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By Bruce Cornet <>
Peer review and skepticism help people to refine their arguments and seek better evidence. I welcome testing my interpretations by fire. But we all know that skeptics come in various sizes, shapes, attitudes, and IQs, and their involvement ranges from wanting to improve interpretations (constructive criticism) to their wanting to limit them to their own beliefs (negative criticism). The latter category is the most frustrating, because challenging a person's beliefs often results in butting one's head against a brick wall.
On 25 January 1997 John Macedo, Jr. and Bruce Cornet traveled to Pine Bush, New York, in search of AOP. That evening was one of the best encounters Cornet had in his seven years of investigation, because it was a demonstration by three different types of AOP, each one designed to test the ability of human perception and understanding. Their flight paths, speeds, navigation lights, strobe patterns, sounds, and actions were anything but conventional. All three ended the event by slowly descending below tree top level over Lake Osiris.
Many of us have heard the statement, "If ET technology is sufficiently advanced from our own, it will appear to us as magic." In other words, we can be fooled. But few people think that they can be fooled when it comes to their own personal experiences. That is why magic shows are so entertaining. That is also why a lot of scientific data must be collected which can be analyzed independently by various scientists in order to get past the deception (usually self-imposed). If ET is here visiting Earth, it is highly likely that they will want to be "low observable" outside of intentional performances. The military is very familiar with this concept, with camouflage, and with justifications for using it, but few skeptics seem to be prepared for possible ET deception in its various forms.
Back in 1997 I posted on the internet images I captured on video of the Pine Bush FT. These are the best images ever taken of this enigmatic object, first brought to the public's attention by Ellen Crystall in her book, Silent Invasion. Several webmasters put my images up on their websites (e.g. It wasn't long before skeptics began taking pot shots at those images, claiming that all I saw was a conventional jetliner. They misinterpreted reflections off of booms sticking out front as reflections off of a conventional aircraft fuselage. Guess why the booms may have been put on that craft?
Technology, my skills at html, and cost for server space had not progressed to the point that I could put more data from that evening onto the internet. Things have changed. I recently published a series of web pages containing dozens of images, graphs, maps, animations, and movies of that spectacular night near Pine Bush, NY.
When taken individually and out of context from the entire sequence of events and with the exclusion of other anomalous data, it is understandable how some skeptics might jump to conclusions about the identity of these three AOP. This exercise in data analysis is important in that it shows how additional data and careful analysis can help eliminate wrong interpretations.
Yours truly, Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. Geologist and Paleobotanist
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