Is This The First Video
Of A UFO Crash?
By Kim Burrafato <>
I was recently informed by the very useful UFO UpDates discussion list ( of an excellent new web site devoted to UFO video clips. The UFO Scotland site -- <
> -- has performed a truly important service to the world Ufology community in providing this video clearinghouse. While going through the extensive list of clips I came across one of the most amazing UFO videos I've ever seen. The MPEG video clip in question is located on the first page listed above. It is the 16th video listed down the page, the one with the shower of sparks against a violet purple background.
I was totally unprepared for what I witnessed in this unfortunately brief (15 seconds) video. The camera person who took this footage obviously knew what they were doing. It's almost as though they were there specifically to video this object. What is seen is an unidentifiable, lenticular shaped craft moving rapidly down towards what is plainly a desert landscape. I say craft because what is seen is clearly a technological artifact, and not some kind of light or plasma like phenomenon. A thin contrail is seen trailing behind the craft. The craft appears to be in trouble, as it heads towards the desert floor. What happens next is something I wouldn't believe to be possible unless I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. The craft literally pancakes off the ground with a visible cloud of dirt and debris, and BOUNCES!!! back into the air, while regaining altitude. The camera follows the now obviously malfunctioning vehicle as it passes a number of telephone poles. Once again it starts losing altitude and heads towards the desert floor. In the final few frames the craft again impacts the ground, but this time all that is seen is a huge shower of bright sparks and there the video ends.
I showed this clip to a pilot friend of mine with over 30 years of both military and commercial flying experience. This man has flown everything from Phantoms over Vietnam, MIG-29s in formerly communist Russia, to the latest version 747s. His reaction upon seeing the craft impact with the ground, only to bounce back into the air was "That's $%*@"^% impossible! No aircraft could withstand a ground impact like that! It would either explode, or suffer a catastrophic collapse of the airframe." He said the video had to be fake, but that it sure didn't look fake to him. It was evident his rational world view had just been shattered.
I 'm no photographic/video analysis expert. But my gut level reaction when first viewing this clip was that this was something real. Sometimes one has to trust their instincts, and all my instincts in this case said I was looking at a real video of a real object doing absolutely unreal things! Of particular interest is the sudden blooming of a violet colored haze around the object as it impacted for the first time. This haze looks exactly like the violet purple haze seen immediately around UFOs in many reported sightings. It has been theorized that this haze is due to powerful electromagnetic ionization effects, more than likely due to the objects' propulsion systems. Just fractions of a second before the object impacts, you can see the haze increase dramatically in size and intensity. It's almost as though the craft was activating some kind of externally directed force field to somehow cushion the impact, or even prevent it.
I contacted the people at UFO Scotland to find out the source of the video, and was informed that it was submitted by Tony Craddock, the web master for Dr. Greer's CSETI organization. It now becomes imperative that we find out the original source for this most remarkable video. Hopefully, Tony Craddock and the CSETI folks will help solve this compelling mystery.