UFO Eludes Navajo Officers
By Jim Maniaci, Dine Bureau
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WINDOW ROCK - Not one, but two Navajo police officers chased an unidentified flying object seen in the night sky over northern McKinley County last week.
According to Capt. Daniel K. Thomas, acting chief of police of the Navajo Department of Law Enforcement, Sgt. Tommy Rogers tried to reach the unusual light. But each time either he or Officer El Reno Henio approached it, the mysterious object would take off and run away from them.
Thomas, who is commander of the NDLE's Crownpoint Police District, said his men described the UFO as a circular disc that projected a cone of light to the ground, with the light being exceptionally bright at the bottom of the cone, where it met the ground.
Unfortunately, NDLE patrol cars do not have cameras to provide photographic evidence of the event.
Photographs, Thomas said, would have answered a lot of questions.
He said reports describing the sighting were received >from residents of Bicenti Chapter, Dalton Pass and Standing Rock, which are north and west of Crownpoint and east and north of Gallup.
The first report Monday, Oct. 4, from the NDLE came >from Henio, who was headed toward Tohatchi when he first spotted the light around 8 p.m. On Tuesday, Navajo police officers added to the original report, noting that Rogers had also seen the light.
Numerous other calls were received by dispatchers at Crownpoint, and the tights also were seen in the Window Rock area.
After two hours, the UFO moved off and disappeared.