Historic Aurora, Texas UFO Crash Site
From Lamar James

Here are three photos I shot in Aurora, Texas recently. As you well know from Jim Marrs and others, the townspeople say a cigar-shaped airship crashed into a windmill and burst into flames.
Aurora photos 1 and 2 are photos of a hill where a windmill was located.


The green house in one of the pictures is where a UFO museum and gift shop will open soon.
Supposedly the airship crashed into the windmill and burst into flames. After the fire, the remains of a small man in a green suit were taken to the cemetery shown in Aurora photo 3.

 He was buried somewhere in this general area judging from the dates of the markers. Townspeople concealed the small man's marker about 25 years ago because they feared grave robbers would steal his remains. Now, no one is sure where his remains are.

Pieces of metal around the old windmill site were dug up by people with metal detectors. Supposedly, they exhibited unusual characteristics, I was told.


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