Flying Triangle Reports
Increase In Face Of Solar
Storm Action
George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #20 5-23-00
UFO reports in the US were low with less than 200 in April compared to 400 last November. However, Flying Triangle reports have increased inferring these may not be of extraterrestrial origin. It is possible that UFOs are maintaining a low profile while our Sun continues its heavy solar storm activity. The on going May solar display is the most magnificent in recent memory and a new sunspot record occurred on May 18, 2000, with 342 sun spots. This number is over double NASA's prediction of 150 for this solar cycle named "Cycle 23." This activity is far beyond normal cyclical upswings and may be cause for concern since tremendous amounts of energy and radiation smash into the Earth's magnetic field. Our weather may be effected and strong radiation could create communication and other problems. Large flares and CMEs are expected that could shift ocean currents and the jet streams effecting our weather patterns. The US East coast has already had record setting high temperatures followed by unusually heavy rains. These bursts of energy can be seen in spectacular displays of the Aurora Borelis (Northern Lights). NASA's ACE spacecraft recorded an increase in the solar wind velocity that peaked on May 18th. Heavy sun spot activity is generally followed by Solar Flares. NOAA Space Environment Center forecasters estimate an 80% probability of M-class solar flares and a 10% chance of a powerful X-class flare in the near future.
UNION BEACH -- I was at Union Beach at about 7:00 PM in full daylight on May 14, 2000. We were walking along, and my dad thought he saw a "kite" but later we realized that it was a UFO. It was a triangle shaped object heading toward the Raritan Bay just south of New York City on a slant that looked like this "/". It soon disappeared into the atmosphere and was gone. About 30 seconds after that I noticed three very small white dots, they were lined up in a triangle. It was very strange because it was like everything you see on TV. But it happens to you!
TUCKERTON - On May 14, at 9:25 PM a triangle shaped object flew very slow and low over the Garden State Parkway at mile marker 56. I looked out my driver's side window and saw what I thought was a plane coming over the tree line. It was triangle shaped UFO and had red lights under it with a green glow to it. It was not more than 100 feet above the road and going slow with no noise or vibration at all. I slowed to about 40 miles an hour and watched it take off to our right. We then noticed a red/pinkish circle in the distance that the first object was heading towards now at a very high speed. The triangle object seemed to disappear as soon as it got to the circle object, because we did not see it anymore. Then the circle object shot across the sky heading west to east at a blinding rate of speed and could barely be seen. It then headed back towards the west and disappeared.
STAFFORD FORGE - Another witness reports, "A triangle craft was going across the Parkway very low, and slow at 9:25 PM on May 14, 2000. There was no noise. It had non-blinking red lights underneath with a yellow/green glow to the rest of it. The triangle speeded up heading for a hovering red circle like object in the distance. The triangle then seemed to disappear into the red object. The red circular object then shot across the sky back to where we first saw the triangle. It then flew almost out of sight and within seconds back again to where we were. The police were contacted but said they had no reports from other people. Editors Note: Tuckerton and Stafford Forge are only five miles apart; apparently, two separate sets of witnesses noticed the craft. Union Beach is sixty miles to the north also near the coast. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, www.UFOcenter .com.
