Did Egyptians Mummify
An ET Along With King Tut?
By David Innis <>
What if I told you that I believe I have come across evidence that there exists, most probably in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities (in dusty storage), conclusive genetic proof that ties the Egyptian civilization to the alien Grey race?
Yes, those large-headed, large eyed alien Grey's that you see depicted on everything from coffee mugs to television commercials. Unless this evidence has been destroyed or simply allowed to decay into dust, it does exist somewhere, because there is photographic and video-graphic proof of its existence.
One video was shown on the Discovery Channel a couple of years ago, and that's where I first saw it.....and evidently I'm the ONLY one who realized what they had!! The show was called "Secrets of the Pharoahs: Search for Ancient DNA" and I made several copies for "home use". Photos have been published in various books on King Tutankhamun, which I don't have the titles to at this time. However, I do have a photo that was scanned from one such book.
What you are about to see is something you have NEVER heard of. EVER. What you haven't been told is that when the boy king Tutankhamun's mummy was unearthed by Howard Carter and his team back in the 1920's, there was buried, along with all of the priceless gold artifacts, 2 "baby" mummies? And ONE of these mummies is an ALIEN GREY!
I won't tell you which one, because I don't want to insult your intelligence. You can see for yourself. The odd thing is, that in the "video", the HUMAN "fetus" (as it was called) was stated to be a fully developed fetus. The ALIEN "fetus" (as it WASN'T called) was said to be 5 months premature, it's (and I quote) "skull plates have not yet grown together".
Well, here's MY question? How, when a separate ruler was laid beside EACH "fetus", can a 5 month pre-mature "fetus" be nearly 4 (FOUR!) inches longer than a fully developed "fetus"?
They took 2 (TWO) different shots of the fetuses, and placed the PICTURES side-by-side, ENLARGING THE HUMAN FETUS so that it would appear closer in size to the ALIEN fetus. Close examination of the RULERS tells the true length!
I challenge ANYONE to prove me wrong on this fact. Now, the most basic fact of all is the APPEARANCE!
When you look below, you will see what I believe to be an ALIEN creature, not of this Earth! And if this mummy can be located, I'm positive that this will be the most profound evidence EVER toward proving that WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Other possibilities: There are a myriad of cranial deformities which have been thoroughly cataloged by medical science, from Craniosynostosis (premature closing of one or more of the normally present bony gaps between the different bones of the skull) to Apert Syndrome (This deformity is extremely rare and very complex. It includes variations of many facial anomalies. Patients with Apert syndrome have bilateral coronal synostosis in combination with upper and midface retrusion), as well as Crouzon Syndrome, a rare congenital condition marked by craniosynostosis, exorbitism and midface retrusion. It affects one in 25,000 children. Patients with Crouzon's have very distinct facial features similar to Apert syndrome; This can include the enlarged cranium and bulging or out-set eyes due to distortion of the sockets.

For me it is somewhat of a leap to conclude that the above images feature an extra-terrestrial being, clearly encased, cataloged, examined and placed on display in some fashion with some unknown museum (as the images are clearly standard catalog photos of relics). There are dozens of medically recognized diseases which can explain the shape of the head. (A Real Audio/Video file of many varied cranial deformities corrected by modern plastic surgery can be seen here, One of which features a similar widening of the head and displacement of the eyes corrected in an interesting "morphing" shot. You must have Real Audio Player to see the video)

It should also be taken into consideration that the Egyptians were known to deliberately deform the natural contours and shape of the head from birth, using bindings and planks, to achieve an elongated skull proportion, which they regarded as aesthetically pleasing. When rational, earthly answers exist, extra-terrestrial answers are unwarranted.

Admittedly, the difference in the size of the curious fetus, as mentioned by David being larger than the other, while labeled 'premature' fetus is peculiar.