UFO Disc Photographed On
Colombian Mountainside

From Scott Corrales
Source: William Chaves

Spectacular UFO Taped And Photographed In Colombia April 2-3
The news spread like wildfire regarding the fact that in Tabio and Tenjo, communities 40 km. to the northwest of the Colombian capital, strange phenomena are occuring.
The CONTACTO OVNI organization held a skywatch [in this vicinity] since some of the reports from nearly 300 people who occupy the region adjacent to Peña de Huaica state that strange lights engaged in all kind of maneuvers are being seen by day and by night. Even the local mayor has witnessed these events and there exists a generalized restlessness over the phenomenon.
Fifteen members of the organization headed out with both camcorder and still cameras toward the location in question on the night of April 02. For 7 minutes, we captured on video the manuevers of a strange orange object which changed shape above the road leading toward Tabio.
On the following day, at around 9:15 a.m., we took photographs of Peña de Huaica without noticing anything abnormal. However, upon developing the negatives, we were startled by the fact that the first two photos in the sequence show nothing above mountain, but the third features a circular blue disk. We compared the photos and subsequent analysis at Kodak in Bogotá revealed no anomalies in the film, since the object was in fact there. The negative was enlarged and the metallic disk descending over the hill can be clearly seen.
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Translation (C) 2002 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology


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