GILBERT COUNTY -- Josh Matthews reports two witnesses saw a sphere shaped object on May 3, 2000, at 2:30 AM for about seven minutes. I had been walking along one of my grandmother's forest trails along with my girlfriend after a party. As we came upon a graveyard area, I heard a faint whirring sound, like a flute or a whistle of some type. I glanced up and saw a spherical shaped disc that had a band or a disc that surrounded it, and spun around in random patterns. This fairly large spherical shaped object came above our heads, with a band, or a ring surrounding it, that swirled heavily around with several bright colored lights on it. We stood in awe as the object hovered for five minutes, and then whirled away to the north. I believe that it was something not of this world. Thanks to Larry Clark and Josh Matthews
BRADENTON -- Chip Eggerton writes, "I was talking to a fellow nurse this afternoon, who reports to me that late Friday night May 12, or early Saturday morning, around 1:30 AM she awakened and looked out over an area of wetlands near her subdivision. She saw an absolutely still and silent distinct, orange, capsule or lozenge shaped light hovering. It was seen to fade out and then reappear at least one cycle. She was convinced it was not any conventional craft. It left her feeling 'obsessed' to see it again and she's gotten up several nights since, but has not seen it again. She lives about a mile east of I-75 off State Route 70. Thanks Chip Eggerton REggerton a bunch
EDINBURG -- On May 7, 2000, I observed a triangular object in the eastern night sky at 10:12 PM passing north to south. It was about 100 feet isosceles triangle. There was no noise and the craft appeared to be moving very slowly and very low. I observed the craft for about five minutes.
CHICAGO - False radar images have been popping up on the screens of O'Hare International Airport's air traffic controllers, forcing pilots to take sudden turns unnecessarily, the Chicago Sun Times reported in Sunday's May 21, editions. At least a dozen ghost planes" have been reported during the last few weeks, the newspaper said, citing documents from the Terminal Radar Approach Control Center in Elgin, and interviews with controllers. Controllers said that at least a few times, they have ordered pilots to take sudden turns to avoid what appeared to be planes on their radar, potentially putting passengers at risk. Editor's Note: It's interesting that some ground observers are also reporting UFOs in the general area. While I was in the Air Force, London Control asked us to intercept a UFO. We were able to get a large radar return on our airborne radar and pick up its lights visually. There are unidentified aircraft in our skies causing a traffic safety hazard that should be investigated by the authorities. When we call air traffic centers to confirm the UFO reports they are instructed to deny all radar correlation's even to airborne aircraft. Fortunately, they will direct aircraft out of harms way.
RANDLE - On May 13, 2000, a large dark triangle was observed against the clouds with deep five minutes and then seemed to land east of the highway. I rolled down the windows to listen, but there was no sound. It moved very slowly, and had to be about 1,000 to 2,000 feet in width. Thanks to NUFORC www.ufocenter .com.
INDEPENDENCE -- On May 13, 2000, two witnesses observed a dark triangle with about eight landing lights spanning about one-third of the way back of each leading edge at 10:00 PM. They had the object in sight heading east for eight seconds. It was silent but they could hear a faint aircraft sound far to southwest. Witness #1 is an ex Kansas City Aviation Department employee who has flown small aircraft. The object flew at about stall speed, but the witnesses had no visual reference to determine its altitude or speed. He felt, if they were observing landing lights, he would guess its altitude was 3,000 feet and the object to be about the size of a 707 commercial four engine jet aircraft. Witness #2 has seen stealth bombers in the air many times when he worked at Whiteman Air Force Base. He says, "This the object was not a stealth bomber!" NUFORC note from Peter Davenport: We highlight this case because we spoke at length with the witness, who is quite experienced in the aviation field. He is quite familiar with all types of aircraft, and he reports that the object witnessed was like no aircraft he has ever witnessed before. Editor's Note: Ninety minutes later, a similar craft was sighted over Minnesota.
