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SOS OVNI Presse release - Exclusive

For the first time ever, a private French UFO research group obtains a file on a military radar detection directly through the French Ministry of Defence.
We are pleased to announce that the issue 43 of Phenomena, the French newsstand journal dedicated to the scientific study of unidentified aerial phenomena has been published. An issue which features an investigation that will possibly cause a stir since it reveals the dealings of UFO cases by the French military.
August 98: A civilian living near Metz sees a spherical object which beams down a light as it flies over his head. The witness files a testimonial report with the French Military Gendarmerie Corps.
January 99: SOS OVNI asks the authorities for a copy of the report. The witness tells private researchers that the police showed him a file which seems to demonstrate that there was a military radar detection of the object. SOS OVNI requests confirmation from the Drachenbronn control center in the East of France.
February 99: Drachenbronn denies in a written statement: "We researched our archives to no avail".
July 99: Investigators from SOS OVNI recieve a copy of the Gendarmerie report. The military radar detection is mentionned in unquestionnable terms.
July 99: SOS OVNI writes back to Drachenbronn asking for an explanation as to why they denied the sighting.
September 99: having never recieved any reply, investigators file a procedure with the Commission díAcces aux Documents Administratifs, a French official body which gives an opinion of whether the files may or may not be communicated under the French Freedom of Information Act. The committee replies favorably to the demand.
October 99: The complete file is forwarded to SOS OVNI directly by the French Defence Ministry. Where one finds confirmation of a radar detection: "We detected track ME 403 for three minutes, with no information about height, of an object on which we have no data" Radar Control Center in Drachenbronn. Where one also discover that the French official investigative body SEPRA, headed by Jean-Jacques Velasco, filed the case without any research.
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