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Now And Always
By Alfred Lehmberg <>
I don't believe _in_ UFO's, and I'm not splitting hairs, but *something* haunts the skies above, and shames us _well_ down here. And not just _now_, but way back *when* 'twas flight was just a dream. Yes, well before the pyramids that began it all, it seems. Back before we sailed our seas we prayed to brutal gods -- gods as thick as errant fleas to give that needed nod. Back before, when just a few, we wandered plains in bands askew, and we were *almost* innocent then, an uncorrupted kith and kin. Back before we wrote in books, we scratched cave walls with paint and soot, and we recorded saucers, flying, (scaring the observers spying) -- pulsing inner lights in waves that we, then, chipped in stone, OK?
Kings of fearful ancient times would see them hover there, and scurry to their *high* priests, their witchdoctors, and sayers. Pharoahs of old Egypt ran, and raised up armies that would stand in fearful awe of flying craft that, silent (days long!) flew on past! They could, even, smell their odors -- alien and acrid motors! This was taken down (but hidden) by a man of some *religion*, but the papyrus is real and good translation's solid seal. I say this and _forget_ the Bible -- how all its stories make it libel as a record of abduction, UFO's and piqued destruction!
Consider Alexander as he strides his *conquered* planet, as he crosses raging rivers to secure a grip upon it. His elephants and horses and, yes, most of all his men were panicked by two UFO's that _dove_ upon them, friend. They drove them from their crossing (why?) these craft that sailed air; they flew like massive birds of prey that owned the sky up there. Described as silver shields spitting fire to the ground, they danced and burned and threatened, but they did not make a sound. Squealing like Ned Beatty, and (yes!) scared beyond his wits, Alexander *wrote* it down, so he'd _remember_ it.
And sober (pre-Christ) Romans were observers, then, as well. Of skies, well nigh, INFESTED are the tales they would tell. Spectacles of "fleets of ships" would course through troubled skies, they wrote it down as point of fact, and not as *charming* lies. They would HEAR terrific noises, and the sky would turn to gold. Men and women _trembled_ like they all had gotten cold. Globes of fire fell to Earth and landed on the ground. Taking off they'd go straight up and flash their lights around. Described as brighter than the sun, these terrified plain folks (who'd run) to hapless priests or scared officials who'd write it down, and sign _initials_. Pliny wrote of burning shields that danced across his eye, annealed. Others wrote of missiles, then, that roared and soared their skies again.
The birth of Christ won't cure the air of errant flying craft. Josephus wrote of phantom ships, and no one thinks he's daft. Respected as a scholar, and revered as circumspect, he wrote of flying chariots, and of beings WITHIN them yet! He wrote of _armies_ of them that would course their way through clouds! He wrote "surrounded cities" so there really is no doubt. He wrote that all this happened in fullest light of day -- he wrote of frightened peoples who went down on knees to pray. This wasn't science fiction, but was well beyond his scope. He wrote it as he saw it. All agree that he's no dope.
The Byzantine were not immune to unknown *flying* craft, they wrote of ships called brilliant, more like burning globes -- as fast. They hovered over cities (!), and presented beams like swords; folks looked up and cringed in fear for judgement of those lords! Nobles watched the pagans as the dark age was to end, and reddish brown in color flying saucers flew again! They hovered over churches, and they scared the people blind who ran in "bug" confusion from the castles if outside. They had never seen the like! They cowered in their awe. They _survived_ and wrote it down. It sticks, yes (!), in your craw.
And what is seminal history, but Saint Gregory of Tours who reported on one Alcuin, a biographer of stars. Charlemagne's assaulted by a light-fast glowing globe! It flickers inexplicably like a psychedelic strobe! It's so damned strange it spooks his horse, which rears in the attack. Charlemagne, in armor, is then thrown right off its back. This injures him severely; he's dead in four more years, and kingdoms fall to ruin as the Vikings bring their cheer.
The Japanese saw their fair share and they will not be excluded. Yoritsumi saw the "flying lights" and here will be included. Yoritsumi was a general with his army in the field, and he saw them loop their circles in the sky like hurled shields. They swung all night to morning light and then some hours still, so he, then, asked his *wise* men who would shuck _their_ jive and shill, "Be unconcerned, most gracious lord. Let smiles adjourn your frown -- it's a typhoon, heaving mightily, to blow the stars around."
This takes us from -- "way back" BC . . . to about the thirteenth century. There's more to say another day -- eight hundred years of saucers -- hey! Forgetting tablets Sitchin translates, UFO's remain debated. History's a smoking gun that people did _not_ write for *fun*. It was, then, too damned expensive; they only wrote what common sense was. Written in the words they _had_ in concepts they could understand, they wrote that we are _not_ alone, and wrote that down in ink and stone!
No. I don't believe in UFO's. I _believe_ UFO's. The difference is NOT that subtle. And what is there not to believe. Seriously -- it crawls _all_ over the written record, and yet collectively we continue to laugh inappropriately up our damp sleeves.
Why? We can't let it disturb our future plans? Rofl!
And, what is it but our belief in a phony-baloney, and likely unjust, *future* ((awarded to us if we stay our *profitable* but world sodomizing course)) that allows the shimmering scales of a court jester ufology to be glued to our hapless eyes in the first place? Yeah! Phony -- baloney!
The conservative establishment smirks and continues to celebrate a conservatism that is born out of the *satisfactions* it has discovered in having *things* remain _just_ as they ARE. Further -- it is an establishment that recently finds itself needing to demonstrate some reinvention as a *compassionate* party, proof of it's sociopathy! That future that we hope for (and that they promise) is a red herring (for a carrot) on the end of their long stick. And even IT evaporates (as a red herring is wont to do) the moment they feel they HAVE to have another platinum fixture on the downstairs bidet of their autumn home. In a contrived and manipulated denouement that too few are availing themselves of -- these few are very comfortable indeed. We are embroiled in a gigantic and pyramidal ponsi-scheme for a sociopathic minority. This corrosive minority believes that they will be able to insulate themselves from the very worst, FORGETTING they are in a position to elevate the whole to truly _cosmic_ levels. Free power, as example, has such a *problem* NOT because there is nothing to it. Rather, a huge amount of old (and new) money feels it has a lot *invested* in the early, fossil, twentieth century concepts presently employed. Energy problems in this country could be eliminated with an _incentive_ to generate power and supply it to a grid, presently, enslaving us, but I digress. <puff -- puff . . . deep breath <g.
This group (of the, ah, uh -- . . . conservatively minded) is the same bunch that fills the trough for our news media and mainstream science impetus. It is also the major proponent of a campaign to keep ufology in the under-funded-court-jester status it presently occupies. UFO's suggest change -- this is a change that may not be compatible with the present ease of luxury and control now enjoyed by selected persons presently disrespecting _your_ individuality and quality of life. How much control _do_ you have?
No, we hang by threads. At the complete whim of the arbitrary, we are song and danced by a cloying appeal to tradition and ceremony. These traditions of Aristotle, and these ceremonies of elitist convenience do nothing but beg the inevitable question; however, a question largely unanswered but for a smirking retort that maintains a status quo leading to an increasingly exclusionary and suicidal dead end.
Somebody knows.
UFO's are, by definition, change, and point to worlds with much more breadth and scope -- potential and expansiveness. It gets no easier to maintain a façade of normalcy for the smirking denial of these few, so fearlessly -- ask your own questions though the answers (or the suggestions of answers) offend you, shock you, or shame you. There is joy beyond the shame, satisfaction beyond the shock, and fellowship beyond the offense.
And it's real.