YUKON -- S. Ritter a MUFON Field Investigator reports that on May 20, 2000, "My husband and I were walking outside and noticed a yellowish-glowing light moving out of the northwest, angling towards the southeast." We watched it for at least 2 to 3 minutes until it slowly faded out at 9:50 PM as we were observed. We were looking for some kind of navigational lights that planes have, but there were not any. It was as bright as Jupiter and it was a quarter inch long at arm's length. Five minutes later my husband was watching a satellite traveling in a southeast direction when all of a sudden, an unidentified flying object appeared to dart across the path of the satellite at a right angle. The light trail from the object was in a forward motion, not blinking, but emitting forward pulses of light as it traveled in a northerly direction and disappeared. Thanks to S. Ritter of Yukon. Bbbritter
CARPINTERIA -- On May 8, 2000, I witnessed a black triangular craft fly over our house near the coast three times in the course of about a half an hour starting at 10:00 PM. My father saw it first, and called me outside. After waiting for a couple of minutes, it showed up again, cruising slowly and silently, directly over the house. The object was about five hundred feet high, and I could see its structure. There were lights along the two leading edges, and the back was slightly inverted. I would estimate that the object was about 300 feet across. After we lost sight of it, we waited, and it returned directly over us within five minutes, this time headed in the opposite direction as if it had made a U turn. We waited again, and ten minutes later we saw it make a turn towards Foothill Mountains. It usually flies over from 9:45 to about 10:30 PM on clear nights and comes directly over our house. It seems to want to make contact of some sort. Last year around this time of year, the same thing was happening. My father works for the county of Santa Barbara, and I'm a junior at Carpinteria High School, 16 years old. We'll keep you updated. Thanks to NUFORC www.ufocenter .com.
KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- On May 8, 2000, I was sitting at my friend's back porch in Juniper having two cans of beer with my girl friend when we noticed a large triangular object hovering in the mountains about six kilometers away. We called in my buddy and the three of us watched it for about five minutes when it separated into four triangular shaped craft. These craft had a light on each side and a big one in the middle. It appeared they emitted an aura that was darkest at the lights and the brightest around the ship. This aura changed color, when the lights changed color. Then at the same time a really powerful strobe light lit up the mountains for a few seconds. The ships formed into one object, shot up into the sky, and disappeared at 9:05 PM. A similar craft was seen on May 6 at 9:18 PM hovering low over another witness's home with a giant white light in the middle that shown down on the witness. Thanks to NUFORC and Peter Davenport.
A possible implant found in Bill Bean was recently analyzed by Derrel Simms and his colleagues. The chip after being opened appears to display integrated circuitry. In their opinion, the chip is a device for thought manipulation and serves as a monitoring device that would let the Government know when UFOs and ETs were in proximity of the implanted individual. If you would like to see a photo of the implant, go to www.alienhunter. Thanks to Bill Bean. Editor's Note: Bill Bean regularly takes amazing videos of UFOs in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
Sunday's Boston Globe Newspaper, May 21, 2000, printed an article on UFOs entitled: "UFO Theorists Gain Support Abroad, But Repression at Home " "High-level officials - including retired generals from the French Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense, a government-financed strategy planning agency - recently took a giant step in openly challenging skeptics about UFOs." "In a report based on a three-year study, they concluded that ''numerous manifestations observed by reliable witnesses could be the work of craft of extraterrestrial origin'' and that, in fact, the best explanation is ''the extraterrestrial hypothesis.''" "The findings are contained in a 90-page report titled ''UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For?''" "The study's originators are four-star General Bernard Norlain, former commander of the French Tactical Air Force and military counselor to the prime minister; General Denis Letty, an air force fighter pilot; and Andre Labia, former head of the National Center for Space Studies, the French equivalent of NASA." "Mitchell joins five-star Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, the former head of the British Ministry of Defense, in calling for congressional fact-finding hearings into the UFO question." The Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication 146 threatens to prosecute anyone under its jurisdiction - including pilots, civilian agencies, merchant marine captains, and even some fishing vessels - for disclosing reports of sightings relevant to the US. See the full article at: but_repression_at_home+.
Using Existing Technology MUFON's John Schuessler writes, "For the past fifty years, civilian UFO organizations have been collecting, categorizing and archiving UFO reports. By using proper investigative techniques they have amassed an incredible amount of information. A major portion of this database is drawn from eyewitness testimony, supplemented by films, videotapes, and electronic signal detection. The various US Government projects Grudge, Blue Book, et al. used the same techniques. As a result, political and scientific entities have casually dismissed the evidence as inconsequential. All the while, various agencies of the US government and other countries were using all sorts of advanced technologies for Cold War purposes. Few of these advanced technologies were used to address the UFO issue. The purpose of this paper is to urge responsible governmental organizations to reassess their position and to allow all available technologies to be used to eliminate the UFO mystery. See And, for updates and reports.
