Woman's ET Missing Time
Yields 20 Years Of
Paranormal Activity
From Karen Lyster

Since this piece below appeared in the latest 'Filers Files', I have been innundated with people wishing to know the full story. I've now put it up on the site for those interested to read. It contains my own personal encounter which details a large amount of Missing Time, direct Encounters with ET/Alien Beings, Object Manipulation, Paranormal Activity, etc.
From Filers Files -
Karen L. wrote to the Skywatch International stating, "I had a UFO encounter back in 1978, where I was actually missing for two days. Its a long story but the point here is that upon return there started a three month period of "extreme" supernatural activity in the apartment where I was living. There were three other people living there and we all had to put up with items flying through the house, things suddenly lifting off and levitating on the dinner table as we were eating meals, people appearing and walking through walls. The list goes on and on and this happened everyday, day in day out. I found it all extremely interesting while my friends found it absolutely terrifying. Needless to say that after three months they couldn't take it anymore and had to move out. I decided to move back to New Zealand where the entire thing started again in my next residence. We got professional help in and without telling them the details the moment the walked into the house they came straight for me saying it was all centered around me (yep tell me about it). They couldn't help unfortunately so again I moved and this time it stopped. It's now over 20 years later and things still go 'bump' around me ;)... I'm used to it now.
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