone to look into it reported this to me.
Note: this witness is my wife DebbieÖ this was her second and third sighting. I will have an article about her "first" sighting, and how "silver spheres", and "gazing balls" play a part in ufology, all in an upcoming reportÖ
From the book UFO's in the USA
On Wednesday, February 25, 1998, at about 9:15 p.m., Debbie H. was driving west on Interstate Highway 40 in Oklahoma when she spied "a green fireball" in the night sky. Ms. H saw the object "at mile marker 126, west of El Reno, Okla. (population 15,414)." "I left Oklahoma City and was driving west on I-40 back to Elk City," she reported. "I had passed the towns of Yukon and El Reno and was at mile marker 126 when I spotted a green fireball in the sky west of my position.
It appeared to be about the size of a golf ball at arm's length and traveled straight-line. I spotted the fireball as it came into the view of my windshield. It was in view for three or four seconds as it traveled straight down and then impacted the ground... I saw green sparks fly up from the impact.
"The next evening, Thursday, February 26, 1998, Ms. H saw "a huge white light just south of Clinton Lake. The light was seen near the Clinton/Sherman Air Force Base but it was at treetop level. While (she was) observing the light, it 'instantly' came forward to the edge of the tree line...and the light could be seen through the trees.
It then moved up a few feet in altitude and moved over the interstate directly over her truck. It then flew along I-40 for a few seconds." By the time Ms. H reached mile marker 47, near Canute, Okla. (population 538), the mysterious light had vanished. She added, "The light was so bright it illuminated the (truck's) cab."
Oklahoma-Peru UFO
Note: I saw this object over Elk City, Oklahoma and I received a photo of the same object from a friend in Peru who saw it on the same day.
At 12:35pm CST, on 3/3/99, while on lunch break, I observed a flying object that appeared to be mostly stationary but was spinning rapidly on its axis. It had a wobble to it's spinning. This object was reflecting the sun, but seemed to be yellow-gold in color. I noticed several contrails in the area from jet traffic, and I am quite familiar with jet aircraft after 6 years in the Air Force, this object was not a jet or an aircraft. The location of the sighting was just north of the town of Elk City, Ok. The object was at a 60-degree angle to the ground when I first sighted it. It appeared to be the size of a match head at arm's length. I kept the object in view for about 5 minutes as it slowly moved northward till it was out of visual range. The wind was out of the North at 15, the sky was clear and sunny. No noise was heard. Several other people who work with me at my day job also saw the object. I'm attempting to get statements from them. I also received a photo from Peru of the identical object. (APRG report)
Clinton Sherman AFB Oklahoma's Area 51?
On Friday, October-31, 1997 at 8:23 p.m. CDT, a "Flash of Light" was reported N. E. of the town of Reydon, Oklahoma (appox. 120 miles N.W. of Oklahoma City). A local Sheriff's Deputy witnessed this flash. This radio report was monitored, and it was described as a 'Large Flash of Light in the Sky'. Also heard- Dispatch-" was it lighting?" Deputy-" I don't see any clouds in the sky"..." "I saw one large flash to my northeast and it wasn't lightning!". Thanks to Jim Hickman and Skywatch. (Filer's Files)
Note: I monitored this conversation on Police radio. I am a "ham" radio operator so I have several radios on monitoring at all times. If you are in the Elk City, Ok area and you're a "ham" give me a call, I'm KA5UFO, our repeater is open on 146.760.
YUKON -- S. Ritter reports that on November 14, 1999, my husband walked outside at 6:20 PM, and looked south towards the moon, and noticed that it looked larger than last nights moon, then he looked east to view Jupiter, when he noticed overhead, a bright light moving north. He watched for at least a minute, then he called me to see it also. Then it had moved east. The bright appearance changed to a more yellowish color that was like a ghostly glowing aura around it. We observed the disc for 2 to 3 minutes, then it disappeared. There were no red or green navigational lights on this strange craft that made no sound at all. It was about the size of Jupiter. Thanks to UFORoundup
ELK CITY -- November 29, 1999, Scarecrow writes, "I observed a whole sky full of parallel contrails. There were 21 huge lines in the sky, all parallel. Then there were about 6 contrails crossing the first at right angles. We drove 75 miles south, and never even passed half of them. Of course I stirred up a lot of excitement since the people there had not heard of the "contrail" question before. But they became believers, because it was so obvious. The next morning, I awoke with and still have a very nasty and acute cough. My wife and brother-in-law also came up suddenly ill. I cannot believe this pattern emerges in broad daylight for everyone to see, and yet it still is not getting any real coverage in the media. About time for a new wave of unusual Asian flu to hit, isn't it? Thanks to Scarecrow and Skywatch
Note: I counted 26 contrails that day. We have contrails here almost daily. I am amazed at the patterns they can weaveÖ
Historic UFO's
I also wanted to include some of the lesser-known UFO cases from the areaÖ
(From the Margonia Database)
Dec. 08, 1957 Woodward (Oklahoma). Between Woodward and Seiling, 12 km from the latter, an unknown flying object allegedly took complete control of a car with three passengers. The driver, an employee of an aircraft company, had turned the heater, windshield wiper, and radio on. He was nearing a hill in this wooded area when a bright light appeared ahead. It reminded the witness of the light from a mercury lamp. As a crash seemed imminent, the car slowed down by itself and stopped, as if the entire electrical circuit had failed. Over the vehicle was a disk 16 m in diameter with portholes around the periphery, emitting a current of hot air and a high-pitched sound. It had a dome on top and bottom. It rose as the car started by itself. The car was a 1954 Dodge Coronet without automatic transmission. The witness spent four hours with two Kirtland AFB officers who told him of similar observations. The case was never reported to Blue Book.
