Regarding Some Apollo
Astronauts Allegedly Seeing
UFOs On The Moon....

Note - I received this from a source personally very close to the Apollo 12 Astronauts
Apollo 12
Nov 14-24, 1969
Richard F. Gordon, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean
Mission duration 10 days, 4 hours, 36 minutes.
Neither Alan Bean nor Pete Conrad saw anything UFO or ET on the moon. Alan and I have discussed this a number of times.
In fact, none of the three crew members on that mission ever saw a UFO before, during, or after the mission. I was with Alan and Gordon, the pilot orbiting the moon during the mission, and we discussed the UFO topic at some length.
Frankly, they don't have a lot of patience for theories and rumors about their 'sightings' on the mission to the moon or any other space mission they were involved in.
Regarding the camera, Alan caught a lot of ribbing about it and still considers it to be perhaps the only failure of the mission. It was a new piece of tech, and no, it was not designed to look at the sun for any length of time. As he was handling the camera, he pointed it at the sun for just a moment and burned out a critical element.
Everything else went perfectly on the mission check sheet and Alan and Pete were very proud of that accomplishment.
FYI, they never got a UFO/ET briefing by NASA before the moon never came up.