Human Engineered Flying
Triangles - Many Names,
Hidden Programs
By Nicholas Gold
The document you are looking at was given to me by a person I have come into contact with in the past few months, and will only describe as being "on the inside." Because I am convinced as to the authenticity of the document, and the position of the source, and don't actually know what the status of the document is (classified?), I am taking great steps to hide the source's identity.
What you see is the front page of a brochure put out by Norjen, Inc., or possibly just a mini-brochure in its entirety. Norjen is an aerospace firm that does design, engineering, fabrication of prototypes, and testing of prototypes for the military and NASA (as if there's really a difference between the two anyway!) Their sister company, Advanced Soaring Concepts, Inc., seems to be more publicly accessible ( Norjen itself has no Web presence whatsoever, from what I can tell. Apparently these people like to keep out of the spotlight.
What you immediately notice are three pictures of triangular "flying-wing" aircraft. The top seems to be a pretty basic rendering, the middle is a wireframe model, and the bottom is a photograph. These aircraft are presumably related to several black aircraft projects that have been talked about in the past few years, those being the Tier and TR-3 projects, which are probably related anyway, and may indeed be the same thing. The TR-3B is supposedly around 600 feet long. Black Manta is probably a similar program.
A quick note: If you start looking into black aircraft, the first thing you'll notice is how every possible new design and project is going by several names. All an attempt to hide the budgets and confuse the public and congress. The point is, don't dwell on the names, because they will probably never be known. Look at the general direction research seems to be heading, and you will probably come away with a good idea of what is up there, and what is going on.
Much information on these projects and others can be found at the Federation of American Scientists' site ( and Black Dawn (, so I won't get into them here in detail. These sights are both excellent, so I encourage you to check them out. Back to the brochure.
The bottom triangle is, according to my source, an RCS (radio cross-section) model. It looks to be about 20 or 25 feet long, and is most probably not to the scale of the final version of the aircraft. RCS models are how designers determine the visibility of a craft to radar. They don't have to build it as large as the final product, just the same shape. As my source told me:
"The size of the model is important for the radio frequency being modeled. Example: If someone wanted to determine the RCS of a B-2 bomber at 10 GHz, but didn't'have an RF darkroom that big, they would, for example, make a 1/5 scale model and scale of the frequency to 50 GHz."
So really we have no way of knowing how large the craft is. The fact is, the military is flying all sizes of triangular flying wing craft. Some are supposedly tremendous (my source alluded to a 2000 foot long prototype!), and some are quite small. Some are probably manned, many are probably not. Many craft, many missions.
However, my source did go into a little bit of detail about the pictured craft on the brochure. First of all, the craft is a modified dirigible. That's right, it employs lighter than air gas to lift it off of the ground. This explains why witnesses of such triangular craft usually describe them as being silent or nearly silent, and able to make bizarre maneuvers such as turning on a dime while hovering.
There are intakes on the bottom of the craft - this is why the RCS model is leaning in the manner it is. My source wouldn't go into detail about the nature of the triangle's propulsion system, but it isn't "anti-gravity" or anything like that. It may be fairly exotic, however, at least in terms of its quietness.
My source also verified rumors that some of these craft are able to change their appearance, both visually and to radar, maybe other spectra as well. Again, the source wouldn't go into detail.
And now comes the mission, according to my source, at least for some of these triangles. Remember a month or so ago the U.S. Senate passed a resolution that now makes it policy for the U.S. to build a "missile-defense shield," as soon as it is technologically possible? Well these triangles, folks, are part of that system. According to my source, these stealth craft would actually get in close to the origin of a missile (or missiles), and acquire target data on the missiles in order for other elements of the system to be able to knock them out of the sky. A continuation of Regan's Strategic Defense Initiative. "Star Wars," as it was dubbed, did not just go away! They've been working on it for over a decade now, and these large flying triangles that are being spotted all over the place are part of it.
This also explains why this is such a secret program: It's breaking a number of rules set by international arms treaties! If the Russians knew we had the capability to knock out nukes, they wouldn't be too happy. Yes, the Cold War as we knew it is over, and so relations aren't as strained as they were then. However, anything relating to nuclear weapons quickly becomes a touchy issue for nations, and as such, some elements of the military, government, and big business pressed ahead and developed these capabilities, far away from the public eye and foreign (AND domestic!) intelligence agencies.
The technology that is starting to be discovered by (or revealed to?) the public is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Most people assume that the huge flying triangles that have now been seen by thousands of people (remember the Phoenix lights?) have got to be aliens, because there's no way that we could have such amazing technology. But remember, folks: The stealth bomber is in essence 20 years old! Many advances have been made in the meantime. Just because they haven't been made public, doesn't mean they don't exist. Keep in mind, though, that every time the government or military denies knowledge of the existence of these aircraft: THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.