MUFON Maryland State Director, Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., an e-mail commenting on last weeks Filer's Files discussion that many abductees have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromalgia and similar yuppie type diseases." Robin an abductees reported abductees suffer from several similar ailments that usually involve severe fatigue and pain. Taking magnesium according to England's University of Southampton helps CFS and possibly Epstein Barr. Most of the diseases are relatively new. Admittedly, we have very sketchy evidence to date, but many of the abductee ailments point to weak immune systems that seemed to first develop about 1950, the time of the first UFO waves. We do know that UFO propulsion systems develop massive electromagnetic effects that could cause weaknesses in the human immune system.
Dr. Maccabee writes that from listening to Dr. Gabriel Merkin, a doctor in the Washington. DC area who is on the radio and publishes a monthly newsletter, I have learned that "fibromyalgia" is a complex, medical sounding term for "we don't really know what the problem is." He claims that long term use of antibiotics can sometimes or often cure the problem because it is caused by an infection. Merkin says that there are bacteria that cause known diseases which, however, cannot be cultured. The newly discovered "nanobacteria" could also be involved. Thus, if a test is made there may be no positive result of the attempt at culture and no causative agent discovered. Yet. Long-term use of antibiotics can cure the problem. (Note: he was on the forefront of cure of stomach problems with antibiotics long before the gastroenterologists agreed or "admitted" that a bacterium caused most ulcers.) He claims that some arthritis can be cured by antibiotics. Anyway, he probably would suggest something to take for several months or maybe up to a year. Main point: If this ladies "fibromyalgia" is actually caused by an infection one can raise the question, do some abductees contract illness from contact or close\ association with ET's? And, if so, do ET's contract illnesses from us? Your comment about the immune system is well taken. The "quality" of any persons immune system depends upon his/her state of health, both physically and mentally. It could be that some abductees contract "ET diseases" (or diseases associated with ET contact) because their immune systems happen to be at a low point at the time of contact. Worth looking into! Thanks to Bruce Maccabee
Len Kasten writes that the fact that people suffering from these ailments have low magnesium does not necessarily imply that the low magnesium is causing the symptoms. What it does imply is that they are perhaps infected with a microorganism that is magnesium dependent, and that sucks up all the available magnesium in their blood, and thereby puts them into a low magnesium state. It just happens that some of the new emerging viruses are magnesium dependent, according to Dr. Len Horowitz in his book "Emerging Viruses." Under these conditions, to take magnesium supplements is simply to feed these organisms. This situation requires further study. Thanks to Len Kasten
Robin writes, "God bless you George for including me in your newest file. Maybe the world will hear and maybe there is hope for people who have been ABDUCTED. You George are an angel for us. You are the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Although I am an abductee, I NEVER gives up hope. Hope is what leads to faith and faith to belief. We are justified by Faith and Saved by Grace. God has a plan, you know. I believe no matter what has happened to me that God is in charge. It is what keeps me going from day to day with all the suffering I endure. May God's grace be forever upon you. Thanks to Robin
Richard M. McVannel writes: George, I have just read the item in your Filer's Files #19 from Robin. I too, suffered for nearly a year before I was released by my doctor with Epstein Barr virus associated with mononucleosis (mono). It took nearly three weeks for a diagnosis and in the mean time I looked like a banana, even the whites of my eyes. I was told that the virus is associated with third world countries and was questioned to no end about my contact outside the US and/or people from a third world country. Of course neither of these applied. My wife and I discussed the possibility of abduction and the contact that may have occurred at that time. I am an abductee. I have had abductions since I was a small child, and have conscience recall of the earlier episodes. The abductions I have recall of have all been friendly, and not the usual type associated with violence. What is so unusual is that it is not very common for one to contract a virus like Epstein Barr. It can attach itself to any number of fatal diseases and I was told I was very lucky that I only had the mono. Therefore, our conclusion is that I contracted the virus during an abduction experience. Further, my wife and I attended the MUFON International Symposium in Grand Rapids that year, and when we returned home it was miserably hot. We turned our ceiling fans on for the night and went to bed. In the morning the fans were off when we awoke. Neither of us had been awake or up in the night and didn't even stir until the alarm went off Monday morning. This is unusual also, since either one or both of us are up during night, every night. About 10 days later, my wife came down with a flu like illness, so I finally took her to the doctor.
