Historic UFOs - Now Australians
Are Seeing Flying Discs -1947

From Frank Warren

Now Australians Are Seeing Flying Discs Sacramento Bee July 8, 1947
SYDNEY (Australia) (AP) Strange tales of "flying saucers" were told in Sidney today and the Daily Telegraph headlined the story, It Had To Happen Here.
Several Sidney persons said that they had seen disc shaped objects shooting across the sky last night or early today.
E.J. Walters told the Telegraph and his wife saw two-"white shiny and flat"
"The night was so clear and bright we were able to get a good look at them," he said. "They travelled very fast in westerly direction."
Jack Parker said the object he saw was slightly "brighter then the moon," and appeared to be "travelling at a terrific speed." He reported it left no trail.
These manifestations came several hours after 22 Sidney University students had reported glimpsing flying objects in an experiemnt organized by physiology Professor Frank S. Cotton who said what they actually saw was "the effect of red corpuscles of the blood passing in front of the retina" of the eye. In all, 450 students took part in the experiment. The others saw nothing unusual.
The Daily Mirror reported a photographer and a reporter on its staff tested the professor's theory and both saw "flying discs."


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