Sep. 11, 1964 Ulysses (Oklahoma). Karen Campbell was scared by an oval, dull copper object that flew low over her car. It measured about 1.2 m in height, had a dome on top, made a "rushing" noise, and seemed to "float over the car. Aug. 03, 1965 Lake Hefner (Oklahoma). A young man saw an object rise from the lake area.
Mar. 23, 1966 Temple (Oklahoma). An electronics instructor, who was driving to work at a local Air Force Base, observed an object blocking the road. It was shaped like an airplane fuselage, 25 m long, with a "bubble" on top resembling the canopy on a B-26, rested on legs, and had very bright aft and forward lights. There was a door and a short stairway to the side of the object, and a man in coveralls appeared to be examining the craft which bore the identification "TL 4768". When the witness approached, the "pilot" went back inside, a sound resembling that of a high-speed drill was heard, and the object rose. No engine was observed. The witness was familiar with all conventional military aircraft
Mar. 26, 1966 Texahoma (Oklahoma). Two civilian women were driving back from Amarillo when they saw an object aproaching from the north. The engine died and the headlights failed. The object flew over the car and hovered 400 m away. After 10 min, the witnesses were able to start their car and leave. They reported the object had a wafflelike surface and glowed with an intense red light.
Apr. 01, 1966 Tangier (Oklahoma). A civilian man, 34, was driving about 10 km south of Tangier when he reached a hilltop and saw a green object flying north at very high speed, emitting a shrieking noise and a "heat wave." The car engine died. The witness noted that the object was wider than the road.
Oct. 21, 1967 Duncan (Oklahoma). Four boys were driving east on State Route 7 when they saw three men on the road, who "almost flew off and disappeared." They were about 1.20 m tall and wore shiny blue-green clothing. Their faces looked human, but they had very large ears. The next day a small footprint showing four toes was found in the mud.
Nov. 28, 1966 El Campo (Texas). Two witnesses observed a dark, red object land by the side of the road, later following their car.
Sep., 1966 El Campo (Texas). A police officer was driving at nearly 200 km/h toward the north on Route 71 when he suddenly saw an object on the road ahead and another one following his car. The first one looked like a flaming car and was the size of a 3-story house. It flew away as the policeman was about to hit it.
Sep. 03, 1965 Damon (Texas). Two Angleton sheriffs, McCoy and evening Robert Goode saw from their car a huge object 70 m long, 15 m high, with a bright, violet light at one end and a pale-blue light at the other. They stopped to watch it and saw the craft fly within 30 m, casting a huge shadow when it intercepted the moonlight. They felt a heat wave and drove away in fear, but returned to the site a second time, only to turn around when they found the object was still there. Goode had been bitten by an animal before the sighting, and his left index finger swelled and bled freely. After exposure to the light from the object, the pain was gone, and the wound cured unnaturally. Later that evening, two men found him at a restaurant and described the object in detail, adding he should keep future encounters to himself.
Aug. 04, 1965 Dallas (Texas). A man in a car observed a red and blue light thought it came from a police car, then was passed by a huge, orange object flying at ground level.
Aug. 02, 1965 Justin (Texas). Two deputy sheriffs of Tarrant County saw an object as bright as burning magnesium, which landed as they were on a patrol near Wagle Mountain Lake. Extensive investigation by the police led to negative results.
Nov. 02, 1957 Canadian (Texas). 5 km west of this town, military and civilian witnesses reported a submarine-shaped object, red and white, two or three times as long as a car and about 3 m high, at ground level. A figure was seen near this object, also something compared to a white flag. When a car stopped in the vicinity, a flash of light from the object coincided with the sudden failure of the headlights.
Sep. 26, 1957 Yellow Falls (Texas). Three hundred people were said to have seen three elongated objects with a series of portholes, maneuvering at ground level in an area with many empty oil wells. One of these objects, said to be 150 m long and 20 m high, pearl-colored, glistening under the setting sun and showing a series of circles painted on its surface, landed for 20 min. An occupant emerged, observed the abandoned derricks and took off again. Observed through binoculars, he appeared as a "monster," 1 m tall, moving with strange jumps. He picked up something from the ground.
Apr. 08, 1950 River Road near Amarillo (Texas). David, 12, and Charles, 9, Lightfoot saw a disk land behind a hill and touched it. It was the size of a car tire, about 30 cm high, with a rounded top that rotated and a pivot between the base and the top. It took off very fast. The faces and arms of the boys later became red.
I couldn't have a complete report without the Bluebook unknown'sÖ
July 5, 1952; Norman, Oklahoma. 7:58 p.m. Witness: Oklahoma State Patrolman Hamilton in State Patrol airplane. Three dark discs hovered and then flew away, silhouetted against a dark cloud. 15 seconds.
Oct. 15, 16 and 17, 1954; Kingfisher, Oklahoma. 8:45 p.m. Fifty objects with illuminated bottoms were seen flying in a V-formation, very fast, on successive nights. Only data is on summary card.
May 7, 1966; Goodfellow AFB, Texas. 9:55 p.m. Witness: A/3c W.L. Whitehead. One short, cylindrical object with pointed ends and a yellow light at one end and blue light at the other, flew straight and level for 35 seconds.
So, as you can see Oklahoma's Area 51 is alive and active. If you are in the area, please drop by and we'll give you the tour.
Jim Hickman-Director Aerial Phenomena Research Group CAUS Consultant-Staff CUFOS Associate-Investigator PO Box 2154 Elk City, Oklahoma 73648


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