What we found out was startling. She had another virus similar to the Epstein Barr, but not as dangerous. What she had could not have been contracted from me, per the doctor. (What she had, only about 1% of the world population has contracted, but is suspected in about 10%) Also at that time they did an ultra sound on her internal organs and everything was normal. This was early August. In November she had a gull bladder attack, followed by a more severe attack the middle of December. The doctors told her that the gull bladder had to be removed before it ruptured. When the gull bladder was removed, it was shriveled and full of stones. Remember now that back in July, this was a normal gull bladder with no stones. The only possibility the doctor could come up with was that she was pregnant, as this only occurs in pregnant women or those that have just given birth. Now, we all know that my wife cannot get pregnant, so what other explanation is there? Our answer is abductions. Needless to say, I was elated to see my thoughts confirmed by someone else, that abductions are involved in these strange illnesses. I would appreciate other reports of this nature and contact by those who have had this experience. I can be reached at e-mail Sincerely, Richard M. McVannel State Director, Michigan Mutual UFO Network, Inc.
Last week Italian national TV station RAI DUE the show 'I fatti voostri' broad cast a show about UFOs in Italy prior to World War II. On the show were two Italian Ufologists, the editors of the magazine "UFO notizziario" (UFO messenger). They discussed the connection between Fascist leader Benito Mussolini and UFO's. Back in 1933, Mussolini had gathered together scientists headed by G. Marconi and maybe formed the first worldwide secret organization for exploration of the UFO phenomena. The organization was active from 1933 to 1940 and they gathered many documents and pictures. Ufologists showed two telegrams from 1933, where Mussolini is ordered censorship of UFO data and the releasing of any UFO information. Mussolini especially forbid the spreading of information about a UFO landing near Milano (??). They discussed a remarkable speech Mussolini gave in 1941, before the US became involved in World War II. Italy and joined with Hitler and Germany and wanted to keep the US our of the war. Mussolini said, "The US should care more about attack from an extraterrestrial civilization which could land on Earth in the craft that people have never seen, than about the Axis forces." At that time, that speech had not been understood as a serious one. In the show, the pictures, films and other documents were shown. An Italian fighter plane intercepted an UFO between Ravenna and Rome in August of 1936. There was a multiple UFO sighting of a cigar and two discs over Mestre and Venice. Mussolini gave all the documents to German experts. Thanks to AGETI_USENET_OP Dario B. Phaeton #interview #ufo TRANSLATED BY: Giuliano Marinkovicc (AGETI_MASTER) Analytical Group for Extra-Terrestrial Information
People's Rally will held in Nevada, near AREA 51 (Groom Lake) will take place on Tuesday morning, June 6, 2000, beginning at 6:00 AM right at the restricted boundary line on Groom Lake Road in Lincoln County. Anywhere from 250 to 300 concerned citizens are expected to attend this year's People's Rally at Area 51 in Nevada. The Area 51 People's Rally was started by Norio Hayakawa in 1998 to protest the secrecy around Area 51 and the violation of environmental and other laws, which may have led to the death of several former workers. Hayakawa has passed on his Area 51 mission to Joerg Arnu the webmaster of "Dreamland Resort"., Groom51S4
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